Thursday, December 19, 2013

Raelism vs. Science: Raelism, Long Hair & Telepathy

After Rael made the comment, "another confirmation of Elohim’s messages ..." in regards to a Web article by Signs Of The Times (SOTT) claiming to explain: The Truth About Hair and Why Indians Would Keep Their Hair Long, Raelianews published an article titled: Why do Raelians keep their hair long.

The Web article, as summarized by Brian Dunning in Skeptoid #393, "tells the story of native American trackers who were recruited for the Vietnam War, but once given military haircuts, they lost their ability to track, and became useless to the war effort. So formalized testing was instituted, and it was confirmed that only trackers whose hair had not been cut were able to perform, and that cutting their hair caused them to score lower on tests where they had previously scored high. The story goes that the military then exempted native American trackers from regulation haircuts, and that some of the experimenters even chose to do the same."

According to the Raelian Messages:
The point about not shaving off any hair is very important. The human brain is like a huge transmitter, capable of sending out a multitude of very accurate waves and thoughts. In fact, telepathy is nothing more than that."
But this type of transmitter requires antennae, and the hair and beard are these antennae. That is why you should not shave off any hair if you want to make use of your transmitters. (Intelligent Design, pp. 35-36)
As such, the Raelianews article claims that the web article stands as a confirmation to Rael's special knowledge that hair "are [sic.] like antennae" that allowed native American trackers to "access a 'sixth sense'" as long as they were allowed to keep their hair traditionally long instead of very short as required in a standard military haircut. Note, though, Raelism would require one not to shave in order to acquire and maintain telepathic abilities.