Thursday, January 12, 2012

Violence and Raelism

The only solution, as I have sought after for more than 20 years, is for all the old and new religious texts from traditional religions and religious minorities to be censored so as to expurgate from themall writings that do not respect Human Rights and Laws of democratic countries or encourage hatred and violence.

But more importantly, such texts must no longer be taught to children! Because the fact is that while the world cries over the victims of Manhattan, there are children who are receiving a religious education that will turn them into the terrorists of tomorrow who will in turn create new strife among different religious schools.

At the dawn of this new era that will make this Earth a paradise thanks to science, it is time topermanently destroy or at least silence, through a firm and rigorous censure, any ideology that encourages hatred and violence.

Given the above, should we not then demand that the following lines be censored from the religious texts of the Raelians called the Messages? The following violent quotes involving murder, assault, torture, pillaging, vandalism, abduction, etc. perpetrated by the Elohim against humans are taken from Rael's e-book, Intelligent Design:

p. 19 [premeditated murder] The scientific progress on Earth was fantastic, and they decided to destroy what had been created. [1]

p. 20 [premeditated murder] The government then decided from their distant planet to destroy all life on Earth by sending nuclear missiles.

p. 20 [premeditated murder] The continent was submerged by a gigantic tidal wave, which destroyed all forms of life on its surface. What's happened to sea creatures?

p. 22-23 [abduction & vandalism] The people on our planet became frightened when they heard about [humans building an enormous rocket]... So they came and took the Jews who had the most scientific knowledge and scattered them all over the continent among primitive tribes in countries where nobody could understand them because the language was different, and they destroyed all their scientific instruments.

p. 23 [assault & preemptive murder] Some humans tried to kill them, but the spies managed to blind their attackers with a pocket atomic weapon. They warned those who were peaceful to leave the town because they were going to destroy it with an atomic explosion.

p. 24 [collateral damage] And the bomb fell on Sodom and Gomorrah. As you now know, burns caused by an atomic explosion kill those who are too near and make them look like salt statues (in reference to Lot's wife who was too slow to evacuate). 

p. 24 [murder conspiracy] Later, after most of their leading intellectuals had been destroyed, and they had relapsed into a semi-primitive state, the creators wished to see if the people of Israel, and particularly their leader, still had positive feelings towards them. This is related in the paragraph where Abraham wants to sacrifice his own son. The creators tested him to see if his feelings towards them were sufficiently strong. Fortunately, the experiment ended positively.

p. 32 [vandalism & pillaging] Finally, the journey, which led the "chosen people" to the Promised Land, came to an end. Following the advice of the creators, they destroyed the idols of the local primitive people and took over their territories.

p.33 [premeditated murder] A military consultant was sent to the Jewish people to assist them in the siege of Jericho. It is easy to understand how the walls were knocked down.. the ultrasounds were emitted in a synchronized way, and the walls fell down. A little later, some real bombing took place. This full scale bombing, as indicated, killed more people than the swords of the Israelites.

p. 34 [premeditated murder] In Chapter 7 of the Book of Judges, 300 men with "trumpets" surrounded the enemy camp, and using highly amplified ultrasonic instruments, they blew them simultaneously in order to drive all the people in the camp mad. You know that certain high pitched sounds carried to extremes can drive anyone mad. Indeed the people who had been surrounded went mad; the soldiers killed each other and ran away. 

p. 39 [vandalism & physical assault] With the help of an atomic dis-integrator, one of the creators destroyed the alter and burned the hand of the man who did not show respect for the creators.

p. 41 [premeditated murder] In the Second Book of Kings, there is further evidence of the protection, which the creators gave to Elijah: "If I be a man of Elohim, let fire come down from heaven, and consume thee and thy fifty. And the fire of Elohim came down from heaven, and consumed him and his fifty. 2 Kings 1: 12."

p. 53 [technological embargo] If the Hebrew people were dominated by the Persians and the Greeks, it was because of their lack of faith. Consequently, the Elohim punished the Hebrews by sending some of their "angels" amongst the Persians and Greeks to help those nations to progress technologically.

p. 58 [torture] Hearing Satan's assertion that had Job not been rich, he would not have loved his creators, the government gave full power to Satan to ruin Job. It would then be seen if he still venerated his creators, and that is why killing him was forbidden... So the government gave Satancarte blanche so long as he did not kill Job.

p. 60 [murder conspiracy] At that time the government of their planet wanted to destroy those who had created the humans.

p. 70 [premeditated murder] Those who were against the creation of people similar to themselves saw a possible threat in the experiment and therefore went to destroy the creation.

