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Sex, Lies and Space Suits

Rael's compilation e-book Intelligent Design, describes how the Elohim used to wear cumbersome space suits:
Thou canst not see my face: for there shall no man see me, and live. Exodus 33: 20.
There you have reference to the difference in atmosphere between our planets. Humans cannot see their creators unless the latter are protected by a pressurized suit, because the terrestrial atmosphere is not suitable for them. If a man came to our planet he would see the creators without a space suit, but he would die because the atmosphere is not suitable for him. (pp. 30-31)
The Elohim couldn't even eat the sacrificial offerings put forth by humans:
The creators were unable to eat in the open air because of their pressurized suits, but if necessary, using a scientific technique, they could feed themselves by extracting the essentials from these offerings using a flexible tube or cane. The process radiates flames, which made people at the time think sacrifices to God were being made. (p. 34)
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Rael describes the Elohim's "spacecrafts" as having observational portholes and noisy combustible thrusters that spew fire and smoke during biblical times; their spacesuits even had portholes similar to our early diving suits (p. 30, 34, 47, 50, 56).

Yet, the Elohim managed to have sex with human females and having offspring through their unions citing Genesis 6:4:
There you have proof that the creators could have intercourse with the daughters of humanity whom they had created in their own image, and in so doing produced exceptional children. (p. 19)
Perhaps they were using the 2Suit? LOL

However, when Rael met Yahweh for the first time on 13 December 1973, the latter appeared in a tight-fitting bodysuit with an almost invisible shimmering bubble around his head (p. 5). Later, when Rael quizzed Yahweh about his attire:
[Rael] ‘You have interpreted the vision of Ezekiel as people equipped with space suits,’ I replied, ‘and you told me that the atmosphere of your planet was not the same as that on Earth. So why aren’t you wearing a pressurized suit now?
[Yahweh] ‘Because we too have progressed scientifically, and now we can do without them. My face seems to be in the open air, but really it is protected by an invisible shield composed of repellent rays inside which I breathe different air from you. These rays let waves pass through, but not air molecules. It's a bit like the way you prevent fuel deposits escaping from certain ports in your technology by using emissions of bubbles.’ (p. 105)

Then, when Rael asked about visiting the Elohim's planet (The Planet of Eternal Life), Yahweh refused:
Yes, but you would have to wear a space suit adapted for your breathing. You could live without such a suit in a special residence where we have reproduced the Earth’s atmosphere. There, many people from Earth live, including Moses, Elijah and Jesus Christ along with many other living testimonies of our creation. We will be able to bring all these people back to Earth when the time comes to support your statements.’ (p. 114)
But, all of the above changed when Yahweh appeared before Rael for the second time without any bubble around his head on 7 October 1975:
The same craft that I had seen on six occasions in the month of December 1973 was there in front of me, and the same person I had met two years earlier came towards me with a smile full of kindness. I noticed one difference right away. He no longer had on the spacesuit that had seemed to make a halo around his face the first time. (p. 146)
Rael relates in the 2nd part of his e-book how 700 Elohim elite inhabit the Planet of Eternal Life *with* some 8,400 humans eternally (p. 161). There, the inhabitants enjoy sex every chance they get with each other (p. 110). Rael supposedly visited that planet and there no one seemed to have been wearing any breathing apparatus.

Therefore, it seems as if the Elohim breathe the same air as humans and that Yahweh in fact lied to Rael about needing spacesuits. This apparent anomaly was picked up by others, and so in a FAQ in Rael's e-book, he justifies it as being "psychology" so as to not traumatize contactees for appearing out of expectation and too suddenly. Rael explains:
The explanation for these seeming contradictions is very simple and can be summarized in one word: psychology. 
When one decides to come and make contact with a person living on a primitive planet, even though he was created to accomplish a very specific mission, there are certain precautions which must be taken so as not to irreversibly damage his psyche. To see a machine appearing in the sky equipped with flashing lights is not traumatic for a man living in a scientifically developed country of our time. He is more or less used to seeing satellites and rockets on TV and has already seen airplanes and helicopters since his childhood and understands, to some extent, how they operate. The best way to make an appearance without frightening him is to make a gradual approach with a machine equipped with flashing lights like his own airplanes and helicopters, well known to him. Man would find that almost normal and would only be surprised at the absence of noise from a machine seemingly made of metal, and consequently very heavy. The being who appeared to him would have to be dressed in a way resembling how man expects present air pilots and astronauts to be dressed. The sort of space helmet covering the face would give him confidence, by reminding him of the pilots of Earth’s flying machines with which he was well acquainted. Thus they would be able to reach their objective not to panic the person contacted, and at the same time allowing him to see technology which is still unknown to people on Earth, so that he will understand that he has discovered visitors from another planet.
At the time of the second encounter, when the flying machine appeared more brutally, the Elohim were using their technology without camouflage before a witness whom they knew was sufficiently prepared psychologically so as not to be traumatized. If they had appeared so brutally at the first encounter, the shock would have been too great, and my mental balance would have been too disturbed at that time, when I wasn’t expecting anything. In spite of all their precautions, the nervous shock brought on the beginning of stomach ulcers, which took several months to heal. The message was “sweet in my mouth, but bitter in my stomach”. It would have been even more serious without the approach precautions which they took. (pp. 228-229)
As for why the Elohim preferred to wear bulky spacesuits in front of "primitive people" when they had no concept of either flying machines nor space suits, Rael justifies it by saying it was all to "impress their creation to the maximum" (p. 229). Rael adds:
The Elohim’s main objective was to make Man believe, even if they did not understand. (p. 229)
Believe in Rael's/Elohim's lies, to be more precise...  seems like the Elohim with their small stature (apparently, only 120cm tall) were uncomfortable and made up for it by wearing imposing drag. LOL

It seems that the Elohim purposefully wore strange costumes to frighten ancient people... "Of course, you must lay it on a bit thick to be respected and pleasantly received, which does no harm. We continue to make appearances on Earth to see if this still works and to see the reactions of public authorities, governments, and the press. We often amuse ourselves quite a lot.." (p. 153)

As for lying, Rael justifies them as harmless white lies:
In spite of my insistent wish to take a trip in their vessel, they cut short my demands by stating that it was impossible for me to do so, just as people sometimes tell their children that if they drank alcohol they would stop growing. They added the example of the verse in Exodus, which they addressed to primitive men so that they would stay aloof. These primitives were meant to believe without, above all, trying to understand. (p. 230)
Here Raelians, "If you buy into Rael's lies, all your hair will fall out and you'll all become bald." LOL

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