Sunday, August 23, 2015

[RAEL FAIL] The END GAME and Secret Israeli Conspiracies

It is a Raelian tradition that every year, between the evening of August 5th to the early hours of the 6th, Rael allegedly receives a telepathic message from his alleged ET father, Yahweh. This year, the message contains 2 basic points:
(1) the chance of Humanity self-destructing is now 99.5%, and
(2) the Elohim has withdrawn its protection over the State of Israel and urges all people of Jewish descent to flee Israel.
The first part of the latest revelation was announced by Rael in a speech on August 6th he delivered in Okinawa to his followers. You can view the speech on You Tube.

In it, Rael declares at the 2:20 mark of the video how the US had committed the "most criminal crime against humanity of [sic.] all history of humanity" for killing over 300,000 people in an instance by dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He then says that "nobody ever killed 300,000 persons in 1 second." At 3:18, he says that the US was worse than Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime, since the latter couldn't exterminate as efficiently than the former.

Trouble is, according to Raelian scriptures, the alleged scientific creators of life on this planet, the Elohim, had used deadly atomic bombs to kill countless more humans on several occasions:
"The government [of the Elohim] then decided from their distant planet to destroy all life on Earth by sending nuclear missiles." (The Flood, p. 20, Intelligent Design)
"[The Elohim] warned those who were peaceful to leave the city because they were going to destroy it with an atomic explosion." (Sodom and Gomorrah, p. 23)
"At a given moment, the ultrasounds were emitted in a synchronized way, and the walls fell down. A little later, some real bombing took place. [..] This full scale bombing, as indicated, killed more people than the swords of the Israelites." (The Trumpets of Jericho, p. 33)
The last example of the Elohim's aggression above is ironic due to the fact in the second and official part of the latest revelation addressed to the "Jewish people", as published on, Rael/Yahweh declares:
"You have betrayed all the exemplary values of Judaism by stealing the land and houses which don’t belong to you, and especially by not respecting my most important commandment: “Thou shall not kill” and accumulating nuclear weapons capable of killing millions of people in one go and sparking off a world war capable of destroying all of our creation."
The Battle of Jericho took place long after Moses was given the commandments contained in the Torah. There are numerous recorded killings by the Elohim/Yahweh (directly, or ordered to men to kill) in the Bible. It's estimated the total number is 25 million, with 20 million accounting for the Flood.

Towards the end of his speech at 17:00, Rael assures his followers how the Elohim will come and save all Raelians. With "over 90,000" Raelians worldwide, it is fast approaching the limit of 144,000, i.e. of how many will be saved according to Raelian scriptures (The Apocalypse of the Final Nuclear Cataclysm, p. 298).

Rael ends his speech by reminding his followers how the Elohim, follow everyone and records everything each person does, in a creepy Big Brotherly way, yet to feel their love and light guiding the special Raelian diamonds that they are.

Given a prediction each year of the chance Humanity will self-destruct, isn't it odd when faced with a 99% chance, it doesn't? Rael claims at 7:10, that this statistic is from the "most advanced computer in the universe of Elohim". After all, it does rain if our lowly earth-based computers and meteorologists predict a 99% chance of rain tomorrow. LOL

In the second part of this year's alleged telepathic message, Rael/Yahweh makes a distinction among "real Jews", "true Jews" and "false Jews". The "real Jews" are the people who are from the Levant and whose ancestors didn't leave to other parts of the world in the Diaspora. The "true Jews" are the Raelians, who are anti-Zionist and who want to build the Third Temple, i.e. the Embassy for the Elohim. And the "false Jews" are the descendants of Jews who migrated to Europe and who comprise the bulk of the Zionist movement.

Rael/Yahweh urges "real Jews" to flee Israel and "live among the other Nations of Earth while refusing to carry arms for any nation and to benefit every nation with their genius and creativity" because the Elohim will no longer "protect" Israel.

Raelian scriptures hold that the Jews are the most intelligent "race" of humans because they were designed that way, and additionally the offspring of unions between the Elohim and Jewish women. (Genesis, p. 18; The Flood, p. 19; The People of Israel and the Jews, p. 230) However, we know that a very disproportionate number of Nobel Prize winners are the "false Jews" of European descent.

It's interesting to note how Rael's biological father, Marcel, was a European Jew from Alsace, France, according to Rael's aunt, Therese Vorilhon. (Susan Palmer, Aliens Adored, p. 32)

Rael/Yahweh accuses "false Jews" of stealing Palestinian land, bombing "the concentration camp which is Gaza and are even projecting a final solution with the goal of Palestinian genocide."

It's again interesting to note that, according to Raelian scriptures, the creation of the State of Israel is one sign of the "Apocalypse", the time of great scientific progress and the return of the Elohim (The End of the World, p. 81). It is claimed that Rael was conceived, through artificial insemination by the Elohim, on December 25th, 1945 (My Life before the First Encounter, p. 123)... at a time *before* the UN General Assembly proposed to divide Palestine into an Arab and Jewish state on November 29, 1947, and subsequent declaration of an independent State of Israel on May 14th, 1948. The Zionist movement began in the late 19th century and continued well after 1973 when Rael was first allegedly contacted by the Elohim to be their Messiah. In other words, the Elohim have knowingly protected Zionism and never declared before how the Palestinians are "in fact mostly the descendants of real Jews who converted to Islam a very long time ago." Rael's original books never bothered to mention the injustices caused by the creation of the State of Israel.

Rael/Yahweh urges "real Jews" to convert to Raelianism as soon as possible. That'll hasten the number of Raelian to approach the limit, though.

And now that Rael is 70 years old and having failed to construct the Embassy in Israel, is now pretending to take away some "protection" that never existed in the first place. Had Israel given permission to build the Embassy, would the Elohim be so unprincipled to accept such an offer from people they clearly despise?

What "protection" is needed when Israel has 200 atomic bombs, as Rael claims in the August 6th speech (at the 13:16 mark)? Rael further claims of an Israeli secret plan, called the "Masada Project", to start WWIII by sending off atomic bombs if attacked by neighboring countries. But, isn't it ironic for the Elohim to remove the protection without which such a scenario might not take place in the Raelian mind?

To further bolster his doomsday claims, Rael has recently commented on Facebook under the hashtag #ELOHIMLEAKS, a series of secret Israeli conspiracies by Mossad to kill all Palestinians and himself, as exposed by the Elohim, and of course telepathically to him only. LOL

Looks like the Raelian Movement has entered the final stages of Rael's mission. Rael is likely to crunch up his doomsday propaganda as he ages with Raelians ready to drop everything to be "lifted up" into the Elohim's spacecrafts. With Rael suddenly dead, possibly more by suicide, his followers are likely to kill themselves too in the conviction that the Elohim will save them by recreating them through cloning from cell samples that they know the Elohim must surely have obtained beforehand... just like they'd believe Rael was also saved and is alive awaiting reunification in the Planet of Eternal Life. :/

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