Friday, March 22, 2013

[RaelTV FAIL] The Raelian Sandcastle

Raelian You Tube channel RaelTV has just released a video promoting their plans to build an "Embassy" for their imagined creator ETs to finally reveal themselves. It has some new CGIs of their embassy model, an excerpt from an old 1988 interview of Rael and some questionable images they imply is evidence for their Elohim.

Rael started his "mission" to welcome back the Elohim in 1973. In 1975, the Elohim expressed their desire to have their embassy be built "near Jerusalem". The last time, according to Rael's "official Messiah" website, Israel refused Rael extraterritorial land for building the "3rd Temple"/Embassy for ETs was 20 years later in 1993. Refusal by Israel will have dire consequences:
"In case of a final refusal from Israel, the Elohim will withdraw the protection they have always granted to the Hebrew State since its creation. Israel will then be destroyed and there will be a new Diaspora.
In 1997, Rael apparently got permission to build the embassy anywhere on Earth (Intelligent Design, pp. 358-361). Then in 2003, Rael had declared what remains of his "mission" was to only build the Embassy:
"First, he claimed his mission was “50 percent complete.” He was referring to his mandate to spread the message. “It’s done. I’ve informed the entire planet of my message.The remaining “50 percent” is building the embassy... Raël’s second announcement was that he had appointed Brigitte Boisselier as his successor. He expressed delight that she had found such an effective means of spreading the message. (Aliens Adored, p. 191)
This year will commemorate 40 years of Rael's NON-ACTION to build his Embassy... one wonders if his non-action is what is keeping Israel intact. Meanwhile, the most media coverage Rael's getting these days is from other "actions" such as their annual GoTopless publicity events which doesn't really help Rael realize his dream house.

At 3'06" of the video, Rael admits how he won't be able to ever convince everyone to help him fulfill his prophetic mission... he says "those who are ready will help us". To this effect, the producer of the video embeds popular images of UFOs to make a case for the existence of ETs. The problem is, those images are all either hoaxes or misrepresentations by "those who are ready". To date, Rael has failed to provide any convincing evidence of any flying saucers and thus has not been able to link UFOs to his Elohim. Raelians just have deep faith it's all true. : /

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

IRM and CLONAID™ - completely independent?? has the following FAQ:

    Where is Eve, the clone baby?
    The Raelian Movement is an organization which is completely independent from Clonaid. Clonaid is the name of a project (not a company), and it is managed by a raelian member named Dr. Brigitte Boisselier. Neither Rael nor the Raelian Movement bring any funds to it, and they have no relationship whatsoever with Clonaid, besides their moral support concerning the cloning technologies. For more details visit
    The International Raelian Movement (IRM) is NOT exactly completely independent from Clonaid.
    First, the websites and used to be registered under the name of a Raelian named Marc Lavoie at the same domain name provider (Go Daddy) as of 08 January 2003.