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Rael vs. Stephen Hawking: Whose Aliens are more Evil?

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Back in 2010 in a press release, Rael referred to world-renowned theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking as not only handicapped physically, but mentally as well, due to the ‘degenerative disease’ of ‘evolutionism’ or ‘Darwinism’. He elaborates on what he calls a “magical, irrational concept”:
His fears about murderous, invading aliens are based on the theory of evolution – the myth of evolution, to be more precise. He’s afraid humans are inferior to aliens who might invade. That’s logical, but only if you accept the myth of evolution.

Hitler’s views about superior Aryans; slavery and apartheid; and Hawking’s delirium of aliens wiping out humanity all fit perfectly with the evolution myth.
Let us be reminded that Rael claims that Extraterrestrials created all life on Earth and evidence of this feat is recorded in various holy scriptures, including the Bible, and that he is the last of their prophets - messengers who have been chosen to represent our cosmic creators.

Rael’s criticisms of Hawking’s views are nothing short of Orwellian Doublespeak considering that Raelian doctrine itself provides supporting evidence contradicting Rael.

First, Rael harps on about how advanced our alleged creators are, establishing a significant superiority to us on all levels. In fact, it is stated that these extraterrestrials are some 25,000 years more advanced than our earthly civilization (Intelligent Design, p. 107), and that they have not come across any other cosmic civilisation as advanced as they are.

In terms of superior races among humans, Rael claims in his book that these extraterrestrials created seven different races on Earth and amongst them, the "Jewish race" had been selected in a contest as the most successful type of humanoid on Earth due to their intelligence and genius and that this is why they are often considered as the “chosen people” (p. 18).

Alien Invasion
As Rael’s extraterrestrials are revealed to be the Elohim as described in the Bible, (as well as the deities of other religions), the destructive acts attributed to these gods are in fact the acts of the extraterrestrials. In Rael's first book, the Great Flood of the Bible is reinterpreted as being a cataclysmic event caused by the Elohim when they attempted to destroy all life on Earth using advanced nuclear weapons, except for Noah and his family who were saved by a small group of rebellious Elohim aboard a spacecraft along with the DNA of every species we find on our planet today, all because the intelligent humans they have created, albeit primitive technologically, were deemed a threat to them (p. 20). Therefore, even Raelian doctrine provides evidence of aliens making an attempt to destroy humanity. So much for Rael’s argument of aliens not capable of wiping out humanity.

This also means that everything attributed to God can be attributed to Rael’s Elohim, which includes slavery as attested in the Bible, Qur'an or the Book of Mormon - religious texts recognized in Raelism.

As for apartheid, Rael writes how the Elohim allowed only a select few priestly figures to approach them, but only after wearing aseptic clothing (pp. 50-51), whilst making a point to shun humans who were sick or had any form of physical deformity or disability (p. 31), something quite reminiscent of the Nazi era in the 20th century.

Furthermore, Rael relates how the Elohim practice apartheid within their own civilization. He claims how a group of 700 Elohim live on "the Planet of the Eternals" completely separate from the 7 billion mortal Elohim, who live on another planet altogether, enjoying a lifespan of about 750 years (p. 110).

Cosmic Laws Were Meant to be Broken
Rael continues with his doublespeak in the same press release:
With intelligent design, you automatically have intelligent organization of the universe as well, organization based on peace and love, not on monsters ready to invade and destroy humanity.

Intelligent designers wouldn’t allow anyone to destroy their creation. What’s more, with cosmic laws based on intelligent design, violent species wind up self-destructing before they can spread their violence to other planets.
This "cosmic law" (p. 151) is nothing but a Raelian a priori assumption that contradicts its very own message.

According to Rael, the Elohim were able to escape their planetary system and therefore must be peaceful. However, as stated above, the Elohim not only intended to destroy their own creation completely, but acted on this - thousands of years after having met the criteria of escaping self-destruction and entering a peaceful interstellar level of civilization. Yet their violent tendencies didn't cease after that atrocious event. Rael also reinterprets Biblical events such as Sodom and Gomorrah (p. 24) as nuclear attacks on the two cities by the Elohim, or the events of the “Trumpets of Jericho” as the Elohim using advanced ultrasonic weapons and "full scale bombings" (p. 33). More examples of the Elohim's violent behavior can be found here.

Just to put things into perspective, all this purportedly happened about 15,000 years after these extraterrestrials had the capability to escape their own planetary system, supposedly passing through a self-destruction filter that prevents violent civilizations from spreading across space.

In his book, Rael claims that it takes 666 generations, or approximately 13,360 years (p. 304), to reach such a turning point in a civilization’s history [1]. According to Rael, the generation of 1945 was exactly that turning point in human history he calls the start of the Age of Apocalypse (p. 206). It’s rather damning when a civilization claims to be so advanced, yet demonstrates its own failure to have overcome its most basic, violent tendencies - directly contradicting the supposed cosmic law, even after having had more time than the entirety of human history. And all this by their own account.

Could they be suggesting that they are but one exception to the rule? It’s highly unlikely as Rael also claims that the Elohim created another two humanoid species on other planets, and that one may soon make contact with us (p. 357). Once again, the assumption being that this other creation has managed to escape their own planetary system, making them more advanced than us and guaranteed to be peaceful.

However, earlier in Rael's writings, he states:
Out of the three worlds where life has been created, the one which makes the most progress will receive the inheritance [of the Elohim's advanced scientific knowledge]. The ones which have not progressed will be dominated by the other and eliminated. This is also true on Earth between peoples. (p. 75).
Does this not only support Hawking’s position and contradict Rael’s assurances that extraterrestrials will never invade us, but also nullify his anti-scientific stance against biological evolution where he claims that only violent species who wish to conquer other worlds are produced?

The vitriol against Hawking continued in 2016 in yet another press release, this time in response to comparisons made between extraterrestrials and European colonizers, if they were to come to Earth.

Ironically, in spite of all these inadequacies, Rael still decided to nominate Hawking as an Honorary Raelian Guide for his decision to withdraw from the Israeli President's Conference in protest against the nation's occupation of Palestine territories in 2013. Oddly enough, his honorary title hasn't been revoked, in stark contrast to Rael's habitual practice of excommunication of high ranking Raelian Guides who step out of line, speak out or question him - thus displeasing him.

Advocatus Diaboli

[1] According to Rael, the Elohim "decided to start their work on Earth" some 22,000 years ago (p. 81). He also claims a "day" in the Biblical creation story is about 2,000 years (p. 12), meaning it took the Elohim 12,000 years to create humans on the "sixth day". But, if the Elohim are 25,000 years in advance of us and if it takes about 13,320 years for a civilization to escape their planetary system, the Elohim civilization should be about 38,320 years old. This also means, the Elohim had 15,000 years to overcome their aggressive tendencies since leaving their planetary system and venture out into space before committing atrocities against us.

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