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Rael and the Clones 2006 [English Subs]
2006 French TV show M6 "Secrets d'actualité" featuring Rael and his Movement.

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The Clo(w)nes at a Glance... all 13 of them. LOL accidentally published the names of their literal "dream team" in April 2001 in their French version of the website.

All the scientists in the clo(w)ning team are Raelian guides (Bishops & Priests). But, when these people were interviewed about Clonaid, they all pleaded ignorance (with the exception of Dr. Marc Rivard, who's name was listed as the go-to-person since went on-line in 1997; his other function was to select potential surrogate mothers for the cloning "project".. BUT, none of the 50 Raelian surrogates ever went through a pregnancy).

Shame on Damien Marsic, since he's been Clonaid's poster-boy. He has denied involvement in an interview in 2003. Notice that Damien is the only "qualified" scientist in the bio-tech team... everyone else has other unrelated specializations. (Dr. Rivard was described as "biologist" on's website) : P

[update: In early 2016, Damien was excommunicated by Rael for denouncing Brigitte Boisselier as a hoaxer]

Even Clonaid's supposed VP, Thomas Kaenzig testified under oath that he didn't know anything.  LOL

Since May 1998, has announced that it'll soon offer a service called CLONAPET™ that'll clone pets of wealthy people. 10 years later, we find the same text still announcing "CLONAID™ will be ready to start its animal cloning operation in the very near future." It never materialized.

Since January 2009, is offering only human cloning services.

There has been many successes in animal cloning since the birth of Dolly the sheep back in 1996. It seems oddly bizarre that hasn't yet claimed ANY success in animal cloning unless one assumes that is just a farce with no substance whatsoever, just like it was when Rael created a Bahama-based phantom company called Valiant Venture Ltd. in February 1997. LOL

Rael was not invited initially to testify in front of the US Congress... Brigitte Boisselier demanded that her "spiritual leader" be invited or she wouldn't go.

Rael dressed up for it... he even had his hair done differently. Check out: Rael and the Clones 3 of 6 [English Subs]

Support for Dr. Hwang seems to have lasted about 8 months (from January 2006 until September 2006). From October 2003 to July 2011, had been archiving it's news posts... the only news that was taken down permanently before they stopped archiving news altogether was the news related to Dr. Hwang...

It wasn't that good of a "mental exercise", was it? LOL


In October 2004, Brigitte Boisselier sent an open letter to all UN Ambassadors pleading them not to impose a ban on human cloning.

In March 2005, the UN General Assembly imposed a non-binding ban in all member States. hasn't since announced any more births of new clones...

Meanwhile, France’s Bioethics Law No. 2004-800 enacted August 6, 2004 [Raelian new year... what irony] calls for respect for the dignity of the human embryo as well as for all stages of life and the recognition of human rights. The Bioethics Law of 2004 prohibits reproductive cloning, the creation of human embryos for research purposes, inheritable genetic modification, sex selection (except for medical reasons), and surrogacy.

There are now supposedly 13 human clone children. In June 2009, Brigitte declared "We're ready to prove it!"

So?... What gives?? LOL

Brigitte Boisselier had promised to publish the documented development of the first 5 of her clone babies through the Human Clone Rights Foundation on 15 October 2003...

Turns out, is just a domain name and NEVER had any functional website. It's existence was between July 2003 to August 2008.

Where is goning get its supply of the RMX2010 cloning machine now?... didn't even last until 2010. LOL never acknowledged BioFusion Co. Ltd. for the manufacture of its cell fusion device... just says it was developed by the Clonaid™ scientific team. : P

Check out anti-cult activist Xavier Martin-Dupont's analysis of the Clonaid cloning hoax.

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