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Sex, Lies and Space Suits

Rael's compilation e-book Intelligent Design, describes how the Elohim used to wear cumbersome space suits:
Thou canst not see my face: for there shall no man see me, and live. Exodus 33: 20.
There you have reference to the difference in atmosphere between our planets. Humans cannot see their creators unless the latter are protected by a pressurized suit, because the terrestrial atmosphere is not suitable for them. If a man came to our planet he would see the creators without a space suit, but he would die because the atmosphere is not suitable for him. (pp. 30-31)
The Elohim couldn't even eat the sacrificial offerings put forth by humans:
The creators were unable to eat in the open air because of their pressurized suits, but if necessary, using a scientific technique, they could feed themselves by extracting the essentials from these offerings using a flexible tube or cane. The process radiates flames, which made people at the time think sacrifices to God were being made. (p. 34)
copyright Raelian Foundation
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Rael describes the Elohim's "spacecrafts" as having observational portholes and noisy combustible thrusters that spew fire and smoke during biblical times; their spacesuits even had portholes similar to our early diving suits (p. 30, 34, 47, 50, 56).

Yet, the Elohim managed to have sex with human females and having offspring through their unions citing Genesis 6:4:
There you have proof that the creators could have intercourse with the daughters of humanity whom they had created in their own image, and in so doing produced exceptional children. (p. 19)
Perhaps they were using the 2Suit? LOL

However, when Rael met Yahweh for the first time on 13 December 1973, the latter appeared in a tight-fitting bodysuit with an almost invisible shimmering bubble around his head (p. 5). Later, when Rael quizzed Yahweh about his attire:
[Rael] ‘You have interpreted the vision of Ezekiel as people equipped with space suits,’ I replied, ‘and you told me that the atmosphere of your planet was not the same as that on Earth. So why aren’t you wearing a pressurized suit now?
[Yahweh] ‘Because we too have progressed scientifically, and now we can do without them. My face seems to be in the open air, but really it is protected by an invisible shield composed of repellent rays inside which I breathe different air from you. These rays let waves pass through, but not air molecules. It's a bit like the way you prevent fuel deposits escaping from certain ports in your technology by using emissions of bubbles.’ (p. 105)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Raelian Leaks: Internal Documents of IRM

Raelian Leaks 

Confidential newsletter for Structure members:

White Knights        English 1 2 3 4 5 6   French 5 6


Confidential newsletter for Rael's Angels: Angel's Feathers


Confidential protocol on how to treat Rael and the media:

Raelian Protocol 2004    English    French


Raelian Newsletter for paid subscribers:

Apocalypse    English 1999-2008   French 1974-2008


IRM Organization Chart 2005

Definition of Wise Council 2006

Definition of Discipline Council 2006

USRM and Money 2006

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[RaelTV FAIL] Giving Bullshit Due Respect

In October 2011, Rael released a short video lecture titled Giving Planet Earth Due Respect. In it, Rael mixes up Eastern religions, forgets what he wrote about nuclear energy in the Messages, and offers advice to the unborn about what to do with his tomb.

Rael claims than Shintoism practices ancestor worship. No... that's a Buddhist practice. Rael says ancestor worship is more beautiful than religions that believe in a god. BUT, Shinto means "the way of the gods". Shinto gods (kami) are defined in English as "spirits", "essences" or "deities"... in some cases being human-like, in others being animistic, and others being associated with more abstract "natural" forces in the world (mountains, rivers, lightning, wind, waves, trees, rocks). "kamisama" roughly translates as "God".

The vast majority of Japanese people who take part in Shinto rituals also practice *Buddhist* ancestor worship.

Rael praises Eastern religions saying ancestor worship is beautiful.

BUT, here's what he wrote in 1975:
"The East has nothing to teach the West about wisdom and awakening the mind. Rather, the opposite is true. How can you find wisdom amongst people who die from hunger as they watch herds of sacred cows go by?" (Intelligent Design, p. 208)
Then, Rael's calls to do away with "primitive nuclear energy".

BUT, here's what he wrote in 1974:
 "If people do not want to be exposed to that danger any longer, all they have to do is take nuclear weapons away from the military. Such nuclear power used with care could enable countries that lack energy to make great strides forward." (Ibid., p. 106)
Finally, Rael imagines what he'd do if he were born 20 to 50 years later to all the people who will have contributed in destroying the environment ... he says he'd piss, shit and spit on their tombs out of anger and disrespect.

Well, Rael... let's hope your grave/tomb will not be vandalized one day for spewing all kinds of bullshit into your followers' heads every chance you get. Some kids in the future just might take your advice for destroying and exploiting your adepts' minds, bodies, time and wealth for your own personal gains. : /

Read also: ‘Overpopulation is the true cause of Fukushima!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

[RaelTV FAIL] Inconsistencies of the Designers

Rael has a You Tube channel called RaelTV and in it, he features an eight-and-a-half-minute video that summarizes the Raelian Messages. There are a few inconsistencies in the video with Rael's own story that I've picked up.

