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[RAEL FAIL] Adam & Eve were Jewish... I mean, Black

In 2005, on a mission to Congo to win over African converts, Rael revealed, "Adam and Eve were black". Also, by that year, the concept of a Mitochondrial Eve had become established.

Newsweek, The Search for Adam & Eve (1988)
But according the "Messages", LUCIFER = SERPENT = created ADAM & EVE in Eden = ISRAEL = JEWISH "RACE"

It was at that time that the most skillful among us wanted to create an artificial human being like ourselves. Each team [out of 7 teams] set to work, and very soon we were able to compare our creations... That is when the trouble started for us. The team located in the country you now call Israel, which at the time was not far from Greece and Turkey on the original continent, was composed of brilliant creators who were perhaps the most talented team of all. Their animals were the most beautiful and their plants had the sweetest perfumes. This was what you call “paradise on Earth”. The human beings they created there were the most intelligent. (Intelligent Design, p. 15)

Imagine the joy of this team of scientists, having two children, a male and a female running around, eagerly learning what was being taught to them... Some scientists in this team felt a deep love for their little human beings, their “creatures”, and they wanted to give them a complete education in order to make them scientists like themselves. (p. 16)

The “serpent” was this small group of creators who had wished to tell the truth to Adam and Eve, and as a result they were condemned by the government of their own planet to live in exile on Earth, while all the other scientists had to put a stop to their experiments and leave the Earth [this includes the team that created the distinctive Black race]. (p. 17)

If when they were first created these new beings could have lived much longer, they would have quite rapidly become our equals because their mental faculties are slightly superior to our own. They are unaware of their full potential. This applies especially to the people of Israel who, as I mentioned earlier, had been selected in a contest as the most successful type of humanoid on Earth due to their intelligence and genius. This explains why they have always considered themselves to be the “chosen people”. In truth they were the people chosen by the teams of scientists who gathered together to judge their creations. You can see for yourself the number of geniuses born out of that race. (p. 18) Is Rael alluding to the Caucasian-Semitic Nobel laureates of Jewish descent such as Albert Einstein?

The people who were chosen by our creators, the Elohim, as being the most accomplished, were the people of Israel, who had been created in a laboratory at this location on our planet. It is perhaps because these people were the greatest success that the Sons of the Elohim were tempted by their females and had children by them, from whom the Jewish people descend. That is how the race populating the soil of Israel became the Jewish people. (p. 256) The Israelis must have a modern skin condition...

Lucifer was heading a small group of scientists working in one of the genetic engineering laboratories which studied the behavior of the first synthetic men. Noticing the extraordinary aptitudes exhibited by their creation, Lucifer decided to overrule the order and reveal to these first humans that those whom they had mistaken for “Gods” where in fact men like themselves, made of flesh and blood, and who came from another planet in flying machines made of palpable material. (p 278)

Lucifer, “the bearer of light”, enlightened the first men when he revealed that the creators were not “Gods” but men like themselves. (p. 279)

(see FAIR USE notice in the info section)
Check out Rael's own drawings of a White Adam and a blonde Eve (right).

Given the apparent change in dogma above, where does the Wise Council, the supposed guarantor of the spirit and letter of the Messages, stand in all of this?

The press release of the announcement of Adam and Eve's true origins Rael elaborates, "The Elohim have 7 races on their planet and they created 7 races on Earth. All races on Earth can look at the sky and feel in the image of their creators. The Elohim’s message returns the dignity, the beauty, and the majesty to all races. And now, what I am allowed to say today is that there were a first man and a first woman, and they could not be from the 7 races. What I can reveal today is that they were black. Which does not mean that they were better than the others, but it is good that you know about it."

But, as we have seen from the passages from Rael's book, the Jewish "race" is supposed to be the "most successful type of humanoid on Earth". Ironically, Rael is known have expressed his dislike for Black people particularly mentioning that they have bad body odor and no refinement?! Shame that East/Central Africa is the Raelian Movement's fastest growing sector at recent times.

By the way, being Jewish is not belonging to any particular race (such as having Semitic ethnicity/ancestry)... it's not even a nationality (such as being Israeli); it's a religious and cultural thing. Thus in 1997, Rael declared: "The real Jews on Earth are no longer the people of Israel but those who recognize us as their creators and wish to see us return."... "meaning the Raelians" since the State of Israel has time and again refused to give Rael any land for his Embassy. (Intelligent Design, p. 359)

But, what are the 7 original races according to Rael? From his books, we can find only 5:
(1) Jewish race (as above)
(2) White race (p. 309) [Rael's identifies himself as belonging to this race (p. 169) while his absent father
      was a "Jewish refugee" (p. 123)]
(3) Black race (p. 309)
(4) Yellow race (p. 309)
(5) Arab race (p. 309) [both Arabs and Israelis belong to the same Semitic grouping]

Sociologist Susan Palmer reports: "RaĆ«l, however, speaks of seven races of Elohim who provided the DNA for the four races of humankind (the purple, blue, and green races died out)." (Aliens Adored, p. 33)

The press release also states: "In the message given to Rael, on December 13, 1973, the Elohim, creators of life on Earth, wish that we build an embassy to welcome them officially, in the presence of the Heads of States and media, close to Jerusalem. Rael adds: "Africa is not far from Jerusalem. If Israel continues to be deaf, Elohim will be happy to come to Congo, in one of the Congos, and why not in this part of Congo, which is Katanga."

The Elohim's fanciful wish to have the Embassy near Jerusalem does NOT appear in Rael's 1st book (written technically in 1973 but published in 1974)!! All it said was: "Have a residence built in a pleasant country with a mild climate." (Intelligent Design, p. 101)

The preference for a territory in Israel near Jerusalem appears in his 2nd book published in 1975 after Rael was allegedly taken to the "Planet of Eternal Life" in October that year: "The State of Israel must give some territory located near Jerusalem to the Guide of Guides so that he may build there the residence, the embassy of the Elohim." (p. 176) Does Rael expect to ask the "Real Black Jews" for a piece of land near Jerusalem to build his Embassy instead of asking the Israelis? LOL

And, Congo is "not far" from Jerusalem?? LOL


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