Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rael wants to become a cool Pirate (but sells his e-books for 3+ years)

When it come out just recently that bestselling Brazilian author Paulo Coelho has become a pirate believing that free electronic books translates into wider readership, by joining the Pirate Bay site calling on readers to share everything he has written, Rael announced, "I fully support Pirate Bay and this bestselling author move. I myself ask all those reading my downloadable books (available for free on our Web site, to share them with as many people as they wish. Copyrights are just a thing of the past, an attempt to maintain devastating capitalism while suppressing freedom."

However, Rael first made electronic versions of his books mid-2001. Rael then began selling his e-books and continued to do so for 3+ years until January 2005 when he finally decided to make them available for free download on the Internet. (Click on the images below to enlarge)

[11 April 2001] Before e-books were created...

 [08 Jun 2001] Rael raises the price of his book from $9.95 to $14.95 and begins selling the electronic version for $9.95

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Comparison between Jean Sendy's books and those of Claude Vorilhon Rael

About Jean Sendy and books comparison with those of Claude Vorilhon Rael  

 Most of the Jean Sendy's books are available for download now in PDF format. [Download Jean Sendy's books

About Jean Sendy
Jean Sendy is a French writer and translator, author of books on esoteric and UFOlogy. 

After publishing an archival document entitled "La Verite (The Truth)" (1948) about the relations between Germany and Soviet from 1939 to 1941 and a volume on the politicians of the Fourth Republic (De gueules sur fond de cles, impertinences, Paris, Editions France-Empire, 1948), Sendy translated a book of General Anders, Editions France-Empire. 

During the 1950s, he translated many thrillers and black novels from English for "Presses de la Cite" in the series "Un mystere (Mystery)" (Raymond Chandler, James Hadley Chase, Reginald Southouse Evelyn, Dorothy Hughes, Irwin Shaw) and the series "Serie noire (Black Series)" of Editions Gallimard (Samuel W. Taylor, James Hadley Chase, David Alexander, Thomas Black). 

In the 1960s, he devoted himself more to his own writings, most of which appear in the collections "L'Aventure mysterieuse, J'ai lu (The Mysterious Adventure, I read)" and "Les Enigmes de l'Univers (Enigmas of the Universe)" (Robert Laffont). 

In "La Lune, cle de la Bible (The Moon, key of the Bible)" (1968) Sendy took differenct point of view from the usual translations of the Bible translate "Elohim" by God, which is plural whose meaning would be better than by "Angels". Rereading the biblical text in its original Hebrew version, Sendy argues that this is not a legendary story, but historic text telling colonization of the Earth at the time of Moses by angels from the sky, assuming that is the perspective theory of ancient astronauts and astroarchaeology. Sendy believes that the "key of the Bible" could be on the Moon, where since the 1960s, it is now possible to find traces of these cosmonauts. "Les Cahiers de cours de Moise (The Books of course of Moses)" (1970) went on these assumptions, expanding the investigation into the influence of "Astrology" of Zodiac, the prophecy of St. Malachy or the miracle of Fatima that Sendy refuses to regard as superstitions and attempts give them a meaning in the perspective opened by his reflection on the Bible. 

His book, "Les Temps Messianiques (The Messianic Times)" is inspired by Paul of Tarsus, which linked the cosmos, man and the Gospels. This book also deals with eschatology and the study of numbers in the Bible and the Kabbalah.