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Daniel Turcotte, Raelian Guide and Rael’s assistant for the Embassy Project explains, “Phase 1 will be completed when two or more countries have ratified the optional protocol, and we expect that this should be achieved by 2019 (Press Release, March 2017).”

The following documents the progress of Phase 1 according to the press releases by the International Raelian Movement (IRM). As with the Pleasure Hospital spearheaded by the CLITORAID project, the ET Embassy project also seems to be lagging behind.

March 31, 2015 - “project file” handed to the White House and the United Nations Council of Foreign Affairs. Copies of the file given to the U.S. State Department; to French, German and other European foreign ministers; and to "many other" government officials around the world.

March 30, 2016 - “Optional Protocol Concerning Embassies for Extraterrestrials” handed to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Official request for extraterritoriality of the embassy made to President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Requested Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to propose a conference of all nations that are parties to the Vienna convention for the purpose of discussing the draft protocol, and to call for offers to host it.”

March 30, 2017 - ET Embassy Project timeline announced.

March 28, 2018 - “Several countries" have shown a genuine interest, but this year, "one country" has invited IRM representatives to discuss the project. The updated 2017 optional protocol handed to host country candidate and asked to address the possibility for that country to hold the first international conference to discuss the protocol.

April 2, 2019 - On-going negotiations for the past year with the "first country" to consider hosting an Embassy for Extraterrestrials. Solicited the United Nations to organize the first International conference to discuss the optional protocol. “Several countries" still show a genuine interest in the project.

We are yet to be informed of the names of the countries that have shown genuine interest and more importantly, the one country that has invited IRM to discuss the project. It is very convenient not to disclose names and rather just make bold claims.

It is interesting to ask why IRM hasn't ever disclosed the Seychelles Government's interest in the embassy project dating back to March 2000.

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There is a book by a respected French journalist, René Pacaut titled “They Met Extraterrestrials” (Ils ont rencontré des extra-terrestres, 1978) which is a collection of interviews of so-called “contactees” of the 1970s. One of the interviewees was Claude Vorilhon, Rael.

Rael's account from that interview, however, was in contradiction with what he wrote in several instances in his first book, “The Book Which Tells the Truth” (Le Livre qui dit la vérité, 1974).

In his book, Rael relates that on the 13th of December 1973, he went to a volcano overlooking Clermont-Ferrand in central southern France. He wrote:
I went more to get a breath of fresh air than to take a drive in my car. My legs were itching after a full year following the races from circuit to circuit, almost always living on four wheels, so to speak ... [ ]... I walked and jogged a little and left the path where my car was parked, aiming to reach the center of the crater called Puy-de-Lassolas where I often went for picnics with my family in the summer (Intelligent Design, p. 3).
However, in the interview, Rael said:
"I had just returned from the Tour de Corse automobile, and I felt tired, depressed. To escape this depression, I suddenly decided to get in my car and drive towards the Puy de la Vache. (They Met Extraterrestrials, p. 191)”
It is interesting to note that in earlier renditions of his book, there used to be a footnote stating how Rael had indeed made a mistake in identifying the location.

In his book, Rael writes:
“By now, the object was about twenty meters above the ground, and I could see it had a somewhat flattened shape. It was a flying saucer. I had always believed in their existence, but I had never dreamed I would actually see one. It measured some seven meters in diameter, about 2.5 meters in height, was flat underneath and cone-shaped ...[ ]... on closer inspection, looked more like a flattened bell with a full and bulging underside. (p. 5, 7).
However, in the interview, Rael said:
“It was only when he stopped two meters above the ground, about twenty meters from me, that I noticed that it had the shape of a huge bell, 4 meters high. and a diameter of 7 meters. He had the color of silver metal ...[ ]... I was, in any case, a hundred leagues away from suspecting the existence of UFOs and aliens. All this made me, for me, part of the realm of dreams (p. 190, 191).”
It is interesting to note that Rael has never mentioned “silver metal” or “metallic” to describe the alleged flying saucer he saw at that time in his book.

In his book, Rael describes the extraterrestrial's voice and what he asked the visitor:
“Thinking that I had to find out if he could hear me, I asked: ‘Where do you come from?’
He answered in a strong, articulate voice that was slightly nasal: ‘From very far away.’ ‘Do you speak French?’ I enquired
(p. 6)”.
However, in the interview, Rael said:
“Encouraged, I asked him, at random: 'Where are you from?' To my amazement, he said in a deep voice, without the slightest accent: "From far away!" Emboldened by this answer, I asked him again: "What are you doing here (p. 190)?"
According to his book, Rael asked why the extraterrestrial was visiting only after asking a couple more questions: if it was the first time visiting and if so, how often it was.

Later in his book, Rael writes how long it would take us to travel to the extraterrestrial's planet:
“Our planet is 30,000,000 parasangs away from Earth or about nine thousand billion kilometers, just a little less than a light year. By moving at the speed of light, or 300,000 kilometers per second, you would take almost one year to reach our planet. With your present day rockets, which travel at only 40,000 kilometers per hour, it would take you about 26,000 years to reach our planet (p. 89).”
However, the interviewer reported:
This is how his interlocutor will teach him that the planet from which he originates is located a light-year away from Earth, that is to say at a distance such that with the fastest of our rockets we would take 90,000 years to reach it (p. 192).

