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[RAEL FAIL] Japanophilia

In Contact 348 published April 2008, a speech by Rael in Tokyo expressing his unfaltered love for Japan is included:
I am happy to be here with you this year. I wanted to go back to Japan before going to see my father… I missed you so much. I don’t say that to make you happy. I love Japan and I say so everywhere in the world. Wherever I go, I always say ‘I love Japan’. I am not like politicians always saying what people want to hear. When I am in Switzerland or in America, I still say ‘I love Japan’.
Nothing wrong with loving a country, especially when the majority of one's followers are from that country. Rael currently lives in Okinawa ever since he fled to the island from the mainland when the big earthquake and subsequent tsunami caused the nuclear accident in Fukushima in 2011. It looks like Rael really loves it there that his right-hand-woman Brigitte Boisselier of Clonaid fame issued a letter urging Raelians around the world to give donations so that Rael can set up a Raelian commune of sorts in Okinawa.

But, he goes on:
Japanese are very special in the heart of the Elohim, very special. Elohim love everybody, but they have something special with Japan. Maybe it is because your culture is very close to Elohim’s culture. When coming out from his spacecraft, Yahwe didn’t shake my hands when he met me, but he bowed like you do. I was expecting to shake his hands. His face also looks like a Japanese face. Their civilization is all about beauty. Every garden on their planet was like Japanese gardens. Their food was beautiful, just like Japanese food is beautiful, not like Mac Donald’s food at all! Everything is beauty. They wear beautiful clothes that look like Japanese kimonos. Japan is very close to the Elohim’s civilization.
However, the following is what we find in the Raelian "Messages":
  "He smiled faintly, and I thought it best to return his smile. I felt rather ill at ease, so I smiled and [first] bowed my head slightly in greeting. He answered with the same gesture." (Intelligent Design, p. 6)
Do the Japanese "salute" as well? LOL
  "Having said that, the small man saluted me for the last time and told me that he would return only when all that he had asked of me was accomplished. Then he climbed back aboard his machine, and it took off and disappeared just as it had on other mornings." (p. 115)
"Japanese" Yahweh on the right
note the "gangsta" hand greeting, or is it "thumb sumo"?
copyright Raelian Foundation - see FAIR USE notice
About Japan being similar to the entire Elohim civilization:

[Rael] "Are the seven provinces of your world similar?"
[Yahweh] "No, as on Earth there are [seven] different races and cultures. Our provinces were created and based on those races and cultures, while respecting the freedom and independence of each one." (p. 114)

Auto Pop and the 1973 Oil Crisis

The 1973 Oil Crisis likely caused Rael to reinvent himself as a UFO cult leader because his career as a race-car "journalist" was severely impacted.

Sociologist Susan Palmer writes:
"It is perhaps significant that Claude Vorilhon's close encounter occurred less than a month after his 2nd career [as journalist after being a singer] screeched to a hault through no fault of his own. On November 30, 1973, French prime minister Pierre Messmer announced on TV a series of drastic measures to limit speed on French roads and to suspend all automobile races and rallies. Claude's sources of funding, both his journal, Auto Pop, and his test driving, were cut off." (Aliens Adored, p. 34)

Rael's magazine skipped an issue in January 1974. In the December 1973 issue, Rael mentions the ban on motor sports. In the February 1974 issue, Rael turns political can calls his readers to vote the government out of office. It's possible that Rael had spent the time between the December and February issues to invent his fantastic story of meeting ETs. LOL

Auto Pop's last issue was in September 1974 (incidentally, Rael published his 1st book in the autumn of 1974 [Intelligent Design, p. 138])...

[RAEL FAIL] He said, She said...

First edition of Rael's 1st book,
"The Book which Tells the Truth", July 1974
The following is an excerpt from Rael's 2nd book, Extraterrestrials Took me to Their Planet (Raelian Foundation, 1975) describing his first wife's involvement in publishing and distribution his 1st book, The Book which Tells the Truth (Raelian Foundation, 1974):

"Alarmed by the mishap [of Rael's original manuscript not being returned to him promptly by a publisher named Marcel Jullian] and by the growing pile of letters from people interested in buying the book containing the message as soon as it was published, Marie-Paul [Rael's first wife] offered to leave her nursing job to help me with the publishing and distribution of this exceptional document." (Intelligent Design, p. 138)

However, sociologist Susan Palmer informs us of some contradictions between Rael's claims and Marie-Paul's own testimony:

"[Rael] awards his wife credit for offering to leave her nursing job to assist him in the publication and distribution of “that extraordinary document,” but she herself recently told a journalist that she had been unaware of his extraterrestrial encounters until the book came out. She also complained that once the family moved into a large medieval cottage in Perigord, people responding to Raël’s message were constantly coming and going - or staying. “It was a big house with open hospitality. Whoever wanted could come, and I was the maid,” she said (Chantepie 2003, 11)." (Aliens Adored, pp. 36-37)

Check out also, Marie-Paul's testimony how she was married to Rael for 15 years and how he wrecked her life and their children's.

