Thursday, January 12, 2012

Raelian Indocritaion: THE SATAN TEST

Reprinted as an excerpt from ex-Raelian and National Guide Mark Woodgate's testimony.

I had been trained to disregard slanderous comments, criticism and rumours directed toward Rael and the Movement. Although upon greater reflection, I now realise that indoctrinated is in fact a far more appropriate word.

My unwillingness to explore this information is best understood by a test which was given to me (as well as other Raelians) at an international seminar when we expressed our intention to join the organisational structure of the Raelian Movement.

This test (we were unaware this was a test at the time) consisted of a panel of Raelian Guides telling the newcomer that Rael had been caught stealing money from the international Raelian Movement's bank account and that he had made up the entire story about his encounter. In other words, that it was all a sham.

When I was told this news my heart sank and I became quite distraught. I remember thinking long and hard about the implications...

However, being the enthusiastic young man that I was, and still very much captivated by the Raelian message, I told the guide that I found this information very hard to believe. After all, intelligent design by ET'S just had to be the most logical explanation, and besides, to what end would Rael have invented such a wonderful story if it was not the truth?

The guide paused for a few seconds and informed me that I had passed the test.

Upon realising that this had only been a test, I was overcome with emotion and I was filled with a huge sense of relief!

The guide then told me that one day the media and certain individuals might try to discredit Rael by making up lies, spreading rumours and presenting 'proof' that Rael is a con man. The guide said that I had to remain strong and stand up for what I knew to be true.

He then concluded by stating that I should tell no-one about this test - ever!

Having passed this test I felt very pleased with myself, for in my mind the fact that I had passed this test was confirmation that the Raelian Message was indeed, the truth AND that Rael was the man we understood him to be. It also dawned on me that I was one of only a few thousand people who understood this truth, therefore I felt incredibly privileged and decided that it was my responsibility to preserve this truth.

And what became of the newcomers who 'failed' this test? Several hours later these traumatized individuals were seated one by one before a panel of guides. (Intimidating to say the least!)
A guide then informed the individual that the Raelian message was TRUE and that Rael really was the last prophet after all!

However as these individuals had failed the test, the guides informed the new Raelian that they needed to work on themselves and gain the strength required to defend Rael and the Movement should this situation arise in the future...

So, what was really going on here?

It is only in retrospect that I now realize that this "test" was a very clever form of manipulation designed to blind me from the truth.

It is in fact an ingenious form of psychology designed to manipulate Raelians by increasing their sense of self worth in order to protect their group, their leader, and their philosophy.

Test or no test, it is my observation that many Raelians have become very closed minded to information that challenges their view of the world (A paradox considering that Raelians consider themselves to be some of the most open minded individuals on the planet.)

Because the majority of Raelians are 100% convinced that Rael is the last prophet and the Raelian Movement is the religion of religions, many are unwilling to listen to anyone who might offer new information or provide an alternate explanation. Instead, these Raelians are told to forgive and to have compassion for these 'enemies.'

Therefore, it is this psychology and indoctrination that prevents many Raelians from exploring new information - including reading Jean Sendy's books, this testimony, the findings of other Raelians, non Raelians and former Raelians!

In my case, this 'test' as well as years of indoctrination contributed to my closed-mindedness and unwillingness to question the paradigm I had formed about Rael and the Raelian Movement.

This insight may help you to better understand my reluctance to explore the information given to me - namely the remarkable similarities between Rael's and Sendy's books. (It actually took me a whole 6 months before I finally made the decision to delve into this further.)

Mark Woodgate

note: In Rael's book Intelligent Design, he writes, "Satan was given the responsibility of testing the prophets. How are they going to test the faithfulness of these people? Once a person has been contacted by the messengers of the Elohim, telling him of his mission, Satan or one of his men would contact the prophet-to-be and by slander would destroy the Elohim in his mind, trying to get the human to abjure his fathers, or to accept to betray his mission on the promise of material advantages, for example. What is the word for slanderer in Greek? Simply diablos. Here is our famous devil, but he still has no horns, no hooves... Jesus, for example, was taken into the desert for forty days for his initiation period, and was at certain times confronted with, “the devil” to see if he would deny his father" (p. 280-281)... and claims that he too was tested by Satan 666 days after his first encounter with Yahweh (p. 284). Satan supposedly tempted Rael with money and the futility of the movement to welcome back "our fathers from space".

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