The Raelian promo video screen shot below shows how Rael who wanted to go to Puy-de-Lassolas apparently lost his way and instead walked 15km NORTH to another, but this time, perfectly circular volcano crater called Puy-Pariou as the place of his first encounter with ETs. Puy-de-Lassolas is hardly a crater. Here's a pic of Puy-de-Lassolas. This photo shows Puy Pariou from the same perspective as in the Raelian video. Funnier still, Rael even mixed up Puy-de-Lassolas for Puy-de-la-Vache in earlier versions of his book.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Rival Prophets of Rael

In her book Aliens Adored, sociologist Susan Palmer relates about a couple of ex-Raelians who might be categorized as heretics or “counter-cultists” - meaning their reasons for leaving are strictly ideological. They are preoccupied with correcting Raël’s theology and launch countermovements over what might appear to outsiders as abstruse theological nitpicking concerning the true nature of extraterrestrials:
Pierre Andre Bouchard, a self-proclaimed prophet who published a tract, A la découverte des veritables Elohim (In search of the real Elohim) with a vanity press, Les editions nouvel art de vivre, in Montreal in 1977. In it, he propounds his own alternative biblical interpretation of the Elohim and Raël’s creation myth. The RM handled this heretic by ridiculing him and dismissing his ideas as “delirious” in one publication: “Maitre Pierre of confused spirits, who addressed the Raelians in a delirious mystico-esoteric prose developing the idea that the extraterrestrials were angels sent by God!!” (20 ans, 52).
There is a book in French about Bouchard titled Pour la plus grande gloire des Elohim : mémoire sur le livre de Pierre-André Bouchard (For the greater glory of Elohim: in memory of the book by Pierre-André Bouchard) with a preface by ex-Raelian Bishop guide Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr "À la découverte des véritables Elohim" (In search of the real Elohim).

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Raelism vs. Science: Concept of Infinity

According to Rael's compilation e-book, Intelligent Design, our universe:

a) is infinite (p. 154, 155, 156, 239, 245)
b) has galaxies that revolve around its center (p. 211)
c) is an atom of an atom of a molecule of a gigantic being (p. 211)
d) is a living being (p. 255)
e) is located in a gigantic atom (p. 256)
f) All of the above.

Likewise, according to Rael, the planets and stars:

a) are atoms of a gigantic being (p. 90, 91, 154)
b) are living (p.154)
c) are atoms that revolve around a molecule as they do around a galaxy (p. 211)
d) are atoms of an atom of a gigantic being (p. 254, 255)
e) All of the above.

The answer to both questions is the contradictory "All of the above". Saying an atom of an atom just skips one level in infinity (see below). Galaxies do not revolve around the center of the universe... they are all moving away from each other [1]. Atoms do not revolve around a molecule, nor do electrons look or behave like planets in a solar system. Also, if everything is "alive" in the universe (p. 154), does it mean that according Raelism, the planets and stars were also created by intelligent beings? Rael says, "only the form of matter can change according to the wishes of those who have reached a scientific level, which allows them to accomplish this" (p. 155). In other words, life creates life. But, if the planets and stars are also alive, why can't we be just alive as well, and not have been created?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rael wants to become a cool Pirate (but sells his e-books for 3+ years)

When it come out just recently that bestselling Brazilian author Paulo Coelho has become a pirate believing that free electronic books translates into wider readership, by joining the Pirate Bay site calling on readers to share everything he has written, Rael announced, "I fully support Pirate Bay and this bestselling author move. I myself ask all those reading my downloadable books (available for free on our Web site,www.rael.org) to share them with as many people as they wish. Copyrights are just a thing of the past, an attempt to maintain devastating capitalism while suppressing freedom."

However, Rael first made electronic versions of his books mid-2001. Rael then began selling his e-books and continued to do so for 3+ years until January 2005 when he finally decided to make them available for free download on the Internet. (Click on the images below to enlarge)

[11 April 2001] Before e-books were created...

 [08 Jun 2001] Rael raises the price of his book from $9.95 to $14.95 and begins selling the electronic version for $9.95

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Comparison between Jean Sendy's books and those of Claude Vorilhon Rael

About Jean Sendy and books comparison with those of Claude Vorilhon Rael  

 Most of the Jean Sendy's books are available for download now in PDF format. [Download Jean Sendy's books

About Jean Sendy
Jean Sendy is a French writer and translator, author of books on esoteric and UFOlogy. 

After publishing an archival document entitled "La Verite (The Truth)" (1948) about the relations between Germany and Soviet from 1939 to 1941 and a volume on the politicians of the Fourth Republic (De gueules sur fond de cles, impertinences, Paris, Editions France-Empire, 1948), Sendy translated a book of General Anders, Editions France-Empire. 

During the 1950s, he translated many thrillers and black novels from English for "Presses de la Cite" in the series "Un mystere (Mystery)" (Raymond Chandler, James Hadley Chase, Reginald Southouse Evelyn, Dorothy Hughes, Irwin Shaw) and the series "Serie noire (Black Series)" of Editions Gallimard (Samuel W. Taylor, James Hadley Chase, David Alexander, Thomas Black). 

In the 1960s, he devoted himself more to his own writings, most of which appear in the collections "L'Aventure mysterieuse, J'ai lu (The Mysterious Adventure, I read)" and "Les Enigmes de l'Univers (Enigmas of the Universe)" (Robert Laffont). 

In "La Lune, cle de la Bible (The Moon, key of the Bible)" (1968) Sendy took differenct point of view from the usual translations of the Bible translate "Elohim" by God, which is plural whose meaning would be better than by "Angels". Rereading the biblical text in its original Hebrew version, Sendy argues that this is not a legendary story, but historic text telling colonization of the Earth at the time of Moses by angels from the sky, assuming that is the perspective theory of ancient astronauts and astroarchaeology. Sendy believes that the "key of the Bible" could be on the Moon, where since the 1960s, it is now possible to find traces of these cosmonauts. "Les Cahiers de cours de Moise (The Books of course of Moses)" (1970) went on these assumptions, expanding the investigation into the influence of "Astrology" of Zodiac, the prophecy of St. Malachy or the miracle of Fatima that Sendy refuses to regard as superstitions and attempts give them a meaning in the perspective opened by his reflection on the Bible. 