p. 103 [preemptive murder conspiracy] We will wait, and if human beings remain aggressive and continue to progress in a manner which is dangerous for other worlds, then we will destroy this civilization and its repositories of scientific wealth, and there will be another Sodom and Gomorrah, until such time as humanity becomes morally worthy of its level of scientific understanding.

p. 105 [preemptive murder conspiracy] But if humanity does not become wise and peaceful, the existence of your nuclear weapons will mean that if the need arises, we will not have much to do in bringing about the destruction of your civilization. Perhaps you might even destroy yourselves.

p. 105-106 [preemptive murder conspiracy] If you do not, however, and if you become a threat to us, we will only have to destroy your stocks of bombs without sending offensive weapons against you. We could do this either with rays, or telepathy, in such a way that, in effect, on of the great powers would become the aggressor, and this would automatically release a fatal retaliation [2].

p. 167 [premeditated murder] But we are going to destroy this replica [clone of Rael, not biological robot] immediately, for it is of no use to us.

p. 168 [torture] In this machine are kept the cells of malevolent people who will be recreated to be judged when the time comes... They will be recreated to undergo the punishment they deserve, after being judged by those whom they made to suffer or by their ancestors or descendants.

p. 171-172 [torture] When the time comes to evaluate, those who went in the right direction will have the right to eternity on this heavenly planet, those who achieved nothing positive yet were not evil will not be recreated, and for those whose actions were particularly negative, a cell from their body will have been preserved, which will allow us to recreate them when the time comes, so that they can be judged and suffer the punishment they deserve. Can't these people plead ignorance like the Elohim did for annihilating almost all life on Earth (see below)?

p. 173 [threat of violence] We wish our embassy on Earth to be built in Israel on a tract of land given to you by the government. If they refuse, you may build it elsewhere, and Israel will undergo a new punishment for not having recognized our messenger.

p. 174 [torture] And yet, as you have seen, Jesus is in marvelous shape and will be for all eternity, as is Mohammed and all those who followed them and believed in them. On the other hand, those who criticized them will be recreated in order to receive their punishment. 

p. 183 [torture] Since little children are too young to understand and reason, corporal punishment should be rigorously applied by the person bringing them up, so that they suffer when they cause suffering or disturb others by showing a lack of respect. This corporal punishment should be applied only to very young children, and then, in keeping with the child's growing power to reason and understand, it should be phased out progressively and eventually stopped altogether. 

p. 215 [premeditated murder] The Elohim created the first human beings without knowing that they were doing what had already been done for them. They thought they were only conducting a minor scientific experiment, and that is why they destroyed almost all of humanity the first time. Pleading ignorance?

p. 215 [verbal assault] Also those who act against the Guide of Guides and try to prevent him from carrying out his mission, or who follow him, they will also see their life become hell... Without any obvious influence coming from above, they will know why disease, family and professional difficulties, emotional woes and other problems will all invade their earthly existence ... while they await their eternal punishment.

p. 279 [preemptive murder] But Satan doesn't give up over this, as what he wishes is that all the beings that have been created, be totally destroyed, because he judges them to be dangerous, due to their violence.

p. 283 [torture] Yahweh therefore allows Satan to ruin Job's health so as to see if he will always love his creators.

Given the above, are we to assume that the Elohim are a highly intelligent and peaceful extraterrestrial race species? How do we reconcile their violent behavior with such peaceful advice such as the following:

p. 203 The death penalty must be abolished because no individual has the right to kill another coldly in a premeditated, organized manner.

p. 320 If tomorrow I were to ask anyone of you to kill someone so that our movement may progress faster, you must not do it. Better still, if an Eloha were to ask you to kill another man, you should refuse to do it, for it would probably be Satan who would be trying to prove to the Eternal that all men are fundamentally bad. [oops... murder conspiracy]

Double standards??

And, didn't Rael write, "Thousands of contacts have confirmed this absolute rule in the universe - people capable of escaping their planetary system are always peaceful" (p. 151)

In light of the above, the International Anti Rael Movement  demands that Rael be indicted as the sole representative of the Elohim on Earth for crimes against Humanity.

Advocatus Diaboli

[2] In Rael's second book, he "corrects" some information in the first book: (p. 150) To begin with, we must correct a passage in the first message we gave you that you wrongly transcribed concerning an eventual intervention on our part to destroy humanity. It must be made clear that we will no intervene. Humanity is now arriving at a turning point in its history, and its future depends only on itself... If, on the other hand, your civilization gives way to violence, then it will destroy itself, either directly or indirectly through all this. Wonder why this hasn't been corrected for the almost 2 years between Rael's first and second books. Did the Elohim wish to come off as violent?


  1. Elohim are not a race stupid.. -_-

  2. According to Rael, Earthlings are "slightly superior" than the Elohim:

  3. @zwitterelf: do Elohim only exist as Rael describes them ?