Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Geniocracy is a selective form of representative democracy. People with intelligence 10% above average can vote while those with 50% above average can get elected to public office. The geniocratic government elects a Creative Council according to their creative genius. (Intelligent Design, pp. 95-97)

On the other hand, inside the International Raelian Movement, the Guide of Guides (level 6) has always been Rael and is assumed to be so until he dies even though every 7 years a group of level 5s hold elections for it. Other members are selected, NOT based on their intelligence, but on how loyal and useful they are to Rael. Rael elects all the Continental Bishop Guides (level 5) as well as the "Wise Council" and the "Discipline Council". Everything is top-down. The selection of all members to all other levels needs to go through Rael.

For instance, the Asian Continental Guide, Junzo Mizoe nominated me for level 4 (Priest Guide) soon after I joined IRM... Rael then approved and empowered me to become the National Guide to Thailand in the 90s. My selection was opportunistic - I added value as a pioneer in spreading the Messages in virgin territory - I didn't have to take an Intelligence test... but, definitely the Satan loyalty test. : /

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