His book, "Les Temps Messianiques (The Messianic Times)" is inspired by Paul of Tarsus, which linked the cosmos, man and the Gospels. This book also deals with eschatology and the study of numbers in the Bible and the Kabbalah. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

RAEL FAIL: ‘Overpopulation is the true cause of Fukushima!’

In a recent speech given in Japan published in Raelpress.org on May 9, 2011, Rael commented on the Fukushima problem, saying that the Japanese government indeed made a mistake by building a plant so close to the ocean with such vulnerability to tsunamis, but he also said the Japanese government didn’t have much choice since it has 120 million citizens expecting power. He explained:

"The problem facing humanity is that we need too much electricity because we have too many people on Earth; it is overpopulated. With our present technology, Earth shouldn’t have more than 3 billion people. But we now have more than twice that number. Right now, almost all of the world’s governments are criminals, not because they create nuclear plants, but because they keep pushing people to have more children – and those additional want to have more electricity and hence more facilities like Fukushima. The Fukushima crisis is a result of overpopulation!

 When Rael published his first book in 1974, the world population was about 3.5 billion. Today, the world's population is almost double at 7 billion. However, in 1974, the population of Japan was about 110 million compared to today's almost 130 million people... that's only a 18% increase compared to the 100% in total world population. It seems that Rael has no clue about Japan's demographics and so erroneously picked Japan as an example of overpopulation. In contrast, the world's most populated areas with increasing growth-rates are simply are too poor to have any nuclear power plants.

According to Rael, if there were only 60 million people in Japan, there would be no need for risky plants like Fukushima. According to the Statistics Bureau of Japan, the population of Japan was 60 million back in 1926! It was already about 110 million in 1974. Is Rael suggesting that Japan actually adopt a one-child policy?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

BUDAI or Gautama BUDDHA?

In Rael's e-book, Intelligent Design, Rael describes his trip to the Planet of Eternal Life where he was privileged to meet the "Great Prophets" of old. Rael first meet the Elohim's so-called messengers at a banquet thrown in his honor. Rael describes a few of the messengers in his Western stereotypical image including the founder of Buddhism, Gautama Buddha:

"I was sitting to the right of the Eloha whom I had met two years earlier, and to the left of the six other Elohim. Facing me sat a young bearded man, very handsome and very slim [Jesus?]. He wore a mysterious smile and an expression filled with fraternal feeling. To his right was a man with a noble face sporting a black beard that was very thick and very long [Moses?]. To his left was a more corpulent man with an Asian face. He had a shaven head." (p. 161)

Budai, the Laughing Buddha
Shortly after, Yahweh introduced some of the messengers to Rael: "I am referring to Jesus, whom we were able to recreate from a cell that we had preserved before his crucifixion.’ The handsome, bearded young man seated opposite offered me a smile full of fraternity. ‘To his right is Moses, on his left Elijah, and to the left of Jesus sits the one remembered on Earth by the name of Buddha. A little further on you can see Mohammed, in whose writings I am called Allah, because out of respect they did not dare call me by name. The forty men and women present at this meal are all representatives of the religions created after our contacts on Earth." (p. 163)

However, this is case of mis-identification due to ignorance... Gautama Buddha is rarely depicted as being fat with a shaved head. The character that comes the closest to what Rael had described is called Budai or popularly known as the "laughing Buddha" (source: Wikipedia):

Budai (Chinese: 布袋; pinyin: Bùdài), pronounced Hotei in Japanese, Bố Đại in Vietnamese, is a Chinese folkloric deity. His name means "Cloth Sack," and comes from the bag that he is conventionally depicted as carrying. He is usually identified with (or as an incarnation of) Maitreya Buddha, so much so that the Budai image is one of the main forms in which Maitreya Buddha is depicted in East Asia. He is almost always shown smiling or laughing, hence his nickname in Chinese, the Laughing Buddha (Chinese: 笑佛; pinyin: xiào​fó). Many people confuse Budai with Gautama Buddha.

Budai is traditionally depicted as a fat bald man wearing a robe and wearing or otherwise carrying prayer beads. He carries his few possessions in a cloth sack, being poor but content. He is often depicted entertaining or being followed by adoring children. His figure appears throughout Chinese culture as a representation of contentment. His image graces many temples, restaurants, amulets, and businesses.

Siddhartha Gautama Buddha
According to Chinese history, Budai was an eccentric Chán monk (Chinese: 禅; pinyin: chán) who lived in China during the Later Liang Dynasty (907–923 CE). He was a native of Fenghua, and his Buddhist name was Qieci (Chinese: 契此; pinyin: qiècǐ; literally "Promise this"). He was considered a man of good and loving character. [..] Amongst those new to Buddhism, or otherwise unfamiliar with its history, Budai is often conflated with (or simply replaces) the historical Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, in spite of the distinct visual differences in how each has been depicted. In India, Nepal, and throughout southeast Asia, Gautama (who lived during the 6th c. BCE) is commonly depicted as being tall and slender in appearance. In contrast, in China and those areas to which Chinese cultural influence spread, the depiction of Budai (who lived during the 10th c. CE) is consistently short and round. Both depictions are the idealized results of the religious, cultural and folkloric traditions which evolved in the centuries after their respective deaths.

This sort of mis-identification casts serious doubts on Rael's fantastic story.

