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DOOMSDAY CULT: To Intervene, or NOT to Intervene in Humanity's Destruction?

The Raelian Movement is a doomsday cult that predicts that there is at least a 90% chance that humans on Earth will cease to exist due to a nuclear cataclysm in the near future.

How this nuclear cataclysm will occur, however, has dramatically evolved in Raelian literature. It goes from:
(1) ETs will intervene and nuke threatening Humans
(2) ETs won't intervene, Humans instead will self-destruct, to
(3) ETs will intervene after all, at least to delay the self-destruction and save Raelians

In Rael’s first book (The Book which Tells the Truth, 1974), the Elohim (extraterrestrials who supposedly created all life on Earth) said they would intervene and nuke us DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY by blowing up stockpiles of our nuclear weapons if we posed a threat to them and other worlds in the galaxy. They mention intervening by using "rays" and "telepathy" to spark off a nuclear world war. (Intelligent Design, 2005, p. 105: please refer to the actual quotes at the bottom)

On three separate pages, the Elohim invoke visions of Sodom and Gomorrah, two cities they have nuked in the past because some humans were seen as a threat to them - unless we tame our aggression and become peaceful, the Elohim would “reduce [us] to silence”. (p. 92, 103, 105-106).

Should we become successful in becoming peaceful and welcome the Elohim, they would reward us with their scientific knowledge, comparatively 25,000 years in advance of ours (p. 71, 75, 107).

But, in Rael’s second book (ETs Took Me to Their Planet, 1975), perhaps after realizing how he had unwittingly painted the Elohim as a destructive force themselves the first time, he rebrands the Elohim to have a complete non-interventionist stance on the destruction of Humanity.

Rael relates how Yahweh (his ET father and leader of the Elohim) delivering the second Message, first told him how he mis-transcribed the passages about an eventual intervention on their part to destroy humanity. Instead, Humanity’s future is on its own hands and will self-destroy if it doesn’t become peaceful. (p. 150)

The Elohim, however, will intervene on the fate of Raelians. Throughout Rael’s second book (1975) , he assures that only his followers will be saved in the event of an imminent nuclear cataclysm. (p. 150, 216-217, 298)

By his third book (Let’s Welcome Our Fathers from Space, 1979), Rael revealed how good non-Raelians totally ignorant of Rael and the Elohim will also be saved by the grace of the Elohim in the Q&A section of his book. (pp. 238-239) In the latter part of his book, Rael wrote about what the Elohim had told him to keep secret for three years. In it, Yahweh seems to affirm how good people who have never heard of Rael would also be saved. (p. 289)

In Rael’s third book (1979), Rael mentions the chances of Humanity self-destructing. It ranges from 90% to 99%. (p. 286, 287, 291, 306) He, however, does NOT give us a timeline of when this cataclysmic event might occur, making that figure worthless as a prediction. A few years ago, Rael “revealed” that the chance for self-destruction was at 99.5%!

Whilst the Elohim declared earlier that they would never intervene in the destruction of Humanity, in Rael’s third book (1979), Rael writes about a special number of 144,000 people who would be saved by the Elohim. According to the Elohim, they will actually intervene after all to otherwise delay the final cataclysm until the number is reached. (p. 298-299) I would assume the Elohim intervening by using "rays" and "telepathy" to render our weapons harmless in this case and decelerate the horrific event Raelians believe is very likely to happen. This contradicts the Elohim’s non-interventionist stance in Rael’s second book (1975). Their involvement was supposed to be confined to only saving the "just".

Rael goes on to define who these 144,000 shall be: (1) those people already re-created on [the Elohim’s] planet, who number 8,400 (p. 161), (2) those people who will have led a life dedicated to the blossoming of Humanity without ever hearing of the messages, and (3) also those people who will recognize Rael as [the Elohim’s] messenger after having read the messages and getting baptized or “sealed in their foreheads”. This number will supposedly be sufficient to start a new generation on Earth.

According to the latest Raelian publication, there are already more than 100,000 Raelians worldwide. Despite Raelism’s doomsday bent on the future, Rael has predicted that the Elohim would return openly at his ET Embassy by 2035 and peace and prosperity shall prevail on Earth henceforth.

I wonder how many people there are who will have never heard of Rael and also be entitled to be saved by the Elohim “soon”. What will happen if Humanity’s self-destruction is imminent and there are more than 144,000 Raelians? LOL

Since 1975 when the 99% figure was "revealed", it has been 42 years without any global nuclear conflicts. If and only if this year, WWIII breaks loose, the figure would go down to just a 2.2%-successful prediction (1 year in 42 years).

If Raelians realize a 99.5% prediction spells an imminent reality, how then do they still  hope for an ET Embassy to bring about world peace? Or, are they being realistic in their own worldview and realize the ET Embassy is a facade and when shit hits the fan in their lifetime, they will all be "saved" (but, much less than 144,000 "special" followers of Rael)?

Rael does call for his followers to "drop everything" and join him in proximity when the time comes to be saved from the nuclear cataclysm that is bound to take place in Raelian-lore. (p. 218)

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Rael’s Mediums: Telepathic or Psychotic?

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Belief in telepathy is one of the main tenets of Raelism. It is believed that it was through telepathy that extraterrestrials, known to the Raelians as the Elohim, made Rael buy a copy of the Bible, just days before being made to go to the place where he would meet one of them face-to-face over six days for an hour each time at the end of 1973 (Intelligent Design, p. 7).

