Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Rival Prophets of Rael

In her book Aliens Adored, sociologist Susan Palmer relates about a couple of ex-Raelians who might be categorized as heretics or “counter-cultists” - meaning their reasons for leaving are strictly ideological. They are preoccupied with correcting Raël’s theology and launch countermovements over what might appear to outsiders as abstruse theological nitpicking concerning the true nature of extraterrestrials:
Pierre Andre Bouchard, a self-proclaimed prophet who published a tract, A la découverte des veritables Elohim (In search of the real Elohim) with a vanity press, Les editions nouvel art de vivre, in Montreal in 1977. In it, he propounds his own alternative biblical interpretation of the Elohim and Raël’s creation myth. The RM handled this heretic by ridiculing him and dismissing his ideas as “delirious” in one publication: “Maitre Pierre of confused spirits, who addressed the Raelians in a delirious mystico-esoteric prose developing the idea that the extraterrestrials were angels sent by God!!” (20 ans, 52).
There is a book in French about Bouchard titled Pour la plus grande gloire des Elohim : mémoire sur le livre de Pierre-André Bouchard (For the greater glory of Elohim: in memory of the book by Pierre-André Bouchard) with a preface by ex-Raelian Bishop guide Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr "À la découverte des véritables Elohim" (In search of the real Elohim).

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Raelism vs. Science: Concept of Infinity

According to Rael's compilation e-book, Intelligent Design, our universe:

a) is infinite (p. 154, 155, 156, 239, 245)
b) has galaxies that revolve around its center (p. 211)
c) is an atom of an atom of a molecule of a gigantic being (p. 211)
d) is a living being (p. 255)
e) is located in a gigantic atom (p. 256)
f) All of the above.

Likewise, according to Rael, the planets and stars:

a) are atoms of a gigantic being (p. 90, 91, 154)
b) are living (p.154)
c) are atoms that revolve around a molecule as they do around a galaxy (p. 211)
d) are atoms of an atom of a gigantic being (p. 254, 255)
e) All of the above.

The answer to both questions is the contradictory "All of the above". Saying an atom of an atom just skips one level in infinity (see below). Galaxies do not revolve around the center of the universe... they are all moving away from each other [1]. Atoms do not revolve around a molecule, nor do electrons look or behave like planets in a solar system. Also, if everything is "alive" in the universe (p. 154), does it mean that according Raelism, the planets and stars were also created by intelligent beings? Rael says, "only the form of matter can change according to the wishes of those who have reached a scientific level, which allows them to accomplish this" (p. 155). In other words, life creates life. But, if the planets and stars are also alive, why can't we be just alive as well, and not have been created?