Thursday, January 12, 2012

Raelian Eternal Problem

According to Rael's e-book "Intelligent Design", the Elohim have a stable population of 7 billion inhabitants who are overlooked by only 700 "eternal" Elohim (p. 110) constituting a "geniocratic" government.

To keep the population stable, they have a law which allows for "two parents, two children" (p. 107) [1]. With a "small surgical adjustment", the Elohim can enjoy a life-span 10 times longer than ours (p. 107). But when one is granted eternal life, that individual loses his/her right to bear children (p. 109). Also, only "geniuses" are eligible for eternal-hood which they get through the process of cloning (p. 109).

To become an eternal, one is given a total of 3 life-times (3 x 750 = 2,250 years) to prove their worth to the existing "council of eternals", i.e. the Elohim government (p. 109) and become a perpetual member of the governing elite. Each year 70 individuals (10 from each province) are put on probation (p. 111) while the council decides who among the year's dead candidates deserves eternal life (p. 109).

As far as humans are concerned, Rael reports that there were a total of 8,400 people from Earth enjoying eternal life with the Elohim eternals (p. 161).

Now for some questions and contradictions:

(1) Is the size of the Elohim government supposed to expand as time moves forward?

(2) What is the rate of being granted eternal life? 1 person a year?? (the current rate is then 1 eternal every 36 years; there are 700 eternals and the first to be cloned was 25,000 years ago [p. 113]) The Judgment Day for eternalhood is apparently held every year (p. 109).

(3) If the size of the Elohim government must remain 700, do some eternals get terminated? By definition then, such a person isn't an eternal.

(4) Yahweh is alleged to be the oldest eternal and is about 25,000 years old (p. 113). Does this mean that once an eternal, always an eternal, i.e. without having to go through a re-evaluation after each 700-year life-time? Does that make Yahweh an eternal dictator?

(5) If 70 new probationers are taken in each year and it takes 3 lifetimes (3 x 750), i.e. 2,250 years for the "eternal" selection process to select new eternals, then we would have at least 70 x 2250 = 157,500 probationers at any one time, and NOT 210 as Rael erroneously calculates.[2]

(6) If "only geniuses" (p. 109) have the right to be eternal, then how do we reconcile the following: "Everybody on our planet has a cell sample taken at a certain age, hoping they will be chosen for recreation after their death. In fact they not only hope for it, they try to earn this resurrection during their life" (p. 109)? How can ALL be considered geniuses if intelligence is measured on a bell curve? If an IQ of 130 is considered gifted, then that only constitutes 2.5% of the entire population... that's hardly "everyone".

(7) Why can't the electorate, i.e. those with intelligence 10% higher than the mean (that's 27.5% of the entire population) vote for who gets to be eternal instead of the "grand council of eternal" (who number only 700)? How did the council get elected in the first place?? Yahweh apparently defined geniocracy to be implemented on Earth as "Only those with an intellectual capacity of at least fifty per cent above the average should be eligible for a public post. To vote, individuals would need an intellectual coefficient of at least ten per cent above average. If such a system existed now, many of your present politicians would not hold the positions they do today." (p. 96) People with 110 IQ and up comprise 27.5% of a population whereas people with 150 IQ and up comprise only 0.5% of a population. This system is a form of selective representative democracy. 700 people out of 7 billion is only 0.00001%. It's more appropriately an oligarchy.[3]

(8) If there were 8,400 human eternals in 1975, are we to assume that the geniocratic government we are to set up will not be smaller than 8,400 people? Or, is it recommended that we too should get that figure down to 700? Why the hugedifference (700 vs. 8,400)? Many will become ex-supposed-to-live-eternally.

(9 ) What's the minimum intelligence level among the 8,400 human eternals? If that's equivalent to IQ 110 and above, then 72.5% of all humans with lower intelligence who have ever existed would never have had a chance to even qualify.

(10) Given all of the above, does each and every Raelian aspire to live eternally? Are all Raelians "gifted" in their intelligence and therefore eligible for eternal-hood?

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