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Raelism vs. Science: Astrological References

According to Rael's e-book, Intelligent Design, the Elohim "decided to start their work on Earth some 22,000 years ago, and everything that has happened since was anticipated because the movement of the galaxy implies this knowledge" (Intelligent Design, p. 81). At that time, the Elohim "had reached a level of technical and scientific knowledge, comparable to that which [we] will soon reach (p. 10).This means that the Elohim are roughly 22,000 years in advance of us. However, in the rest of Rael's writings, we find the number 25,000 years to indicate this technological gap (e.g. p. 90, 107). Interestingly, Yahweh is alleged to be 25,000 years old, too (p. 113).

It took the Elohim took some time to terraform the Earth in reference to six days mentioned in the Bible; " The “day” mentioned here corresponds to the period in which your sun rises under the same sign on the day of the vernal equinox, in other words, about 2,000 years on Earth." (p. 12)

Rael adds, "The Age of Pisces was the age of Christ and his fishermen, and the Age of Aquarius, which follows, began in 1946. This is the era in which the people of Israel found their country again..[ ].. The Gate of Pisces [1] is the passageway into the Age of Aquarius. This is the moment when the Sun rises over the Earth on the day of the vernal equinox in the constellation of Aquarius. The loud clamor is the sound accompanying this revelation..[ ].. It is not by chance that [Rael was] born in 1946" (p. 81). Raelism holds that we have entered the Age of Apocalypse (Greek: Revelation), which is a time when humanity will have gained enough technology to either enter the Golden Age or self-destroy.

According to Rael, 1945 marked the 13,320th year of Humanity's existence and the generation born that year was the 666th generation since the creation of Adam and Eve (p. 304). This means, the Elohim race were at least 13,000 years old when they came to Earth. The Raelian worldview is such that "since the beginning of time it has been so: people create other people like themselves on other planets. The cycle continues. Some die, others take over. We are your creators, and you will create other humanities" (p. 61). It follows, therefore, that every 25,000 years the cycle of creation is repeated twice.
From astrotheology [2] we know that 25,000 years is a reference to the Great Cycle or the time it takes for the Precession of the Equinoxes to make a complete cycle, i.e. 25,920 years. Each of the 12 Ages within the Zodiac is traced backwards when measuring time with the Precession of the Equinoxes. Each Age of a zodiac constellation is 2,160 years long. Our ancestors tied their religious lives to these Ages, and so we see the Age of Moses represented by Aries the sheep after Taurus the bull. The Biblical reference to Moses displeased by the Golden Calf symbolizes this passing of an Age. Then we have the Age of Christ represented by Pisces the two fishes. It follows, the next Age is Aquarius. As with annual seasons, this Precession can be observed with the two equinoxes within the Great Cycle, which are roughly 13,000 years apart.

The exact beginning of the Age of Aquarius is in dispute; most agree that it's around 2500 A.D. However, it is quite clear that passing this time marker does NOT in any way have prophecy written in it, such as in all the hype around 2012. Neither is a Golden Age dependent upon entering an astrological period. For Raelians 1945 is equivalent to the 2012 of the New Agers. On the other hand, Rael expects the Elohim to officially return to by 2035, which for Raelians symbolizes the beginning of the Golden Age.

Therefore, the astrological references that Rael uses are not based on any truth about a humanity's  creation or technological evolution, but simply as he ironically writes, "the movement of the galaxy". The beginning to the Great Cycle was simply represented allegorically as the "Creation" of Earth while the end as "Doomsday" or the beginning of another cycle.

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[1] Check out: Raelian Disinfo: The Gate of Pisces
[2] Watch the popular viral documentaries Zeitgeist (Part I) by Peter Joseph and Acharya S. and The Pharmactratic Inquisition by Jan Irvin and Andrew Rutajit for more on astrotheology.

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