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DOOMSDAY CULT: To Intervene, or NOT to Intervene in Humanity's Destruction?

The Raelian Movement is a doomsday cult that predicts that there is at least a 90% chance that humans on Earth will cease to exist due to a nuclear cataclysm in the near future.

How this nuclear cataclysm will occur, however, has dramatically evolved in Raelian literature. It goes from:
(1) ETs will intervene and nuke threatening Humans
(2) ETs won't intervene, Humans instead will self-destruct, to
(3) ETs will intervene after all, at least to delay the self-destruction and save Raelians

In Rael’s first book (The Book which Tells the Truth, 1974), the Elohim (extraterrestrials who supposedly created all life on Earth) said they would intervene and nuke us DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY by blowing up stockpiles of our nuclear weapons if we posed a threat to them and other worlds in the galaxy. They mention intervening by using "rays" and "telepathy" to spark off a nuclear world war. (Intelligent Design, 2005, p. 105: please refer to the actual quotes at the bottom)

On three separate pages, the Elohim invoke visions of Sodom and Gomorrah, two cities they have nuked in the past because some humans were seen as a threat to them - unless we tame our aggression and become peaceful, the Elohim would “reduce [us] to silence”. (p. 92, 103, 105-106).

Should we become successful in becoming peaceful and welcome the Elohim, they would reward us with their scientific knowledge, comparatively 25,000 years in advance of ours (p. 71, 75, 107).

But, in Rael’s second book (ETs Took Me to Their Planet, 1975), perhaps after realizing how he had unwittingly painted the Elohim as a destructive force themselves the first time, he rebrands the Elohim to have a complete non-interventionist stance on the destruction of Humanity.

Rael relates how Yahweh (his ET father and leader of the Elohim) delivering the second Message, first told him how he mis-transcribed the passages about an eventual intervention on their part to destroy humanity. Instead, Humanity’s future is on its own hands and will self-destroy if it doesn’t become peaceful. (p. 150)

The Elohim, however, will intervene on the fate of Raelians. Throughout Rael’s second book (1975) , he assures that only his followers will be saved in the event of an imminent nuclear cataclysm. (p. 150, 216-217, 298)

By his third book (Let’s Welcome Our Fathers from Space, 1979), Rael revealed how good non-Raelians totally ignorant of Rael and the Elohim will also be saved by the grace of the Elohim in the Q&A section of his book. (pp. 238-239) In the latter part of his book, Rael wrote about what the Elohim had told him to keep secret for three years. In it, Yahweh seems to affirm how good people who have never heard of Rael would also be saved. (p. 289)

In Rael’s third book (1979), Rael mentions the chances of Humanity self-destructing. It ranges from 90% to 99%. (p. 286, 287, 291, 306) He, however, does NOT give us a timeline of when this cataclysmic event might occur, making that figure worthless as a prediction. A few years ago, Rael “revealed” that the chance for self-destruction was at 99.5%!

Whilst the Elohim declared earlier that they would never intervene in the destruction of Humanity, in Rael’s third book (1979), Rael writes about a special number of 144,000 people who would be saved by the Elohim. According to the Elohim, they will actually intervene after all to otherwise delay the final cataclysm until the number is reached. (p. 298-299) I would assume the Elohim intervening by using "rays" and "telepathy" to render our weapons harmless in this case and decelerate the horrific event Raelians believe is very likely to happen. This contradicts the Elohim’s non-interventionist stance in Rael’s second book (1975). Their involvement was supposed to be confined to only saving the "just".

Rael goes on to define who these 144,000 shall be: (1) those people already re-created on [the Elohim’s] planet, who number 8,400 (p. 161), (2) those people who will have led a life dedicated to the blossoming of Humanity without ever hearing of the messages, and (3) also those people who will recognize Rael as [the Elohim’s] messenger after having read the messages and getting baptized or “sealed in their foreheads”. This number will supposedly be sufficient to start a new generation on Earth.

According to the latest Raelian publication, there are already more than 100,000 Raelians worldwide. Despite Raelism’s doomsday bent on the future, Rael has predicted that the Elohim would return openly at his ET Embassy by 2035 and peace and prosperity shall prevail on Earth henceforth.

I wonder how many people there are who will have never heard of Rael and also be entitled to be saved by the Elohim “soon”. What will happen if Humanity’s self-destruction is imminent and there are more than 144,000 Raelians? LOL

Since 1975 when the 99% figure was "revealed", it has been 42 years without any global nuclear conflicts. If and only if this year, WWIII breaks loose, the figure would go down to just a 2.2%-successful prediction (1 year in 42 years).

If Raelians realize a 99.5% prediction spells an imminent reality, how then do they still  hope for an ET Embassy to bring about world peace? Or, are they being realistic in their own worldview and realize the ET Embassy is a facade and when shit hits the fan in their lifetime, they will all be "saved" (but, much less than 144,000 "special" followers of Rael)?

Rael does call for his followers to "drop everything" and join him in proximity when the time comes to be saved from the nuclear cataclysm that is bound to take place in Raelian-lore. (p. 218)

Advocatus Diaboli

Quotes from Rael’s book (Intelligent Design,  2005):


The three planets, on which life has been created, have been set in competition against one another. The planet on which humanity makes the most scientific progress, thereby proving its intelligence, will receive the benefit of their creators’ inheritance on the day of the “last judgement” - so long as they do not behave aggressively towards their creators. This will be the day when their knowledge will have reached a sufficiently high level. At present human beings on Earth are not very far away from that day. (p. 71)

Out of the three worlds where life has been created, the one which makes the most progress will receive the inheritance. The ones which have not progressed will be dominated by the other and eliminated. This is also true on Earth between peoples. (p. 75)

… if humanity cannot calm its aggressiveness, if peace does not become your only goal, and you allow people to promote war, produce arms, test nuclear weapons, and maintain armies just to seize or retain power, then we will stop such people from becoming a danger to us, and there would be another Sodom and Gomorrah. (p. 92)

We will wait, and if human beings remain aggressive and continue to progress in a manner which is dangerous for other worlds, then we will destroy this civilization and its repositories of scientific wealth, and there will be another Sodom and Gomorrah, until such time as humanity becomes morally worthy of its level of scientific understanding. The future of humanity is in its own hands, and the truth is in yours. (p. 103)

‘Are nuclear weapons a danger for humanity?’