Rael continues to conflate the Buddha with Budai as recent as 25 December 2011 in Contact 378: "But people who have a beautiful Buddha face, you are sure they have love and compassion for themselves. And so, if you all, and I’m sure you all want to have a beautiful Buddha smiling and full of love face. When you have this Buddha face, this smiling face, this happy face, everybody is more beautiful."

Also check out: RAEL: The NON Maitreya

[This note was inspired by Raelian Dotcom]

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Raelian Embassy: ZERO PROGRESS

Rael had made two momentous announcements in January 2003: "First, he claimed his mission was “50 percent complete.” He was referring to his mandate to spread the message. “It’s done. I’ve informed the entire planet of my message.” The remaining “50 percent” is building the embassy... Raël’s second announcement was that he had appointed Brigitte Boisselier as his successor. He expressed delight that she had found such an effective means of spreading the message. (Aliens Adored, p. 191)

July 2012: Zero progress; just clinging on to 2 UFO Hoaxes (Jerusalem & China)

Also, reported as official IRM Press Releases:

2 February 2011: UFO over Jerusalem: Another attempt by the Elohim to wake up the Chosen People

16 August 2010: Maitreya Rael predicts imminent wave of UFO sightings throughout China

The China UFO Hoax 2010
After further investigation, it was confirmed that parts of the China UFO wave was either long exposures of helicopters or videos of Russian missiles (ICBMs) malfunctioning.
http://forgetomori.com/2010/ufos/ufo-over-hangzhou-china-a-long-expos/ and

The Jerusalem UFO Hoax 2011
After further investigation, it was confirmed that the Jerusalem UFO incident was an elaborate CGI hoax.
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/09/23/jerusalem-ufo-hoax_n_978202.html and


Rael has everything to lose if the Embassy is built... not mentioning he'd lose all the money he managed to raise for the cause, the Elohim will then have to make their appearance. Bet he'll say people are being too negative and so the Elohim won't come after all. LOL

Check out also Rael's End Game: 144,000: The Arrival vs. the End of the World


Geniocracy is a selective form of representative democracy. People with intelligence 10% above average can vote while those with 50% above average can get elected to public office. The geniocratic government elects a Creative Council according to their creative genius. (Intelligent Design, pp. 95-97)

On the other hand, inside the International Raelian Movement, the Guide of Guides (level 6) has always been Rael and is assumed to be so until he dies even though every 7 years a group of level 5s hold elections for it. Other members are selected, NOT based on their intelligence, but on how loyal and useful they are to Rael. Rael elects all the Continental Bishop Guides (level 5) as well as the "Wise Council" and the "Discipline Council". Everything is top-down. The selection of all members to all other levels needs to go through Rael.


According to Rael as part of the "New Commandments" for humanity, "property ownership must be abolished without establishing Communism." (Intelligent Design, p. 97) Under "Humanitarianism", "Everything that is of value such as shares, gold, enterprises, cash, or buildings is owned by the community but may be rented for fortynine years by those who have acquired the means by their own merits and labor." (p. 97) The government of a State "should ensure that people are born with approximately the same level of financial means." Rael clarifies, "Although everyone has the right to have sufficient means to live decently, those who do more for their fellow human beings have the right to receive more than those who do nothing for the community." (p. 196) Therefore, we can assume that the State government should provide subsidies to its citizens to live "decently".


The Raelian Movement employs 2 authoritarian bodies (at international and national levels) to keep its flock in-line with their guru's self-serving brain-washing program, I mean, movement "in peaceful harmony":

(1) the Wise Council:
The Wise Council concerns only structure members; simple Raelians are free to think, say or do as they please. However, they may be barred from meetings and Raelian activities if they challenge our beliefs or cause trouble.

The primary mission of the Wise Council is to be the guarantor of the spirit and letter of the Messages. It is the guardian of the creationist atheistic dogma. Its jurisdiction is strictly limited to the philosophical domain and to the interpretations of the Messages.

While the Wise Council is totally unyielding in defending our atheist creationist dogma and condemns and excludes all who stray from it, it will also examine all deviations in language and/or everyday behavior with humanity and compassion.

(2) the Discipline Council:
The Discipline Council is only concerned with members of the structures; simple Raelians may not be called upon nor may they call upon the Discipline Council.

It assists the managers of the Movement in providing clarity in cases of conflict, recalling the function of the structure with the possibility of sanctioning a member, the most severe penalty being exclusion for seven years. It may also intervene in cases where lack of respect is shown or criticism is directed against managers of the movement.

However, although the Discipline Council acts with a great deal of empathy and understanding towards individuals, it will always favour the harmony and the proper functioning of the group and will not hesitate to sanction if this proves necessary. To be in the structure of the Raelian Movement implies the acceptance of the rules, which some may find difficult to accept.

The Discipline Council will remind the people it summons that to be a member of the structure is to be the disciple of Rael and that there can not be a disciple without discipline. It is better to feel good outside the structure rather than feel bad within it.

[excerpts from official IRM documents dated 2006 - note: the same person can be a member of either councils - Rael as the "eyes and ears" of the Elohim, stands infallible as far as Raelian dogma is concerned... consider the case of Rael proclaiming that Adam & Eve were black when in his books, he details how they were from the Israeli "Jewish race". How can the Wise Council reconcile this apparent inconsistency in Raelian dogma? Check out:  RAEL: Adam & Eve were Jewish... I mean, Black

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Screwing the Prime Directive

According to Rael, when the Elohim scientists (part of the 700 eternal Geniocrats of the Elohim government) ventured out into deep space and began their work of creating life on Earth, the most brilliant among them decided to create human beings "in their image" (Intelligent Design, p. 15).

