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- The Roland Chevaleyre Interview 2001 -
French TV channel M6
Roland is Rael's childhood acquaintance from his hometown in Ambert, France.

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0:00-0:14 Journalist): Yes, Claude Vorilhon is not dupe (fooled). He opened up to Roland, his childhood friend. 4 years ago, he confessed to him that he has invented everything.

0:15-0:29 Roland: That night, we were eating at a restaurant together, we were discussing about different things and I asked him the question directly and he STRAIGHT OUT answered me, “Yes! I lied, I can tell you that I lied and any way you knew that already.” IT SIMPLY HAPPENED LIKE THAT.

0:30-0:39 What I blame Claude for, I TOLD HIM THAT, SO I CAN TALK ABOUT IT, is that he manipulates people in order to get rich finally. 0 :40 to 0 :51 He confessed to me that he has never seen (ANY GUY OVER, SMALL GLASS OF ALCOHOL IN THE HAND has to be replaced by: ANY SMALL GREEN DWARFISH MAN), that it allowed him, because there was people that believed him, to be where he is now.

0:51-1:11 I remember the last time he came to Ambert, he was with a wonderful girl…(incomprehensible) . IT IS TRUE THAT VISUALLY, IT IS A GIRL TO WHOM WE WERE TO ATTACH QUICKLY. that night CLAUDE told me: “You are going home?” I answered : « Yes, I’m going home, I’m divorced, I’m alone. »

1:12 to 1:17 Claude: “Keep my girlfriend and TOMORROW WE WILL TRY THE FERRARI (add this) and you will give her back to me. » Roland: It was pure friendship, to please me.

1:18 to 1:34 : The girlfriend who he was with didn’t say anything, she was just following the movement. I took her by the hand and we went away. I THOUGHT AT THIS MOMENT, IT IS BETTER TO LET HER IN THE FERRARI. WE ARE NOW on the WAY IN THE FERRARI. THAT WAS MORE…

1:35 to 1:42 …BECAUSE taking advantage of somebody that mentally is listening to her prophet, she was at this point, I completely lost interest in being with her.

Rael sued Roland and lost:

March 26, 2003
Claude Vorilhon vs. Chevaleyre Roland continues in the court of Clermont-Ferrand.

May 14, 2003
Rael is suing for 152.000 euros for libel.

January 31, 2005
The resumption of coverage of M6 on a website ( is an opportunity for a second trial, before the Paris Court this time.

March 15, 2005
Claude Vorilhon is suing again. Besides Roland Chevaleyre, he sued M6 and the editor of the website, Xavier Martin-Dupont.

November 8, 2006
Rael loses the Court of Appeal of Paris
He was ordered to pay 4.000 euro to Roland Chevaleyre

March 27, 2008
Hearing the court
Rael appealed

Here's an excerpt of a letter to Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr about Roland:

Hi Jean-Denis,

We don’t know each other (…) I have somewhere in my attic a letter written by Roland Chevaleyre explaining me that his ancient friend Claude Vorilhon had confessed him having invented it all. I also remember a conversation with this same Roland explaning how Raël, proud of his success, had told him how this lie allowed him to live the “nice life”, to enjoy nice cars and beautiful girls, etc. Because of Roland Chevaleyre revelations broadcasted on M6, a French TV and on Internet a few years ago, Roland was sued by Raël but happily Roland won. …

Gerard Manvussa

About the so-called "Confessions"

Statement of Rael Maitreya on His facebook page following the slander campaign organized by an ex-raelian bishop. [Response by Ex-Raelian Bishop Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr]:
Every human being seeks to have his few minutes of media glory.  [False! Contrary to what Vorilhon asserts, everyone is not obsessed by glory, popularity or the adoration of the crowds. Claude Vorilhon no doubt is guilty of projection. This narcissistic desire to be talked about at any price and to attract to himself a worship of the personality is not universal or even majority amongst the population].
A few years ago, someone named Roland Chevaleyre who posed as a childhood friend, pretended I had confessed to him that my encounter with the Elohim was a lie. Before going any further I want to say one more time that my physical encounters with the Elohim and their Messages is the pure truth, and I will never stop to repeat this until my last breath. 
This pretension is completely the opposite of what he confessed to me at the time of an identity crisis in my home, in Montreal, in 1984. He repeated to me: "I was not contacted… you understood everything!" Evidently, he will repeat his sweet-talk ad nauseam. His ways of luxurious living, his sexual harem and his statute "of man more important of the planet" depend on it.]

To come back to this Roland Chevaleyre, it must be understood that he was never a childhood friend for the good and simple reason that he is much older than me, and that we never had the same classes together nor were we even in the same school.   [
Oh-oh! Correction, for nowhere in the writings of the lawsuit filed by Rael to Roland Chevaleyre, — I have the entirety of the file — he claims (asserts) that he was not a friend of Chevaleyre, and his lawyer did not support this thesis to the audience.]

One day, during one of my visits to see my family in Ambert, he invited me to participate in a local radio show he was hosting. I accepted in order to speak about the Messages and the Elohim. But he received a lot of criticism from his friends and the clients of his restaurant for having invited me. Therefore, he wanted to publically distance himself from me and to do so he chose this lie, to pretend that I confessed to him that I had never met the Elohim .[
Nothing original: Vorilhon does not touch the basics "meeting with the Elohim"; he distracts with comments that satisfy the raelians, of course, but his omission to say the truth does not persuade as many as it did before. He really loses by making himself known.]

Of course, with such “revelation” the doors of the French media opened wide before him as they are always ready to dirty our minority. I sued him for slandering but unfortunately I did not win the law suit; French tribunals influenced by the anti-minority politics of the government dismissed the case saying that it was his word against mine without witnesses. In summary, anyone can state anything about anyone without being sued. [
False! Vorilhon once more contorts the truth. There are piles of examples of cases won in similar matter. Again it is necessary to be credible and recognized as honest to deserve to win a prosecution of this type; which is obviously not the case for Vorilhon with his 1001 clownish media stunts for more than 35 years.]  (Contact 366, April 2010)

Reference: Jean-Denis Saint-Cyr's Response to Rael 30 Nov 2010

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