[RAELIAN DISINFO] Moon-Landing and the Qur'an

The quote above was taken from an old Raelian video introducing Raelism.

The actual quote from Rael's book reads like this:
"When humanity discovered the necessary form of energy to travel to the moon, it also came to possess sufficient energy to destroy all life on Earth. "The hour has drawn near, and the moon is rent asunder" it says in the Koran, Sura 54, Verse 1. Therefore, any day now, humanity can destroy itself. Only those who follow the last of the prophets will be saved from destruction." (Intelligent Design, pp. 216-217) 
Turns out, this is NOT a prophecy or metaphor by Mohammed... it was supposed to be an actual miraculous event that split the Moon in half to show off to the disbelievers... which never really happened. LOL.


In Rael's 2nd book (end of 1975), he boasts about his 700-strong organization called MADECH* (movement for welcoming the Elohim, creators of humanity):
"Two years! For almost two years now I have been trying somehow to radiate this truth, which is too great for me... There are seven hundred of them as I pen these lines, and I understand how this is both few and many at the same time... Who are these seven hundred? Are they, as the scoffers would no doubt love to believe, average simpletons who could be made to swallow anything? Not at all. Some of them are university graduates or people holding PhD’s in philosophy, psychology, theology, sociology, medicine, physics, chemistry, etc. My admiration perhaps goes as much to those who have no degree, since although they have not acquired knowledge through studying that would allow them to realize that living matter and people like us can be created scientifically, they are still able to feel it intuitively, as people capable of mastering matter and putting themselves in harmony with the universe that they are.
I must say that I am optimistic on the whole, and that I believe that I have so far accomplished the mission that has been entrusted to me. For whatever happens to me, MADECH is up and running, and nothing will ever be able to stop it." (Intelligent Design, p. 122)
He adds:
"It was during June 1975 that I decided to resign as president of MADECH, first of all because it seemed that the movement could now manage very well without me, and secondly because I thought I had made a mistake in structuring the organization in accordance with a 1901 law that likened the movement, which is of such importance to humanity, to a petanque club or a war veterans’ association." (p. 142)

However, according to sociologist Susan Palmer, MADECH was NOT running so well since its inception in September 1974:
"In April 1975, Raël called an emergency general meeting to restructure the organization, and the diverging aims of the leadership became apparent; a major schism was brewing. Charles Aymonier, MADECH’s secretary, complained that the members of the executive were awarding themselves honorific titles like “secretary general” and “administrative director.” At the same time, they were trying to lay down rules to rein in Raël’s charismatic authority and “mettre au pas le prophete” (follow in the steps of the prophet). MADECH officials were becoming less interested in what Raël’s extraterrestrials were saying and more involved in networking with other ufology groups and trekkies. To exploit the entertainment potential of the ET phenomenon, they were planning a moneymaking lecture series, with other contactees as the invited speakers." (Aliens Adored, p. 37)
In July 1975, Rael staged a purging of leaders which hampered his own creativity and established the "Structure" of guides we see today. Later, after Rael wrote his 2nd book, in January 1976, MADECH had lost 90% of its members who were plotting a schism against Rael:
"Two years after its founding, MADECH was still giving Raël headaches, and in January 1976 he asked Jean Gary to move to Paris to help him resolve the mounting tensions within MADECH’s executive. This was difficult for Gary, but he complied and discovered that the Paris directors were “comploter contre” (plotting against) Raël (20 ans, 39). Raël instructed Gary to read the “Prayer to the Elohim” from Raël’s second book at the general assembly, and to order the dismantling of MADECH. Gary had difficulty gaining entrance to the meeting without a pass, but once inside, he showed the gathering Raël’s letter and read the prayer from the stage. Total silence followed, then 90 percent of the members got up and walked out of MADECH (from “Ecoutons Jean Gary” in 20 ans, 39)." (Aliens Adored, p. 39)

Rael subsequently renamed MADECH to the Raelian Movement in February 1976 (Aliens Adored, p. 39). However, a footnote in Intelligent Design, claims that the name was changed in 1975:
"In 1975, with the authorization of the Elohim, Rael changed the name of the movement to the International Raelian Movement." (Intelligent Design, p. 379)
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*In French, MADECH stands for:

M: mouvement pour (movement for)   
A: l‘accueil (the welcoming)
D: des (of the)
E: Elohim
C: créateurs de (creators of)
H: l’humanité (humanity).’

