Friday, February 28, 2014

[RaelTV FAIL] Two New "LIES" About the Elohim

In February 2012, Rael made 2 "new revelations" about the Elohim in a RaelTV video:

First, Elohim don't continue to progress scientifically.
Number two, they don't travel in space anymore.

However, information in Rael's original writings in 1974-75 contradict the above (emphasis mine):

In the video, Rael suggests how intellectual pursuits do not lead to any happiness and that in order to be truly happy, one must stop studying and expanding their knowledge but instead just "be" without even thinking.

Are we to assume Rael's Elohim suddenly reached this epiphany only in the 40 years since Rael's alleged encounter? Or, has Rael figured out how to expand his membership base with more mindless and nonintellectual "happy" drones?? LOL

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  1. You have got a point here ! This fake SELF PROCLAIMED prophet changes his "teachings" according to his moods .... And you are correct, he doesn't want his followers (blind adepts) to think any more ... he wants them to "feel" he is telling the "truth" .