Tuesday, September 26, 2017

[RAEL FAIL] Gets Banned by own Honorary Guide

The latest press release from IRM was on August 30, 2017:

Suspended from Facebook for posted photo of a vegetable, spiritual leader Rael calls for protests against Facebook policy of “western puritanism"

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 30 – International spiritual leader Rael, blocked by Facebook for posting a photo of a vegetable that resembled a woman’s posterior, today called for “protests against puritanism.”

In his statement released this morning, the founder and spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement said his Facebook account was suspended “for posting a picture of a squash shaped like a woman’s rear.” The actual picture can be seen here: http://raelpress.org/request.php?116

“The level of puritanism in Facebook’s policies is staggering,” Rael commented. “Anyone can see that the forbidden picture portrayed a squash, but the Facebook robots given shape recognition tasks probably can’t.” 

For Rael, the policy applied by Facebook is an illustration of Judeo-Christian morality, which he says is both paralyzing Western civilization and spreading to the millions of Facebook subscribers who have to comply with that morality.

“Millions of young Facebook users are being taught through their use of this media that displaying nudity or any image that could relate to nudity is a [Facebook] sin,” Rael said. “They’re having to comply with a religious culture that isn’t always the one they’ve chosen. I ask all Raelians and all those who have had enough of bans and blockages to protest against the puritanism involved in Facebook policy. Seeing images of nude female or male anatomy cannot hurt anyone, while seeing scenes of violence does. Yet the violent scenes are not banned. Facebook must review its responsibility, and do so not based on American culture but on scientific evidence about what is really hurting the human brain.”

Rael is a fierce advocate of the right to use and show one’s body as he or she pleases. He inspired the Gotopless parades that took place on August 26 in 40 major cities worldwide.

Rael responded on his own Facebook page accusing Facebook management of "primitive narrowly [sic.] minded censorship" and that they were the "real vegetables":

Rael demands an apology from Facebook, otherwise, he will boycott it and find another social media platform.

This is ironic because the head of Facebook's management is Mark Zuckerberg, who Rael has nominated to be an Honorary Guide of the Raelian Movement just a couple of years ago:

Seems like the Elohim, the extraterrestrials whom Rael claims to have created all life on Earth scientifically, and can influence some selected people, could not stop Zuckerberg's team from censoring Rael's free expression:
Although the Elohim do not directly intervene for or against humanity as a whole, they do, however, exert influence on some individuals whose actions please or displease them. (Intelligent Design, p. 215, The Keys - The Reward)
One wonders if Rael will take credit when Facebook, faced with competition from other social media platforms, will inevitably become as unpopular as MySpace is at the moment. It is true, however, the most popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are getting more and more unpopular due to their terms of service that restrict certain expressions of speech that go against the speech of progressive leftist ideologues coined as the "regressive social justice warrior (SJW)". A counter culture this these kinds of leftist ideologies is steady growing. LOL

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