Public reaction on the Elohim's planet focused on fears of these "test tube children" being very intelligent and therefore posed a threat to the Elohim, especially the "race" of humans that were created in the biblical Garden of Eden (there were apparently 7 teams in all and therefore seven races of humans created). The Elohim geniocratic government decided to follow what might be called "the Prime Directive" of sci-fi lore and not meddle with humanity's development... they would keep the first humans ignorant of advanced scientific knowledge (p. 15).

However, the scientific creationist team at the biblical Garden of Eden (which according to Rael was located in the country [we] now call Israel, which at the time was not far from Greece and Turkey on the original continent) violated the prime directive by giving their creation, Adam and Eve access to almost all scientific knowledge. This team was supposedly headed by Lucifer. As a result, the Elohim geniocratic government condemned Lucifer's team to live in exile while all other scientists stopped all work and returned home. The prime directive was installed again when humans with scientific knowledge were cast out of the Garden of Eden (p. 18).

Now, what did the exiled group of Elohim geniuses do? Yup, they go on and violate the prime directive again by "taking the beautiful daughters of Man as wives of all which they chose" and had offspring called the Nephilim in the Bible. On top of giving a full education (the biblical Tree of Knowledge), the exiled scientists then allowed some early humans to benefit from life extension technology (the biblical Tree of Life) (p. 19).

Then the Elohim geniocratic government, the Council of Eternals, with Yahweh as its President, decided to destroy all life on Earth just because they felt humanity was progressing a little too fast:

"These actions seemed very dangerous to people on the distant planet. The scientific progress on Earth was fantastic, and they decided to destroy what had been created. [..] The “evil” in question was the desire of human beings to become scientific and independent people equal to their creators. Being “good”, as far as those on the Elohim’s planet were concerned meant the new human beings would remain primitive, vegetating on the Earth. Their “evil” was their wish to progress, perhaps enabling them one day to catch up with their creators." (pp. 19-20)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Where are the rest of the 85,000 Raelians??

The International Raelian Movement claims a 85,000-strong membership worldwide as of 5 September 2011. It will be shown below how actual membership numbers are deliberately inflated for PR purposes. Actual membership numbers from Raelian baptisms are far below reported totals.

Here I've combined "total membership" data from wikipedia (1973-2006) and raelpress (2004-2011; source data below). I ran a regular trend line and a 6 order polynomial regression (black line). I also connected the dots of the most likely high and low estimates to come up with an "limit" line (red line).

Analysis shows that the polynomial curve is biased towards horizontal trends (IRM's reporting of ballpark numbers instead of actual ones makes it look like there's no growth over long periods). Most growth is observed in the late 90s and in very recent years.

[RAEL FAIL] Adam & Eve were Jewish... I mean, Black

In 2005, on a mission to Congo to win over African converts, Rael revealed, "Adam and Eve were black". Also, by that year, the concept of a Mitochondrial Eve had become established.

Newsweek, The Search for Adam & Eve (1988)
But according the "Messages", LUCIFER = SERPENT = created ADAM & EVE in Eden = ISRAEL = JEWISH "RACE"

Puy-de-la-Vache, Puy-de-Lassola, Puy-de-La-Sola or Puy-de-Lassolas?

Rael originally indicated that the volcano where he had his ET encounter was called Puy-de-la-Vache. His latest compilation book, Intelligent Design does NOT mention that name anymore. It has been replaced by the name of a volcano next to it called Puy-de-Lassolas.

Very early versions of his 1st book had a footnote correcting the mistake. Subsequently, in his 2nd book, he actually admits making a mistake. Trouble is, the correct name of the volcano is Puy-de-Lassolas... earlier versions (both French and English) had 2 spellings: (1) Puy-de-Lassola (2) Puy-de-la-Sola.

Current versions of Rael's books do not contain his admission anymore. Confusing where exactly he had his ET encounter does question his credibility.

(See FAIR USE notice in info section)

1998 Thai version of Rael's first two books based on an earlier English version. Rael names the volcano where he had his ET encounter as Puy-de-la-Vache in his original manuscript. Later versions contained a footnote indicating a mistake as shown above.

Rael repeated the same mistake in a July 1974 interview with a magazine: https://web.archive.org/web/20110921054654/http://www.rael.free.fr/75/75rustica.htm

Friday, January 13, 2012

Raelism vs. Science: THE CLONE DILEMMA

According to Rael's e-book, Intelligent Design, an advanced race of extraterrestrial beings called the Elohim are able to achieve eternal life by cloning themselves indefinitely.

Rael writes, "a single living cell of each species, male and female, is all that is required to recreate a whole being. This is something like the first living cell of a fetus in the womb of its mother, which already possesses all the information needed to create a human being right down to the color of its eyes and hair" (p. 20).

According to Rael, Yahweh, the leader of the Elohim explained, "Our body lives on average, ten times longer than yours... Like the first people of the Bible, that is between 750 and 1,200 years. But our mind, our true self, can be truly immortal. I have already explained to you that, starting with any cell of the body, we can recreate the whole person with new living matter. When we are in full possession of our faculties and our brain is at its maximum level of efficiency and knowledge, we surgically remove a tiny sample of the body, which we then preserve. Then, when we really die, we take a cell from this preserved sample and recreate the body in full, just as it has been at the time the sample was taken. I say, 'as it had been at that time', meaning with all its scientific knowledge and, of course, its personality. But in this case, the body is made up of new elements with the potential for another one thousand years of life - and so on eternally" (p. 108-109).

