Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Raelian Double-Speak: No governments needed, humanity’s future is cooperation

The article posted in Raelianews on 3 March 2011 is based on a speech given by Rael on Sunday February 20th where he tried to sell Geniocracy as the future of humanity. Of course his speech was riddled with Orwellian double-speak.

To start off, Geniocracy as defined by Rael's books is a framework for a system of global government based on the selective merit of intelligence. Yup, that's right Geniocracy is a form of government and here's Rael saying he thinks we won't need any government. He calls for cooperation as the way of the future giving his listeners the impression that Geniocracy is a democratic system with everyone's participation. Sadly, Rael's Geniocracy gives only those people whose intelligence are 10% above the global average to vote; only people with intelligence above 50% of the average can run for office (p. 96, Intelligent Design). Therefore, Geniocracy allows for the cooperative participation of only 27.5% of a population. But that's just talking about electoral participation. Elected representatives, i.e. the World Government, would comprise of less than 0.5% of the global population [1]! So much for the article's title.

Let's move on. Rael went on to say,
"When they hear about it, people usually think geniocracy is a political system in which geniuses have power over other people. But this interpretation is totally stupid; there is no power on Elohim planet. Nobody has power there. The Elohim have elected geniuses to be their leaders, and these geniuses guide everybody."
Yes, you heard it. Rael said, "No power". But according to his books which reinterpret the Bible, the Elohim government had the POWER to do a lot of things,
"We are talking about placing the genius in power, and you may call it 'Geniocracy" (p. 97, Intelligent Design). 
For example, their government exiled the "creator" Elohim scientists who ignored their law of never to create human beings. How could they be exiled if the Elohim government didn't have any power (p. 17, Intelligent Design)? Oh right, they must have "guided" them to exile.

Rael continued, 
"For example, I have no power over you. I don’t want power; no Buddha wants to have power. I’m just guiding you, showing you the way. And that’s how it is on the Elohim planet too. The geniocracy system is organized in such a way that the leaders show the way. They tell people, ‘This is what we should do, if you all agree we should do this."
Right. If Rael had no power, then what in eternity is the hierarchical power structure of the International Raelian Movement? Only members who are level 4 and up are authorized to "baptize" new adepts (p. 175, Intelligent Design). Orders come top-down. Referendums are not bothered with, so no decision is made unanimously. There's essentially no choice in these matters; for example, when Rael introduced the Order of Rael's Angels [2], his followers had to accept it as Elohim inspired instead of having the opportunity to vote about it. Dissidents were predictably exiled, i.e. excommunicated.

"It’s just giving ideas, and then everybody accepts," Rael explained. Yup. Just like the brilliant idea to destroy all life on Earth with nukes (this is the Raelian interpretation of the Flood, p. 18, Intelligent Design). Funny how the exiled Elohim scientists didn't accept such a geniocratic idea and didn't cooperate. According to Rael, the Elohim had already reached a state of paradise on their planet when in all their wisdom they had decided to annihilate all life on Earth. All this out of a supposedly enlightened Geniocratic society!

Rael tries to associate participatory democracy with Geniocracy when he says, "This is the future, a world governed by the people." But, we've already noted that Geniocracy is a selective form of democracy where only 27.5% of a population participates politically in elections, whereas only 0.5% have the right to call the shots, which Rael would have us see it as "guidance".

Copyright: Raelian Foundation, Geniocracy 2008, p.14