Thursday, January 12, 2012

If Satan is correct

The following are Raelian facts taken from Rael's e-book, Intelligent Design:
(1) Satan opposes the creation of humanity and believes we will inevitably self-destruct in a nuclear cataclysm.
(2) If humanity self-destructs, 144,000 select people will be saved to begin another civilization.
(3) The 144,000 will spend some time on the Planet of Eternals as they wait until the Earth has become habitable after the cataclysm.
(4) The 144,000 choice people return to Earth and lay the foundations of a new human civilization. Rael relates how it will be as Noah's time.
(5) The 144,000 include some 8,400 extraordinary people who have already been recreated as a reward for dedicating their lives to humanity... the creme de la creme of humanity.
(6) The Elohim has sent a total of 40 prophets and they belong among the 8,400. Rael is their last prophet.
(7) These 8,400 people have been recreated and kept alive thanks to the "Tree of Life" that allows human longevity to extend 10 fold to between 700-1,200 years. They are recreated again and the process repeats itself theoretically on to eternity.
(8) The people who will make up the rest of the chosen 144,000 will be 2 kinds (a) those who have had a Raelian baptism (b) those who are Raelian at heart but haven't been fortunate enough to know of Rael's existence.
(9) Yahweh has predicted a 99% chance of self-destruction but hopes that the 1% chance will widen and a Golden Age of interplanetary civilization will emerge.
(10) The Elohim will return in such Golden Age and bring with them the 40 prophets.
(11) There are 700 eternal Elohim and 210 on probation to become an eternal. The Eternals rule over the mortal Elohim populace that number 7 billion.
(12) Yahweh and Satan are 25,000-year old human ETs.
If Satan is wrong and humanity manages to enter the Golden Age, life of the 8,400 people won't change much. They will likely continue to live as eternals. They will probably shuttle back and forth to Earth. Rael predicts human eternals will be forced to live separately from mortal humans. Mortal humans will be able to lengthen their lifespans, but will not be allowed to live eternally. It will be paradise on Earth.

The 8,400 eternal humans will function like their Elohim counterparts who number 700. It's strange to note how the eternal Elohim keep their number to 700 forever... do some Eternals die? LOL : P

In contrast, if Satan is right and humanity blows itself up, life of the 8,400 people are expected to drastically change. Rael relates how 144,000 is the number of peaceful people needed to start a humanity just like in Noah's time.

Here, several assumptions will have to be made regarding their destinies:

(1) These humans will have access to present human knowledge and technology
(2) These humans will have access to Elohim's knowledge and technology
(3) These humans will be reduced to ignorant people like that in Noah's time.

If the first two assumptions are held, then one would really question why the Elohim decided to leave Noah's people ignorant? Why not continue to educate humans as they did Adam & Eve? Raelians would claim humanity as a whole needs to mature before receiving advanced scientific knowledge... but, humanity is certainly not an individual; any child, regardless of when it was born and what its ancestors did in the past, can get a state-of-the-art education and be in the know and benefit from it.

Given the chioce between a Golden Age and self-destruction, it is now clear why a Raelian would make the obvious choice: with a Golden Age, one has a chance to become a fascist eternal elite; with self-destruction, one starts to toil the soil like primitives.

What's more, this new humanity is destined for elimination:
 "Out of the three worlds where life has been created, the one which makes the most progress will receive the inheritance. The ones which have not progressed will be dominated by the other and eliminated." (p. 75)
Word has it, one of the other alleged creations of the Elohim may soon come to Earth:
"Beware! It is not impossible that other extra-terrestrial civilizations will make contact very soon with the people of the Earth. They are people we have also created scientifically in another part of the universe, and with whom we maintain presently no direct communication for reasons that we cannot explain to you now without creating a serious imbalance. You must simply know that we are counting on you to reveal to those people their true origin, for they are your brothers from space and like you are looking for their creator. Tell them the truth about their creation, by revealing to them The Book Which Tells the Truth and the message of October 7th of year 30 of the Age of Apocalypse." (telepathic message from Yahweh to Rael, March 14th, 1978, p. 357)
Prepare for an alien invasion, folks. LOL

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