[RAELIAN DISINFO] Rael's Disclaimer

In his disclaimer for selecting news for, Rael clarifies his position on the articles he selects: unless there's a comment by Rael, you are left guessing whether he supports it or not. He calls it "common sense"... but, many of his posts are from dubious and sensational sources that are filled with disinfo and pseudo-science [e.g. Rael frequently posts items from;;, etc.]. He finishes with a comment defending free-speech but misquotes Voltaire.

For someone whose brain has supposedly been modified by the Elohim to function at full capacity, how can Rael misquote Voltaire?? The quote above is attributed to Evelyn Beatrice Hall.  LOL
"Yahweh... then explained to me: ‘This machine will awaken certain faculties that lie dormant within you. Your brain will then be able to exploit its full potential. Sit down here.’ I sat down in the chair that he indicated, and a sort of shell covered my skull. I thought I was losing consciousness for a moment, and then it felt as if my head were about to explode. I saw multicolored flashes pass before my eyes. Finally, everything stopped, and a robot helped me out of the armchair. I felt terribly different. I had the impression that everything was simple and easy. Yahweh spoke again: ‘From now on, we will see through your eyes, hear through your ears, and speak through your mouth. We will even be able to heal through your hands, as we already do at Lourdes and in many other places in the world..'" (Intelligent Design, p. 171)
Perhaps, the Elohim don't have Google yet. : P

About not being anti-Jew or antisemitic or racist... here's Yahweh/Rael's latest message to the Jewish people:
"The [Zionists], I vomit them from my mouth. They are not even equal to the other non-chosen people. They are inferior to all living beings of the creation. They are not even at the level of animals. As such they don’t deserve to live in the Land of IsRael and they and their children for 7 generations are condemned to an eternal exile, to a permanent diaspora."
Yes, calling people lower than animals is NOT racist. : P

note: According to Rael, the Jewish "race" is the most superior and intelligent race... well, used to be!! LOL Check out: Adam & Eve were Black!

Raelism vs. Science: MARCEL TERUSSE's History of Humanity

Long-time Raelian Bishop Guide, Marcel Terusse proposed a "New Hypothesis for the History of Humanity" that was published in Rael's e-book Intelligent Design (pp. 130-132) by mentioning Richard Nehring's 1978 discovery of the "ring of oil" that plots major oil reserves on Gondwanaland (supercontinent more than 30 million years ago) and explaining it in light of the Raelian interpretation of the biblical Flood, i.e. Elohim nuking Earth.

Terusse contends that there was a "central explosion" around which this "ring of oil" formed and that the Elohim's bombs broke up the "original supercontinent". Yeah, right. X P

There are several problem's with Terusse's hypothesis:

First, the "ring of oil" is not exactly a circle as one would expect around an explosion. Also, according to Rael, the "Garden of Eden" was located near Greece and Turkey (p. 15)... that's hardly at the epicenter of the explosion.

Second, Nehring's map ignores other major reserves that don't fit in his weird oval or whatever... Behrendt (1983) critiqued Nehring's image and produced a more comprehensive map of world oil reserves based on older data. A 2000 USGS survey shows more detail. 

Third, Terusse and Rael assume a sci-fi variant of the outdated "continental drift" model and have no idea about "plate tectonics" which postulates how the stuff below Earth's thin crust is always changing it... check out: Raelism vs. Science: Pangaea

Fourth, Terusse misspells Nehring's name as "Nebring" and erroneously indicates the Hudson Institute (based in Washington DC) instead of the Rand Corporation (based in Santa Monica) as his employer. True, the origin of the Hudson Institute is tied to the Rand Corporation, but Nehring's 1978 report was published by the Rand Corporation. Of course, as with Rael, Terusse does not give any references. LOL

Fifth, fossil fuels take "geological time" to form... certainly not in a few thousands of years. Raelians can thus be branded Young Earth Creationists who like tie-dye. LOL

[RaelTV FAIL] Two New "LIES" About the Elohim

In February 2012, Rael made 2 "new revelations" about the Elohim in a RaelTV video:

First, Elohim don't continue to progress scientifically.
Number two, they don't travel in space anymore.

However, information in Rael's original writings in 1974-75 contradict the above (emphasis mine):

In the video, Rael suggests how intellectual pursuits do not lead to any happiness and that in order to be truly happy, one must stop studying and expanding their knowledge but instead just "be" without even thinking.

Are we to assume Rael's Elohim suddenly reached this epiphany only in the 40 years since Rael's alleged encounter? Or, has Rael figured out how to expand his membership base with more mindless and nonintellectual "happy" drones?? LOL