It's further stated that an organism's cells "contain its physical and intellectual blueprint" (p. 153).

Raelism vs. Science: CHEMICAL EDUCATION

In Rael's compilation book Intelligent Design (2005), the following dialogue takes place between Rael and Yahweh about chemical education:
Image from a comic version of Rael's first two books
(see FAIR USE notice in the blog's info)

"The knowledge that students need to accumulate must be enormous, and must take a very long time?"

"No. Thanks to an important scientific discovery, which in fact your scientists on Earth are beginning to consider, we can teach a student his lessons surgically. Your scientists have just discovered that if you inject the liquid from the memory of an educated rat into the brain of an uneducated rat, it will learn what the other knew."

"We can transmit information by the injection of brain memory matter, thus our children have almost no work to do. They regularly undergo injections of brain matter taken from people possessing the information necessary for instruction. Therefore, children only spend their time doing interesting things, which they decide on themselves, such as rebuilding the world in theory and fulfilling themselves in sports and the arts." (pp. 113-114)

The current understanding about memory is that it is connections (synaptic change) rather than information stored in molecules synthesized by neurons (molecular codes), such as RNA and protein molecules. Indeed, research about the possibility of transferring "memory matter" was in during the 1960s but eventually faded away by 1979.

PARADISM's very first initiative

One of the first initiatives of PARADISM... to go straight to merchandising (2 Dec 2011)!! LOL

And this "movement" plans to eliminate work and money by making and selling T-shirts and postcards ... I also wonder if human labor was used at all in the manufacture of these T-shirts and postcards. : /

Here... keep Capitalism alive: pay $23.95 for a T-shirt and  $0.83 for a postcard. LOL

2035, 2025 or 2020 (or even 2015)?

Rael keeps changing the date of the Elohim arrival
Rael keeps changing the date of the Elohim arrival

At the end of the interview dating back in 1986, Rael declares 2020 as the deadline for the Elohim's arrival.

Ex-Raelian members can even testify that the deadline was once 2015.

Sociologist Susan J. Palmer indicates 2025 as the deadline mostly held by Raelians in her book Aliens Adored (2004).

The latest official deadline is 2035 (since 2001 when Rael published "Yes to Human Cloning" in which he mentions Vernor Vinge's concept of technological Singularity. The date 2035 was often cited by the proponents of the concept. Ray Kurzweil goes for 2045).

Interestingly, in 2035, Rael will turn 89 years old. By then, he'll have nothing to lose. Check out: Rael's End Game.

"The Order of Rael’s Angels" explained

Sometime in 1998, Rael came up with a brilliant idea of assuring himself a limitless supply of women to serve him, from performing menial tasks to exclusive sexual favors.

The following is a 3-part document outlining (1) the "message" Rael had allegedly received from his extraterrestrial father, Yahweh, to create "The Order of Rael's Angels", (2) an addendum that came shortly after, and (3) a registration form to join the order. Find my comments at the bottom.

copyright: Raelian Foundation

The Order of Raël’s Angels

--> 1.) Message to all Angels:

The time is passing and the Great Moment is getting inescapably near. We will be coming soon. It is time to prepare yourselves. We, the Elohim, will arrive with everything we need and an overabundance of biological robots to serve us. We do not need human beings to serve us.

But we love you, our creation, so much that nothing would give us more pleasure than to see our creation, with all its consciousness, wish to humbly put itself at our service, thereby demonstrating its love. One can let his servants take care of his guest or kneel down himself to wash his feet... the significance is very different. This is called humility, the highest expression of the consciousness we have given you as our equals... and remember that we will come back only if we are invited, the Embassy being the ultimate demonstration of this invitation.

Many among you would like to have the privilege of getting closer to us and to the Great Prophets who will accompany us. All those who have recognised them would surely dream of spending time with them, even if only an instant. What Christian wouldn't want to personally serve Jesus; what Jew, Moses; what Muslim, Mohammed; and what Buddhist, Buddha... Alas, physically and practically it will be impossible for us to spend a few moments with each of the billions of human beings who will wish to get close to us, even though our technology allows us to indirectly follow each individual at all times. This is why we wish that, outside of the official and formal contacts with the governments of the planet, some human beings have the possibility to get close to us and show us their love.

Throughout history, we, the Elohim have shown the pleasure we had in being in contact with the daughters of men: “saw the daughters of men were beautiful. They took them as wives of all they had chosen.” (Genesis VI, 1-2)

And these encounters were sometimes fruitful: “When the sons of Elohim came into the daughters of men and had children by them, they were the heroes of old, men of renown” (Genesis, VI, 4) ...without even mentioning Mary and the other women chosen to bear the Prophets who have guided you.

Many among you have dreamed to be among the ones we have chosen.

Our love for our creation is infinite and we wish to offer some daughters of men the chance to realise their dream, if it is their dream.

Through this act they will embody the Love that all humanity, male and female, could extend to us.

This is why, for those who wish, we ask our last Prophet, Raël, to set up a Religious Order. This order will gather young women who consciously wish to put their inner and outer beauty at the service of their Creators and of their Prophets, when we arrive at the Embassy.

Earth's civilisation has demonstrated so much sexism and machismo, and still does, that it is only fair that women have the privilege of getting close to us intimately.

The Order of Raël's Angels is officially set up during the Canadian seminars of July 52. It is a religious order encompassing young women members of the Raëlian Religion who are legally of age. They will have the full time responsibility of serving their Creators, the Elohim, and the Great Prophets who will accompany them, such as Moses, Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed during their stay in the Embassy, seeing to their comfort at every level. Meanwhile, they will prepare themselves for this long awaited day by being at the service of the Last Prophet, Raël and by tending to his well being whenever necessary, for example at the monthly gatherings, seminars or meetings.

