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[RAEL FAIL] Rael's Earliest Editions of his 1st Book

This is an edited reproduction of the now defunct www.rael.free.fr which can still be accessed through the Wayback Machine.
This is an analysis of Rael's very first book in which it is evident that there has been many changes to the "Truth":

cover THE BOOK THAT SAYS THE TRUTH, 1974 editionback THE BOOK THAT SAYS THE TRUTH, 1974 edition


(Vorilhon's picture)
The message
given by 
(Raelian Symbol)

Edition of the Message

The oldest version of the book published by Claude Vorilhon:

Was published on 
5 November 1974 
from the presses of the company

63 Clermont-Ferrand (Puy-de-Dôme) for the 

Edition of the Message
(L'edition du message) 
Legal Deposit 4th quarter 1974 
copyright The edition of the message

On some copies, a new address has been added with a blue stamp (graphic below):

This first edition contains several notable differences compared to latter editions:

The book cover subtitle is "The message given by extra-terrestrials" but the subtitle of the first page is "I met an extra terrestrial" (In French: J'ai recontre un extra terrestre):

During that time, meeting an extraterrestrial was very banal since some books had compiled 100 testimonies of encounters with aliens from 1970 to 1977 , and even more than 200 similar testimonies from 1950 to 1974.

The difference between the subtitle of the first page and that of the book cover is necessarily a last-minute change on the part of the author; the change occurred AFTER the making of the pages and BEFORE the printing the book cover: there has been either carelessness in the layout of this book (yet "destined for humanity on the part of Yahweh" which is still not anything!) or a deliberate will to change a subtitle too banal for another that's more "eye-catching".

There are also occasionally copies bearing another stamp promoting Claude Vorilhon's second book, "Extra-Terrestrials took me to their planet". It should be noted that the stamp (graphic below) mentions as title "The Extra-Terrestres made me visit their planet" (In French: Les extra terrestres m'ont fait visiter leur planete). It is clear that for Claude Vorilhon, attention to details in regards to the "message given to humanity by the extraterrestrials our creators" is not what which preoccupies him most. 

(stamps transmitted by "Marc Saint William")
On page 7, a photo shows " Claude VORILHON Rael before Puy de Lassolas" (graphic below):

The footnote on page states: "Instead originally mistakenly called by the author" Puy de la Vache "name of another volcano located just beside the Puy de Lassolas ".

This note confirms the first version of the story told by Claude Vorilhon to the journalists, the first version in which he quoted the Puy de la Vache ... but where his story was very different from that he tells in this book. 

Strangely enough, if Claude Vorilhon took the trouble to put a picture of the place, to legend this photo specifying the name of "LASSOLAS" and if he has engineered to add in addition a footnote explaining which he had originally wrongly called this place Puy de la Vache ... he left error in the text of the first chapter!

it is always the center of the crater of Puy de la Vache which is quoted in the text, on page 17

In the following editions of his book, Claude Vorilhon will end up by noticing his blunder and will replace the term "Puy de la Vache" everywhere by the term "Puy de Lassolas". He would end up deleting this footnote completely so as to not draw the attention of the reader to this confusion. The improbability between the description of the place and its official location will remain totally invisible to anyone who does not know the place. (It is well known that the Raelians who go to the place only after joining the association of Claude Vorilhon will not want to admit that they were deceived ...)

On page 11, there is a preface that will disappear in subsequent versions. 

In this preface, Claude Vorilhon affirms: "I have witnessed all the things I have told in this book to warn the press and tell what I saw" and explained that he would not reveal the whole story once his book was published. However, in the book "I met aliens" there is an interview of Claude Vorilhon made BEFORE the publication of his book (this is said explicitly at the end of the interview) so Claude Vorilhon lying.

preface to the original edition

On the cover, the photograph of Claude Vorilhon is in the style of a "Journalist" which corresponds to his trade then. This portrait can be found in the "full page" format, on page 159 , and on the previous page , page 158, there are two pictures of the place of the "encounter" . Frames too close, these two photos absolutely do not identify the place. (we understand why Claude Vorilhon did not make a career in journalism ...) .

Still on the cover, it is amusing to note that the branches of the swastika, in the center of the star, have undergone a rotation of 1/8 of a turn and are thinner than in the symbol defined by the Extra-Terrestrial on page 131:

altered symbol

Copies of this first edition may be found, both indicating the same date for the completed print (in this case November 5, 1974) but which have ... different drawings! There is at least (there may be others) a typographical difference between these copies, which should, however, be identical. It is on page 134, at the beginning of the chapter on humanitarianism, that a botched "caviardage" tells us that some geniuses "met" with hunger, a mistake corrected on the other "identical" another error: a space that jumps between two words at the beginning of the line. 

The blunder will finally be corrected in the 1989 edition, page 128. 

It can not really be said that Claude Vorilhon was cautious with his message given to humanity by the aliens our creators , in spite of his grandiloquent declarations on the capital importance of this fundamental "message" ... (information transmitted by "Marc Saint William"),

redaction 1redaction 2
redaction 3
The alien supposedly ordered Rael to spread "the message" and states on page 141:

"Your movement will call you the MADECH: M: mouvement pour (movement for) A: l‘accueil (the welcoming) D: des (of the) E: Elohim C: créateurs de (creators of) H: l’humanité (humanity).

"In subsequent editions, this statement ... vary: " MADECH "will become successively Raelian movement and religion Raelian

Last but not least, the very mediocre illustrations (by Claude Vorilhon) make one think of the missed storyboard of a B-series science fiction film, notably drawing with retorts and galvanometers: we are far from a technology in advance of 25,000 years ! The inspiration drawn from Catholic iconography is flagrant by the presence of a species of bearded Christ. Too naive and too terrestrial, these drawings will be replaced by those of a more talented draftsman in subsequent editions.
74_p013_chap1_la_rencontre 74_p027_chap2_la_genese 74_p048_chap3_la_surveillance_des_elus 74_p092_chap4_la_conception 74_p108_chap5_la_fin_du_monde 74_p128_chap6_les_nouveaux_commandements

Confusion in the subtitles, contradiction between the description of the place of contact and its official location, a lie in the preface, alteration of the symbol, childish illustrations ... 

It is clear from the outset that the message given to mankind by the aliens our creators is the last of the worries of Claude Vorilhon! 

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