Thursday, January 12, 2012

Raelian Weapon: FAKE HUNGER STRIKING TO THE DEATH (i.e. water fasting for health)

The IRM published a press release on 25 April 2011 announcing a "hunger strike to the death" initiated 4 days prior by its national leader in France:

"Kimbangu Mundele Piffer, technician for 32 years at FT / Orange (formerly France Telecom) said he had decided, as a last resort, to begin a hunger strike to protest discrimination against minorities in France, including Raelians. He cited 6 years of vain attempts to communicate with French administrative authorities and agencies of civil rights, including the Prefecture of Lorraine and HALDE."

Piffer declares: "The authorities will have to face up to their decision and either admit to the reason for their discrimination or watch me die, because I will not give up. The situation of the Raëlians I represent and of all religious minorities in general has become intolerable in France, and I see no other solution than to die to remind the French that human rights also apply to members of religious minorities.

However, unbeknownst to the general public, extented water fasting is a regular Raelian practice. Rael advises Raelians to fast at least once a week for 24 hours with only water to flush out toxins. Many hardcore Raelians have fasted for as long as a month without taking any solids!

On the 14th day, IRM issued another press release. Spokesperson Boisselier said the more than 80,000 Raelians of the world will be expressing their support to Kimbangu in front of most French embassies during that week.

On 7 May 2011, yet another press release announced that the hunger-strike ended with a "poignant victory" with the admission by French authorities of their discrimination. Checking Piffer's Facebook page for the event, one can see only 324 supporters of Piffer. I guess the mobilization of "more than 80,000" Raelians became unnecessary. LOL

Piffer wrote a note to his supporters after his victory: "Je suis en forme et ai perdu une petite dizaine de kilos…c’est bon pour ma santé !" (I am fit and I lost a dozen pounds ... it's good for my health!)

screenshot taken 26 Oct 2011 

Looks like Piffer was going for a win-win situation all along... there was no immediate danger to his health. On the contrary, he brags that it's good for his heath! I don't think he intended to really go all the way. After all, suicide is a Raelian no-no (except for compassionate euthanasia). How could Rael let his man in France use suicide as a weapon to get what he wants unless he also knew that this was just a publicity stunt to shock people?

Rael writes: "Someone who is suffering too much has the right to commit suicide. If this person’s actions were positive during his or her life, he or she will be admitted to the planet of the eternals. If someone you love suffers very much and wishes to die, but does not have the strength to commit suicide, help them to take their own life. When science one day enables you to eliminate human suffering, then you can ask yourselves whether it is right to commit suicide or not." (Intelligent Design, p. 193)

Hunger striking is no laughing matter... many have died attempting it. Hence, its political power. But, using water fasting to fake a hunger strike and playing on peoples' compassion is dishonest. Piffer's victory was not honorable no matter what the French government did to him.

Advocatus Diaboli

A Raelian is successful ... (winning? LOL)

New video released 12 January 2012
Good to see Piffer all well... and even putting on some pounds. : P

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