Thursday, January 12, 2012

The official IMBALANCED Raelian Symbol

The cover of the Bardo Thödol
Tibetan Book of the Dead
Editions Maisonneuve, 1970.

The International Raelian Movement has a site promoting the Swastika as a symbol of well-being rooted deep in various traditions across the world. The site was set up after Rael decided to re-introduce the swastika as part of the "official symbol" of IRM in 2007.[1]

15 years ago, in 1992, following an interview with Geraldo Rivera where Rael was confronted by a Jewish expert on cults offended by the Raelian symbol, Rael "prayed" to the Elohim and received permission to change the symbol.[2] Rael decided to replace the swastika for a swirling galaxy-like design for non-Asian countries where people immediately associated the swastika with the Nazis.
The symbol of the Elohim
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Rael explains that the Raelian symbol is the symbol of the Elohim and that it is very ancient. Explaining the significance of the hexagram (the 6 pointed Star of David) and the swastika to represent infinity in space and time, Yahweh is reported to have said, "You can also find the two symbols together in ancient writings like the Bardo Thodol or Tibetan Book of the Dead, and in many other writings as well." (p. 155, Intelligent Design). The references for "many other writings" were not given by Rael.

 The symbol that Rael had noticed on the "flying saucer" at his first encounter with the Elohim and on Yahweh's green suit looks a lot like the emblem found in the Tibetan Book of the Dead. In fact, in earlier versions Rael's first book, The Book which Tells the Truth, contained this rather amateur drawing of the "symbol of infinity" (on right).

Subsequently since 1976, the symbol adopted by IRM was the hexagram and swastika intertwined in one running line:
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In designing the Raelian logo stylistically in one running line, a problem arises: The swastika turns out asymmetrical and elongated with squished sides. In order to have a perfectly symmetrical swastika, then the hexagram loses symmetry:

To avoid this problem, we find Raelian designers employing several tricks to hide the asymmetry of their symbol. One is to flatten the hexagram so that the elongated swastika shortens. Another is to have wide thick lines for the symbol and adjusting the swastika shape and size. Nevertheless, one finds the swastika in the "official" Raelian symbol of infinity as always being asymmetrical.

Raelian symbol with the swastika relatively more balanced; notice the hexagram has been
squished with the top and bottom points not touching the circle

The picture below from the Raelian pro-swastika site shows how all the varying designs of swastikas are always symmetrical, i.e. they would all fit into a square.[3]

Swastikas around the world (featured in Raelian websites)

In short, the "official" Raelian symbol is IMBALANCED, just as its written UNBALANCED dogma.

Advocatus Diaboli

Raelian symbol rendition by Raelian Barry Beck; notice the swastika
 is perfect but the hexagram is unbalanced... additionally,
 the top and bottom points are inside the
 circle while the points on the sides are outside

Raelian symbol changed after Rael met Geraldo Rivera 1992