The ET, alleged to be Yahweh of the Bible, explained to Rael how all humans have an inherent ability to communicate telepathically: the brain being a transmitter of accurate waves and thoughts with our bodily hair acting as its antenna, citing the story of Samson who had lost his ability to communicate with Yahweh once his hair was cut. Therefore, the point about not shaving off any hair is very important to Raelians. (pp. 35-36). This explains why Raelians tend to fall for such pseudoscience and grow out their hair.

Rael also claims how Yahweh used telepathy to make him give his son a specific name (p. 94). At the end of Rael's alleged meeting, Yahweh shares something instructive:
"You know the truth, and we will stay in contact with you by telepathy to give you confidence and additional information if we think necessary." (p. 101)
About two years later, in 1975, Rael claims that he was taken to the Planet of Eternal Life, that is supposedly about 1-light year away on board one of their spacecrafts. While on their planet, Yahweh allegedly used a machine to awaken certain faculties that lay dormant in Rael's brain so as to be able to exploit its full potential (p. 171).

Yahweh then advises people to meditate to "open one's mind" and try and communicate with the Elohim while trying to be "in harmony with the infinite". Yahweh then mentions mediums:
"Mediums are useful, so seek them out. But balance them because their gifts as mediums - which are only gifts of telepathy - unbalance them, and they begin to believe in magic, the supernatural, and other incredibly stupid things, including an ethereal body, which is a new way of trying to believe in the soul which does not exist. In fact, what they are actually doing is tuning into people who lived several centuries ago, and whom we have recreated on this paradisiacal planet." (p. 172)
Rael's second book contains directives known as the "Keys" that would help people open their minds. In the chapter titled "The Human Brain", Rael goes back into explaining telepathy and the usefulness of meditation:
"We still have a long way to go in fully understanding the potential of the human brain. The sixth sense, direct perception, should be developed in young children. This is what we call telepathy. Telepathy enables us to communicate directly with our creators, the Elohim.
 Numerous mediums have come to me asking what they should do, because they had received messages from what they call “the beyond”, asking them to get in touch with me in order to help me, and for me to bring them “the light”. Mediums are very important people because they have an above average gift of telepathy, and their minds are already on the path to an awakened state. They should try to practice meditation in order to fully master their potential. I am eagerly waiting for all those mediums who have received such messages to get in touch with me, so that we may organize regular meetings. The true mediums who seek to be informed will all receive instructions. The power of one brain is great, but the power of several brains is infinite. Let those who have ears, hear." (p. 207)
In the chapter titled "The Reward", Rael writes:
"If you recognize the Elohim as your creators, and if you love them and wish to welcome them, if you try to do good to other people by making as much use as you can of all your potential, if you think of your creators regularly, trying through telepathy to make them understand that you love them, if you help the Guide of Guides to accomplish his mission, you will without a doubt be entitled to scientific reincarnation on the planet of the eternals." (p. 216)
Yet, given all of the above, Rael has quite recently excommunicated a couple of high-profile Raelians because they came forward and claimed to be receiving instructions directly from the Elohim through telepathy and other modes of communication. Rael brushed these individuals off saying they were suffering from mental illness. Rael communicated his official stance on this matter in a Raelian newsletter, which contradicts what he wrote originally in his books:
Regarding the allusion of mediums in the Messages 
Mediums, as explained in the Messages, have to receive a special training when they are little children. After childhood they cannot develop it. And even with this training they can only receive telepathic feelings: never clear Messages. We do not even have, right now, the knowledge about this training. For clear Messages there is a need for a surgery which was performed on me when I went to the Eternal life Planet. The call for regular meetings of sensitive people called "medium" and who can receive feelings and never clear messages will be organized when the Elohim will ask for it and not to create a new leadership but for a very special purpose. And that may happen or not. The Elohim decide and we follow. The only way to know when they decide is through the Prophet and not through people suddenly hearing voices... 
If I received the Messages in 1973 by " hearing voices" I would never have believed it, nor created any organization but would have instead ran to see a psychiatrist. For the simple reason that I am a rational person. I did accept the Messages and the mission because they were given to me in a physical contact and not at a "sunrise" or at any "solstice" which means nothing. 
Our mission is to fight traditional mysticism and even more neo-mysticism which attracts many people due to the disappearing of main religions. Peace and love. (Contact 379, p. 7)
Notice how Rael is conflating mediums who allegedly already possess telepathic abilities with normal people who need to be trained from a young age. Rael seems to be oblivious of himself instructing Raelians to meditate in order to develop their “sixth sense”. Rael also denies Yahweh’s prior directive to immediately organize regular meetings with mediums who will have received instructions, and not just feelings, from the Elohim. Rael also seems to forget his claim that the Elohim kept contact with him telepathically prior to his “surgery” that supposedly transformed him into a full blown telepath. Does this mean Rael was just vaguely in contact with them between 1973 and 1975? Does this also mean Rael can now, as did the Elohim to himself, mind-control other people?

To date, Rael has yet to seek out and acknowledge "true mediums" as Raelians. Instead, he does not hesitate to expel anyone who dares to contest his original writings, known as the Messages, or his dictatorial authority as the messenger of the Elohim in an attempt to purge his cult of “weak and psychologically unbalanced people, who take their dreams or mental disease induced hallucinations, for reality” (Contact 379, p. 7).

Rael knows these people are delusional because he himself must have made everything up.

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