Thursday, July 26, 2012

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

[RaelTV FAIL] Giving Bullshit Due Respect

In October 2011, Rael released a short video lecture titled Giving Planet Earth Due Respect. In it, Rael mixes up Eastern religions, forgets what he wrote about nuclear energy in the Messages, and offers advice to the unborn about what to do with his tomb.

Rael claims than Shintoism practices ancestor worship. No... that's a Buddhist practice. Rael says ancestor worship is more beautiful than religions that believe in a god. BUT, Shinto means "the way of the gods". Shinto gods (kami) are defined in English as "spirits", "essences" or "deities"... in some cases being human-like, in others being animistic, and others being associated with more abstract "natural" forces in the world (mountains, rivers, lightning, wind, waves, trees, rocks). "kamisama" roughly translates as "God".

The vast majority of Japanese people who take part in Shinto rituals also practice *Buddhist* ancestor worship.

Rael praises Eastern religions saying ancestor worship is beautiful.

BUT, here's what he wrote in 1975:
"The East has nothing to teach the West about wisdom and awakening the mind. Rather, the opposite is true. How can you find wisdom amongst people who die from hunger as they watch herds of sacred cows go by?" (Intelligent Design, p. 208)
Then, Rael's calls to do away with "primitive nuclear energy".

BUT, here's what he wrote in 1974:
 "If people do not want to be exposed to that danger any longer, all they have to do is take nuclear weapons away from the military. Such nuclear power used with care could enable countries that lack energy to make great strides forward." (Ibid., p. 106)
Finally, Rael imagines what he'd do if he were born 20 to 50 years later to all the people who will have contributed in destroying the environment ... he says he'd piss, shit and spit on their tombs out of anger and disrespect.

Well, Rael... let's hope your grave/tomb will not be vandalized one day for spewing all kinds of bullshit into your followers' heads every chance you get. Some kids in the future just might take your advice for destroying and exploiting your adepts' minds, bodies, time and wealth for your own personal gains. : /

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