‘Yes, a great danger. But if humanity does not become wise and peaceful, the existence of your nuclear weapons will mean that if the need arises, we will not have much to do in bringing about the destruction of your civilization. Perhaps you might even destroy yourselves.’

‘If you do not, however, and if you become a threat to us, we will only have to destroy your stocks of bombs without sending offensive weapons against you. We could do this with either rays, or telepathy, in such a way that, in effect, one of the great powers would become he aggressor, and this would automatically release a fatal retaliation.’

‘If people do not want to be exposed to that danger any longer, all they have to do is take nuclear weapons away from the military. Such nuclear power used with care could enable countries that lack energy to make great strides forward. You urgently need to stop nuclear weapons testing because you know nothing of the risks to which you are exposing yourselves. However, if humanity continues to play with nuclear weapons, it will simplify our task if we have to reduce you to silence.’ (pp. 105-106)

‘We will come officially and land at the residence, which you will have prepared. We will ask you to invite there the official representatives of the most important countries of humanity, in order to bring about total unification of the people on the Earth. If all goes well, we will allow humanity to benefit step by step from our scientific advances. Depending on the uses that will be made of it, we will see if we can give humanity all our knowledge and allow you to enter the intergalactic era with our 25,000 years of scientific progress as your inheritance.’ (p. 107)

To begin with, we must correct a passage in the first message we gave you that you wrongly transcribed concerning an eventual intervention on our part to destroy humanity. It must be made clear that we will not intervene. Humanity is now arriving at a turning point in its history, and its future depends only on itself. If you can control your aggressiveness towards each other and your environment, then you will reach a golden age of interplanetary civilization, in which universal happiness and fulfillment will be realized. If, on the other hand, your civilization gives way to violence, then it will destroy itself, either directly or indirectly through all this. (p. 150)


In the event of a cataclysm destroying humanity, only the people who follow you will be saved, and they will have to repopulate the devastated Earth when all the danger has been dispersed, as happened in Noah’s time.’ (p. 150)

There are currently 8,400 people from Earth living on the planet where we are at this moment. (p. 161)

.. any day now, humanity can destroy itself. Only those who follow the last of the prophets will be saved from destruction. (pp. 216-217)

Now that we have reached the stage when humanity itself may destroy all life on Earth, only those who recognize the Elohim as their creators will be saved from destruction. (p. 217)

You who believe in all that is written here, when the Guide of Guides summons you somewhere, drop everything, for it might be because he has received some information concerning the end. If you are near him at that moment, you will be saved and taken away with him, far from the suffering. (p. 218)



It is written that only those who follow you will be saved. If a person has had a life turned towards happiness and the blossoming of humanity, but has never heard of the messages of the Elohim, has that person no chance of being saved?


This person is among the just and will be saved. That part of the messages concerns those who have read the messages. Among them, only those who have decided to follow the rules given by our creators will be saved. But if there are people on Earth who live in seeking above all to help the progress of humanity, or to help their fellow men to the most of their ability, and who die without having known the messages of our Fathers, they will be among the just and will be saved. It will be more pardonable for those who do not know about the messages and who act positively than for those who know of them, because the latter have no excuse not to have changed their conduct or to have paid even more attention to their actions. (pp. 238-239)


I am not at all convinced that Humanity will self-destroy, even though there is a nine out of ten chance that it will. Even if there was only one chance in a thousand that Humanity suppressed its aggression and escaped destruction, I think that it would be worthwhile taking this one chance. (p. 286, 287)

There is, unfortunately, but one chance in one hundred that your Humanity will not self-destroy, and every Raelian must act as if Mankind would be wise enough to understand and grab this tiny chance of escaping the final cataclysm, so as to enter the Golden Age. (p. 291)

It is from this final cataclysm, if it happens, that people who will have followed our prophet, will be saved - those people who will have had their cellular plan transmitted after having read or heard of the messages. Those people will have been selected by our huge computer, which follows all people from conception to death. (p. 298)


The people who will be sealed in the forehead will be those who will have their cellular plan transmitted by manual contact between our prophet and their forehead bone, which contains the purest and the most authentic genetic code. The total of those who will be “sealed in the forehead” will be around 144,000, which will include those people already re-created on our planet, those people who will have led a life dedicated to the blossoming of Humanity without ever hearing of the messages, and also those people who will recognize Rael as our messenger after having read the messages.

For as long as the total of these human beings does not reach 144,000, we will help to delay the final cataclysm, so as to have a sufficient number to start a new generation on Earth, when it has become a suitable place again for humans to live. (pp. 298-299)

This is, unfortunately, what awaits Humanity, with a 99 percent probability of occurring. So that all of you who recognize us as your creators and who recognize Rael as our last messenger on Earth, all of you must wrestle to ensure that Humanity reaches out to this one little chance of survival, by revealing our messages to the whole of Mankind. (p. 306)

If Mankind uses science negatively, and a fatal nuclear cataclysm occurs, all those people who will have worked to prevent this catastrophe by trying to make Mankind aware of its errors in the name of the Elohim, those people shall be saved by our creators. (p. 313)

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