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The Oldest Civilization in the Universe - only 38,000 years old?

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According to Rael's e-book, Intelligent Design, the Elohim "decided to start their work on Earth" some 22,000 years ago (Intelligent Design, p. 81). At that time, the Elohim "had reached a level of technical and scientific knowledge, comparable to that which [we] will soon reach" (p. 10).This means that the Elohim are roughly 22,000 years in advance of us. However, in the rest of Rael's writings, we find the number 25,000 years to indicate this technological gap (e.g. p. 90, 107). Interestingly, Yahweh is alleged to be 25,000 years old, too (p. 113).

According to Rael, 1945 marked the 13,320th year of Humanity's existence and the generation born that year was the 666th generation since the creation of Adam and Eve (p. 304). This means, the Elohim race were at least 13,000 years old when they came to Earth. This makes them roughly a 38,000-year old civilization.

Now for the funny bit. According to Rael, the Elohim are the oldest civilization in *this* part of the Universe and the only ones to have made new creations (p. 91, 107). Note, it is not clear if the term "new creations" means creating other humanoid beings or just any life form such as plants. It is claimed that:
"there is an infinite number of worlds inhabited by being of the humanoid type whose scientific level is lower than [the Elohim's], although much superior to [ours].... [The Elohim] have economic relations with many other planets on which life has been created by other people who must have reached a scientific level equivalent to [the Elohim's], because their religious writings prove this to [them]. Unfortunately, [The Elohim] have been unable to find civilizations who created the closest of these worlds. But perhaps [the Elohim] will find them farther on.... in most cases, their planet approached the sun too closely, and life became impossible, or their sun exploded, or became too cold" (pp. 107-108).
The claim that there is an "infinite" number of ET civilizations out there is plausible. But, for them to be between 13,000 to 38,000 years old stretches the chances too thin.

Why would the Elohim need to have "economic relations" with worlds less advanced than us? Do the Elohim need resources? Doesn't this contradict Rael when he says the Elohim are self-sufficient (p. 110)? Also, did ALL of these ETs civilizations have religious texts that proved to them they were created? What if there were civilizations in the Elohim's earlier predicament of not having religious texts and/or contact from their creators (p. 108)? How, then, could they have proven that those civilizations were also created?

The claim that other creator ETs must have perished sounds absurd when one considers the fact that it takes billions of years for a sun to get too hot or cold to affect life in its planetary system.

Nevertheless, Rael's claims break down completely when one realizes that if all other ET civilizations are more advanced than us, they must have reached a level of technology where they too would be able to create life. Unfortunately, Rael renders all other ET civilizations scientifically deficient. If that is the case, then how can we expect our own Humanity to start creating life scientifically soon???

If the Elohim could create life when they were a 13,000-year old civilization and we are expected to do the same, then why can't all the other ET civilizations who are more advanced than us follow suit?

Perhaps they have the capability, but are wise enough not to play God. : P

Interestingly, the Elohim has also revealed through telepathy on 14 March 1978 to Rael that one of their "other creations" in *another* part of the universe[1] are very likely to contact us soon (p. 357). This means, that creation has surpassed us technologically and will receive the Elohim's scientific heritage. They further state that "the ones which have not progressed will be dominated by the other and eliminated" (p. 75). Oops.

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[1] But, didn't the Elohim say that they were the oldest in *this* part of the universe?

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