Raël's Angels will be chosen by the Guide of Guides among those who will demonstrate their desire to be a part or this order.

The selection criteria are, in order: religiosity, discipline, serenity, harmony, purity, humility, charisma, inner and outer beauty. Physical beauty is an important criterion because we, the Elohim, though we have an infinite love for all human beings whatever their appearance. As noted in the Bible, we prefer to be surrounded by individuals of great beauty corresponding to the absolutely perfect original models of the different races that we had once created on Earth ... physical flaws are all due to the errors of generations passed which have damaged our genetic inheritance.

Raël's Angels will also have the goal of spreading the Messages but while trying to find new Angels by instilling a calling in young women they meet amongst society. This extraordinary mission will give hope to numerous young women desperate by the lack of spirituality and the superficiality of society, who seek to forget their confusion in drugs, alcohol or suicide. So, this is really a mission which will allow to save human beings, to save “souls” or genetic codes.

Within their ranks, Raël's Angels will have different levels that will be attributed by the Guide of Guides. The Order will be directed by a Superior Archangel chosen by the Guide of Guides. She will have under her command, Archangels, Superior Angels, Angels and Assistant Angels. New angels will be admitted after an undetermined apprenticeship time as Angel Trainees.

In order to recognise the different levels of Angels, they will wear around their necks a little necklace where white feathers will be attached. One feather for the Trainees, two for the Assistants, three for the Angels, etc..,

For Raël's Angels, the Elohim and their Messenger come before everything else. They are individuals who are ready to sacrifice everything for them, their professional lives, their relationships and even their lives. They would be ready to give their lives to protect their Creators and their Prophet. They are women who have decided to give priority to their spiritual and philosophical lives. Women who have discovered within themselves what we used to call the “calling”. Back then, they certainly would have become “sisters” considering themselves the spouses of Jesus. But Raël's Angels can have a normal life within society by having, if they wish, a brilliant professional life, providing they are ready to sacrifice this success for their Religion if necessary. They can also have a normal sexual or love life as well as being married in a Raëlian marriage.

The Chosen of the Elohim:

Although Raël's Angels can have a normal love life or sexual life, those who choose to vow sexual exclusivity in favour of the Elohim and their Prophets can decide to become a “Chosen of the Elohim”. Members of this sub-order of Raël's Angels, commit to reserving their sexuality only for the Elohim or the Prophets, just like women who were chosen by the Elohim throughout the history of humanity, as can be found in the Bible: “They took them as wives of all they had chosen” (Genesis Vl, 2) The Guide of Guides will decide if he accepts them as the Chosen of the Elohim. They will be recognised by the pink tinge of their feathers. They will commit to have no sexual relationships other than with the Elohim or their Prophets. At any time, the Chosen of the Elohim will be able to go back on their decision and then simply return to being Raël's Angels by replacing the pink feathers by white ones.

The Chosen of the Elohim, if they have begun a sexual life, will have to undergo all available medical tests to make sure that they do not carry any sexually transmitted or contagious diseases.

And when they will go through the doors which separate the human part from the Embassy, they will have to wear new white robes made of linen, and have with them in a bag, a second identical robe which will be worn when they leave the Embassy. The first one will stay inside, after their departure. They will not wear anything that will make them sweat as we had mentioned to Ezechiel: “When they enter the gates of the inner court, they must be clothed with linen garments... they shall not gird themselves with anything that cause sweat” (Ezechiel XLIV, 17-18)

Prepare yourselves, our return is near!

Our Love will accompany you during the voyage through the earthly filter of consciousness while awaiting to see you again for eternity. In the meantime, take good care of our Beloved Last Prophet because you know that through him, there is a little bit of us among you.

--> 2.) Latest message for the Order of Raëls Golden Angels

Some important changes are made on to the Angel's order.

From now on the application will offer three choices :

Golden Ribbon
Chosen (Élue)

If almost all applicants will be accepted as Angels, Golden Ribbons will be severely selected.

Being a Golden Ribbon means being ready to be at the Elohim and the Prophets service without any restrictions, including sexually. So those who are actually Golden Ribbons and are not willing to comply with these requirements, by choice or because they are engaged in an exclusivity relationship with their sexual partners will have to abandon their Golden Ribbon and be simple Angels. All Angels have to fill this new application form to choose.

It is unthinkable that when our Beloved Creators arrive, some Golden Ribbon angels may welcome them very closely but may refuse to have a close relationship with them. The privilege to be in close contact with them implicates to be open to everything without any restrictions and without the disrespectful attitude of refusing intimate contacts.

The privilege to be close to them should be reserved to those who are deeply in love with them, of a religious love, ready to give them everything without any restriction, including their own life if it were necessary in order to protect them.

It is much better to be a "simple" angel than to be one day in a position to refuse anything to the Elohim or the Prophets. Those choosing to be simple angels are also very important even if they don't wish to give everything, they have the beautiful mission to support, help organize and take care of the Golden Ribbons. They should not at all feel any shame or frustration for not accepting to give everything. It is much better to never put yourself in the terrible situation of being forced one day to do something you don't like or insulting our Creators and Prophets by refusing close contacts with them. It is very important to really ask yourself what you want to give. If the answer is "all without any limitation", then you can submit your application to be a Golden Ribbon angel, and devote yourself totally to love the Elohim and the Prophets, even being ready to give your own life.