In his book, Rael writes how the flying saucer changed color as it took off:
“Because the sky was clearer this time, I was able to watch more closely as it took off. It hovered motionless at a height of about 400 meters, then still without the slightest sound, the vessel turned red as if it was heating up, then as white as white-hot metal, and then finally a sort of bluish purple like an enormous spark, which was impossible to look at. Then it disappeared completely (p. 25).”
However, the interviewer reported:
Claude Vorilhon descended [the flying saucer], and soon, the "bell" rose vertically by changing color. It went from electric blue to white then turns to bright red before getting lost in the clouds (p. 192).

Rael claims that his books enshrine the truth and that nothing has been changed in the script:
“Our world has continued to change very rapidly during that period, always in the direction of the revealed information I was first given in the early to mid 1970s. That is why the books are reproduced unchanged here to demonstrate that the extraordinary truths first revealed three decades ago are being gradually and successively proven by new scientific discoveries and developments (p. 364).”
It is evident, however, that Rael has had different versions of the “truth” in the various interviews before and after the release on his books. Check out the Maryse Péloquin Video Files that highlight many other discrepancies in Rael's verbal testimonies in the earlier days of creating his career as a doomsday cult leader dressed up as a utopian visionary for all of humanity. Check out also, Maryse Péloquin's book, “RAEL: The Thief of Souls: Biography of a Liar” (Raël: Voleur d'âmes: Biographie d'un menteur, 2004)

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Raelian ET Embassy's FAKE NEWS Page: UFOs

In previous iterations of the Raelian Movement's Elohim Embassy website, they used to showcase two UFO sighting incidents that have been thoroughly debunked. Check out: Raelian Embassy: ZERO PROGRESS.

In their latest iteration, they have a page titled “Evidence”, under which they have two categories: UFO and Crop Circles.

I have already addressed their claims of crop circles as being created by the Elohim. They speculate that crop circles are a gentle, playful and thought-provoking strategy aimed at preparing us for an official contact with an extraterrestrial civilization. Check out: CROP CIRCLES and RAELISM.

Under the “UFO” section, they admit that “some UFO sightings are mistakes and some are fakes, but there are many that are very credible” as being the Elohim's spacecrafts. They claim “reliable information on unidentified flying objects (UFOs) is available from a number of sources.” They define reliable sources as policemen, pilots, astronauts and former high-ranking government and military officials.

They highlight:
Paul Hellyer, who was Minister of National Defense and then Minister for Transport in Canada in the 1960’s.
Sir Winston Churchill, who was the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in the 1940s.
Dr. Edgar Mitchell, who in 1971 on the Apollo 14 mission, became the sixth man to walk on the moon.
Fife Symington, former governor of Arizona in the United States in the 1990s.
Dennis Kucinich, presidential candidate in the 2008 U.S. presidential election.
Jimmy Carter, former U.S. President in the late 1970s.
Paul Hellyer
The ET Embassy site names Paul Hellyer as a credible source for their claim that the Elohim are real.

However, in an interview with RT (formerly Russia Today) in 2014, characterized by Yahoo News as "sadly hard to take seriously", Hellyer said that at least four species of aliens have been visiting Earth for thousands of years, with most of them coming from other star systems, although there are some living on Venus, Mars and Saturn’s moon. According to him, they "don't think we are good stewards of our planet."

The trouble is, Rael claims that no other ETs other than the Elohim have been visiting Earth.

Sir Winston Churchill
The ET Embassy site claims that Winston Churchill conspired with General Dwight Eisenhower to ban the reporting of UFO incidents for fifty years as a cover up.

Turns out, that claim is a 3rd personaccount from the grandson of an RAF service man. There’s no official records to back up the claim.

Dr. Edgar Mitchell
The current ET Embassy website notes this in reference to Dr. Edward Mitchell as confessing, “The UFO phenomenon is real, though it has been covered up by our governments for a very long time” as evidence of the Elohim.

Turns out, on July 25, 2008, Mitchell clarified that his comments did not involve NASA [as covering up evidence] but quoted unnamed sources, since deceased, at Roswell who confided to him that the Roswell incident did involve an alien craft. Mitchell also claims to have subsequently received confirmation from an unnamed intelligence officer at the Pentagon.

In an interview for AskMen published March 6, 2014, Mitchell said that he had never seen a UFO, that no one had ever threatened him over his claims regarding UFOs, and that any statements about the covering up of UFOs being a worldwide cabal was "just speculation on my part".

What is Rael's opinion on the Roswell incident?... he says they are manufactured propaganda by the governments and hollywood to sensationalize UFOs as being alien invaders, thus discrediting Mitchell's speculations.

Fife Symington
The ET Embassy site mentions Fife Symington as a credible source for the Phoenix UFO sightings of 1997 actually being alien spacecrafts.

The Phoenix Lights, as it is better known, were actually 2 events on the same night: the first a formation of jet aircrafts moving very fast and the other, a string of slow moving flares dropped by the military about 2 hours later.

Dennis Kucinich
The ET Embassy site mentions Dennis Kucinich as a credible witness who saw an alien spacecraft over Shirley Maclaine’s house.

Kucinich admits what he saw was “something unidentified” and then joked about opening a campaign office in Roswell, New Mexico.

Jimmy Carter
The ET Embassy site lastly mentions Jimmy Carter as witnessing an alien spacecraft.

Carter denies what he saw was an alien spacecraft. Additionally, the US Air Force sponsored a project that studied the upper atmosphere using releases of glowing chemical clouds, produced by rockets launched from Eglin AFB rocket range in Florida. Some of these chemical clouds, notably sodium and barium, were visible by the process of resonance scattering of sunlight. Documents confirm the launch of a barium cloud in Carter’s vicinity during his “sighting”.

Looks like the ET Embassy site has nothing but FAKE NEWS to support their claims about the Elohim existing and wanting to “return” to Earth.

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