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Rael's Sexual Hypocrisy

Rael is allowed to have sexual freedom and can sleep with whoever he desires, but his "companion" and the Raelian Movement's first lady, Sophie needs to remain faithful to him. Sophie is also a "pink" Angel aka Chosen Angel (signified by the pink feathers around her neck)... meaning, she has vowed to restrict sex service only for the Elohim/Rael and her pink-peers. Being a "pink" Angel reflects high feminine "refinement", sexual spirituality and of course, intelligence worthy of the Elohim's presence compared to the "simple" Angel who are tasked with menial chores, not very different from the biological robots that Rael hopes will create a Utopian paradise on Earth.

Written transcripts of 2 radio interviews with Rael about SEXUAL FREEDOM, including his marriage with Sophie:

J = Journalist 
R = Rael 
S = Sophie 

INTERVIEW NO 1 (Listen to interview in French here)

J: But anyway people have sex in group from time to time?
R: People do what they want; on my side it is rare.
J: Do you have a companion?
R: Yes, absolutely. And we are together for almost 10 years. I am extremely faithful.
J: Yes?
R: Faithfulness is a very important thing. But not in the common sense, that is to say, uh… we are only sleeping with one person. This is not real fidelity. 
J: Then, what is your definition of fidelity?
R: Real fidelity is sentimental fidelity. Meaning having somebody with whom we really feel good, we share things and we can grow together. This, this is wonderful. The rest, being attracted for a while elsewhere, this is marvellous. This is not… there is no problem with this. And this is stupid… Often and it’s part of what I’m teaching, breaking relations with good people with whom we feel very good simply because one of them has been elsewhere for one night, that is nothing! One moment of pleasure and sensuality, this is fine.
J: But, are you able to talk about this very openly? Example: If your companion arrives and says: “Raël, yesterday I have met Michael from Quebec. And I was really tempted and then I had an affair with him and it was marvellous!” 
R: Yes, but this is even before anything. That is to say that when we reach a very high level of complicity, I show her handsome men and she shows me pretty girls and she also tries to bring them to me. There is a total complicity and when we are really close, this is when life is marvellous. 
J: This is quite… it takes an exceptional maturity I guess?
R: Yes. What is important is self-love and that is the very base of my teachings that I spread. And that is why, I believe, there are a lot of people around me that like me well. Self-loving. People who are jealous are people who do not love themselves. That is to say that if the other goes and sees elsewhere they will feel undermined. They exist only because the eyes of the other are on them. So if all of a sudden they say: “This is it, he will find her or him better than me and thus I will lose all the advantages that I got”. If we love each other and we understand that we are all exceptional beings, unique and fantastic, then we are not afraid. And I really hope very much that my companion can find somebody better than me. She will find it difficult but I hope so. 
J: This is really an extraordinary high-mindedness. 
R: Yes, yes! And vice versa. Sophie is fantastic. It’s been 10 years that we are together. Uh… she is a Quebecker.
J: But for example, Raëians must also woo her a lot. 
R: Yes!
J: Having Raël’s companion must be an honor!
R: Sure. Especially because she is very young, much younger than me and very beautiful and that she dances marvellously as well, she is a classic dancer. But until now, she had never felt the desire to go elsewhere. The door is open but she had never had the desire because she tells me: “The day I find somebody better than you, I would but… it seems difficult for me!”

INTERVIEW NO 2 (Listen to interview in French here)

J: We can love many people finally?
R: Uh, we can love an infinite number of people, for sure! Love has no limits.
J: But this sexual freedom you have, humanly per example doesn’t it render… there is no jealousy? Isn’t it hard on the self-esteem of the other person? Not at all? 
S: May be this is the fact that I have read the Messages, I had the chance to get the Messages while I was very young, uh… I have not suffered from jealousy, no. Each time Raël is living an intimate moment with another woman, I know all of them, I am very happy… for him. 
J: You, do you afford to live those intimate moments with somebody else? I don’t use the words “to cheat on” because it doesn’t seems to be the good words. Do you have the right to cheat on Raël?
S: Well, my relation with Raël, from the start has been very clear. All that he… HE ASKS ME ONLY FOR ONE THING, THAT IS…: TO BE FAITHFUL AND I HAVE ACCEPTED.
J: But, this is sexist!!
S: No, I did agree!
J: This is weird! But why do you ask her to be faithful when you advocate sexual freedom??
R: But, this is a choice! This is freedom! This is her freedom to accept or refuse! 
J: But why do you ask her to be faithful while on your side you can’t be? 
R: Announcing the colour from the start. Saying : “Do you want to be my companion? At this moment, you, I wish you will be faithful and me, I keep my freedom. Are you pleased with that or not? There is no problem. We stay good friends.
J: But why do you want her to be faithful?
R: This is freedom. This is individual freedom! We are for individual choices that can be different and each… for all couples we recommend to be clear from the start… and to change the rules whenever they want . 
J: And if she had asked you the same thing? You are not jealous?
R: Not at all! Not at all!

reference: Liberté sexuelle? alt.religion.raelian

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