Of course the Chosen Ones, being or not Golden Ribbons, fall automatically in this category. So if you are a Chosen One you don't have to fill this new application to choose again between normal Angels and Golden Ribbons as you already are ready to give everything for the Elohim and the Prophets without any limitation.

Very soon new training seminars will take place for those accepted as Golden Ribbon angel to prepare them for the most important day of our history. This will take place before the next seminars in order for those who select it to be ready to take care of our Beloved Prophet if they wish to. One more time it's up to you to choose to have the privilege to be in close contact with the Last Prophet and to serve Him by sending your application to become a Golden Ribbon. Remember that only Golden Ribbon angels will be able to take care of our beloved Prophet which will be the best training possible for the day of our dreams, the arrival of our creators, remembering that They watch us through His eyes! Being close to Him is being close to Them! If you prefer to be simple angels, that's also great as you will have a very important place to help make our Angel's order efficient in promoting femininity and supporting Golden Ribbon angels.

So think about it and select without any pressure what you think is better for you! You will then send your application to the Angel leader responsible for your area. Special seminars for Golden Ribbon will be organized throughout the year as we must be ready for the up coming summer seminar.

--> 3.) Raël's Angels Registration Form

Please fill up the form in block letters or with the help of a typewriter.

I would like to apply to be a:

Raël's Angel
Chosen of the Elohim
Golden Ribbons

Surname:______________________________________First name:____________________________________



Country:______________________________________Postal code:____________________________________

Phone (home):__________________________________Fax :_____________________________Age :________

Mobil phone:___________________________________E-mail :_______________________________________

Date of birth:___________________________________Weight:_____________________Height:_____________

Spoken languages* :__________________________________________________________________________

Written languages:___________________________________________________________________________

* 1=understood, 2=spoken, 3=fluent, 4=able to translate, 5=mother tongue

Talents and particular skills :___________________________________________________________________



Three main qualities:__________________________________________________________________________


One negative trait:____________________________________________________________________________

Level in the structure of the Raelian Religion:______________________________________________________

It is very important to attach two pictures of you with this registration. One showing your face and one full length

Refered by_____________________________________


Order of RAEL’s Angels

Why do you want to be a member of the Order of RAEL’s Angels and what does this application mean to you?


Name and surname in block letters:

Date _________________________________________Signature:


--> Editorial

So, there you have it. Using the attractive dream-carrot on a stick of the possibility of actually meeting and servicing the Elohim personally in the near future, Rael has enticed many Raelian women to join the order. Rael's prediction on the Elohim arriving is not longer than 2035. Young Raelian women in there 20s who had joined the order when it was incepted in 1998 would be in their 60s by then. Realizing this, Rael has managed to build a facade of the privilege of "being intimate" with the Elohim one day in front of a self-serving sexual scheme: generations of aging Angels recruiting and training the next young batch "using" Rael as the test dummy all the while in preparation for that time when the Elohim would expect women who are physically beautiful.

The three sub-orders of Angles are basically:

(1) White Feathers - "normal Angels" who are expected to do menial jobs for the comforts of Rael and maybe be available for sex. They are free to be in a poly-amorous "open relationship".

(2) Pink Feathers - Angels who commit themselves to an exclusive sexual relationship with Rael and maybe available for sex.

(3) Golden Ribbons - Angels who commit themselves to an exclusive sexual relationship with Rael and must be available for sex at any time.

Rael has since also created another sub-order of underaged Angels, called the Cherubin (who are under 18), who will adorn only black feathers which means adults must not touch them at all, and can apply also for pink feather, and golden. In this case they will wear a black feather and a pink feather, and eventually a golden chain. There is a new application form where they can select from the 3 options: cherubin, golden cherubin, or pink cherubins. This opens up the possibility for girls born in 2015 to eventually be one of the few privileged chosen ones.

Rael, if he lives that far, especially after surviving from a life-threatening brain aneurysm in March this year (2018), is expected to be 89 in 2035. He'll surely won't need a harem, but a group of qualified nurses by then.

Rael has released a timeline for his ET Embassy. From 2028 the embassy will operate in caretaker mode, awaiting the return of the Elohim. In his first book, Rael wrote about living there comfortably:
"You may live with your wife and children in the residence, which will be under your direction, and you will be able to have servants there and invite guests of your choosing." (Intelligent Design, p. 102)
For about 20 years though, Rael has been successful in taking advantage of beautiful young women desperate to be on the "Elohim casting couch".

Advocatus Diaboli

Suisse, ILLUSTRE, les Anges, Oct. 2007 p.2
The list shows under-aged
Angels called Cherubim 


Some of Rael's Angels from the
Australian Raelian Movement 


Go Topless campaign by Rael's Angels

Also, check out: http://raelian-truth.blogspot.com/2012/01/rael-pedophilia-incest-and-underage-sex.html

Rael's Sexual Hypocrisy

Rael is allowed to have sexual freedom and can sleep with whoever he desires, but his "companion" and the Raelian Movement's first lady, Sophie needs to remain faithful to him. Sophie is also a "pink" Angel aka Chosen Angel (signified by the pink feathers around her neck)... meaning, she has vowed to restrict sex service only for the Elohim/Rael and her pink-peers. Being a "pink" Angel reflects high feminine "refinement", sexual spirituality and of course, intelligence worthy of the Elohim's presence compared to the "simple" Angel who are tasked with menial chores, not very different from the biological robots that Rael hopes will create a Utopian paradise on Earth.

Written transcripts of 2 radio interviews with Rael about SEXUAL FREEDOM, including his marriage with Sophie: