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Raelian with crop circle panel
According to Rael's book Intelligent Design, "The only help [the Elohim] will give [Rael] will be to appear in the skies more and more frequently from now on (1973) in order to make people aware of the problems, and make them want to learn more about the truth that [Rael] is transmitting" (p. 103).

Despite the above, the International Raelian Movement regularly uses crop circles as evidence for their Elohim.

They have 2 websites promoting Raelism exploiting the crop circle phenomena:

An Embassy for Our Creators the Elohim
The Elohim's Crop Circles

Their embassy website includes the following:

Rael, being asked about “Crop circles” answered: “Most of them are made by the Elohim, to raise our awareness that we are not alone and prepare us for their arrival."
Has there been an official communique from Yahweh about this new method of "grounded help"? LOL

The website goes on to explain:

When he met the Eloha, Rael was given the embassy plans. The plans and a scale model were presented officially to the press in August 1991. Interestingly, on August 3 1990, at Hazeley Down, Hampshire, England, a crop circle with the exact shape of the proposed embassy was observed. Some will say coincidence.
Um... hang on, that's after the fact!

However, in his postscript of his e-book Intelligent Design, Rael writes:

"Not long after we built a small scale model of the embassy based on these drawings, a crop circle appeared in England which bore an astonishing resemblance to it." (p. 368)
There is no evidence of their scale model being designed before the crop circle appeared. The "blueprint" of the Embassy was first published in their monthly publication called Apocalypse in May 1991. It also seems that Rael had changed his original Embassy plans in a subsequent August 1991edition: The "original" Embassy plan had 5 circular compartments compared to the 4 we see now. Also notice the hedges:

Watch Rael changed the Plans of his Embassy for ETs

Turns out, Rael asked a French Raelian, Jacques Ayzac, one of his deputies and architect, to prepare a model for the Embassy after media correspondants asked Rael about it in 1990. Ayzac is on record saying that he took inspiration from the Hazeley Down crop circle in his design for the Embassy![1]

Another curious point is, Rael's Embassy plans show 12 rooms instead of the 7 requested:

Have a residence built in a pleasant country with a mild climate, with seven rooms always ready to receive guests, each with a separate bathroom, a conference room able to accommodate twenty-one people, a swimming pool and a dining room capable of seating twenty-one people. (p. 101)
Where's the thick metal door that will separate the 7 rooms from the others in the official design?:

You may live with your wife and children in the residence, which will be under your direction, and you will be able to have servants there and invite guests of your choosing. However, the area containing the seven rooms should be directly under the terrace, and it should be separated from the section used by human beings by a thick metal door, lockable from the inside, which is kept permanently closed. An aseptic chamber should be built at the entrance to the conference room. (p. 102)

What we see from the Empassy plans are 6 rooms on each side separated by a passage way. Rael's new design mimics the zodiac with 12 rooms with the terrace (UFO landing pad) curiously in the constellation of Aquarius. Rael hasn't made any statements acknowledging this. Raelians believe that the Age of Aquarius is the age when the Elohim would openly return to Earth and that it started in 1945. Astronomers, however, put the Age of Aquarius to start in 2600 [2]. The number 7 also has astrotheological roots... they are the 5 inner planets plus the Sun and the Moon [3].

Is the crop circle in the "exact shape" of the official model of the embassy? Looks like there are 3 detached structures instead of one solid structure as proposed by Rael. Moreover, evidence of a hoax is apparent in the way the crop circle appears along curved tractor lines.

Picture taken by the British Ministry of Defense - recording their work? LOL

The most media attention the crop circle phenomena had ever received was when respected crop circle investigator Colin Andrews organized Operation Blackbird with MoD and Nippon TV during 23 July to 12 August 1990 to film the circles forming... well, it turned out to be a hoax with possible involment of the MoD and/or MI5. Watch Operation Blackbird Hoax. Note that the crop circle of 3 August 1990 that appeared about 100km from Op. Blackbird.

The embassy website has an evidence page connected to crop circles. In it, they exhibit 2 pictures of crop circles: One has been debunked by respected crop circle researcher Robert Hulses. He says:
 "The Mayan and Aztec designs, as far as I'm concerned, are all man-made. They're all tapping into the 2012 event."
 Hulses is referring to self-proclaiming hoaxers at

The other is a picture of the center of a circle exhibiting peculiar formation that respected crop circle researcher David Caytons calls:
 "... the Fiddly bits... the favorite thing in the last few years is to put little nests in, crowns, almost like a wedding cake effect... twist the stuff around, hand work, it's done by hand mostly... and people are blown away by that, they think, "Woah! This is something special; look at all these intricate designs within the design!"

Robert Hulses accuses (31:40) "UFO investigators" such as Jaime Maussan of exploiting man-made crop circles in their conference talks and making money out of them.

Over 95% of all crop circles have been confirmed to be man-made, especially the complex ones which most believers would say are impossible to make. It turns out that there's also evidence of MI5 involvement in man-made crop circles besides artistic pranksters. A very small percentage of crop circles remains unexplained with no documented connections to the UFO phenomena as in flying discs. Watch Crop Circles: The Hidden Truth.

Examples of confirmed man-made crop circles from the video "Crop Circles: The Hidden Truth"

Advocatus Diaboli

[1] In issue of "Le Raelien" in 1991

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  1. There is a french comic book, published in 1983 called "La conquete des elohim - ou la veritable genese de la bible" by Gerard Leclaire, inspired by Jean Sendy. Some of the drawings have a building very similar to the raelian embassy.
    You can buy that book on internet. Its rare but cheap. (Editions Dominique Leroy).