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Did RAEL copy GEORGE ADAMSKI's work?

This is a Google translation of a page from the now defunct French website Rael: Messiah or Liar? Please visit the original site to cross reference this translation with its source material in French.

Claude Adamskilhon or George Vorilhonski?

Analyze the testimony of George Adamski in parallel with that of Claude Vorilhon.
A Terran Meets an Extra-Terrestrial
George Adamski in 1952
Claude Vorilhon in 1973
The book that tells the truth
FLYING SAUCERS landed "The book that speaks the truth "
First meeting : November 20, 1952
(back of the book)
First meeting : 13 December 1973
(page 15)
Since my youth , I have the certainty that other planets are inhabited .
(Page 200)
flying saucer ! I had believed in it for a long time but I did not hope to see it myself one day.
(Page 16)
I am George Adamski, philosopher, student, teacher, interested in the problem of flying saucers .
(Page 199)
It is a subject [telepathy] that has always interestedme and everything that concerns what men call " flying saucers "
(page 19)
Smiling young man .
(Page 231)
He smiled slightly at me .
(Page 17)
He had (...) big gray eyes slightly almond-shaped.
(Page 233)
His eyes were slightly bridled .
(Page 17)
He was dressed in a kind of suit
(page 233)
He was wearing a suit
(page 17)
I could see neither zipper, nor buttons, nor staples of any kind; We could not even see the seams . I still wonder how this garment was sewn, if it was.
(Page 234)
One - piece all - body suit
(page 17)
His only reaction was a slight nod of his head
(page 235)
[I] tilted the head slightly (...). He replied by the same sign .
(Page 17)
We can express ourselves ( ...) by means of telepathy (sic) .
(Page 235)
Do you believe in telepathy ?
Yes, of course .
(Page 19)
December 13 - The second visit
(page 160)
The second message (" the aliens have taken me to their planet ", page 49)
The extraterrestrial encounters of George Adamski and Claude Vorilhon are, by chance, largely identical. Did Claude Vorilhon plagiarize Adamski?
To find out, let's compare the flying saucer of George Adamski with that of Claude Vorilhon.
A Terran meets an Extra-Terrestrial ... descended from his FLYING SAUCER
George Adamski in 1952
Claude Vorilhon in 1973
The book that tells the truth
FLYING SAUCERS landed "The book that tells the truth " Black and white drawings, pages 122 and 123
It was a wonderful little machine, looking more like a heavy bell of glassas a flying saucer. However I could not see through it, just as one sees through these bricks of glass used in buildingsmodern, which allow a better wall of brick , with all the light entering the house or in the office. This glass was translucent and of an exquisite color.
(Page 249)

When I was closer to the craft, I noticed a ball on top of it , which seemed to me a kind of objective.

Drawing by Claude Vorilhon describing his flying saucer, page 122
Drawing by Claude Vorilhon describing his flying saucer, page 123
It can be seen that the drawings of Claude Vorilhon illustrate admirably the flying saucer ... of George Adamski! Claude Vorilhon has plagiarized Adamski. Moreover, conscious that these sketches, too, pointed out his plagiarism on Adamski, claude Vorilhon thought it better to suppress them in his last editions of the "Book that tells the truth " ...
The flying saucer of George Adamski contained some different details Of that of Claude Vorilhon, which only reinforces plagiarism: plagiarism is not copied in-extenso but partially copied by adding slight variations.
Do you still doubt? Perfect ... let me put my cherry on the cake. (Plagiarized version: place my ball on the dome)
When George Adamski speaks of the structure of his flying saucer floating a few meters in front of him, he writes:
On the face that presented itself to me (...) the wall was smooth "
FLYING SAUCERS landed ", page 251
When George Adamski looks inside his flying saucer (which is fitted with portholes), he writes:
The portholes had to be made of another material because they were transparent "
FLYING SAUCERS landed ", page 251
George Adamski uses the word "wall" and "material", which is perfectly adequate for describing a spacecraft, or any other flying object (helicopter, plane, rocket ...). Claude Vorilhon, on the other hand, talks about the walls of his flying saucer. It is not at all normal to use this term to describe the walls of a flying saucer. When George Adamski talking about walls , it evokes the walls built of bricks of some buildings .
Airplanes, helicopters and, even more, small extraterrestrial spacecraft, have what are usually called walls , or, in a nutshell , a fuselage , Then why, but why, Claude Vorilhon speaks of walls while he is not in a building but in a small spacecraft, like airplane or ultra-advanced helicopter ?! (You would speak about the walls of the Space Shuttle if you were invited on board?!)
The answer is very simple: Claude Vorilhon was trapped by the text he plagiarized!
Put yourself in the place of a plagiar who reads the description of Adamski to retain the good ideas to modify them to produce his plagiarism:
Let's see ..., bell-shaped saucer, good idea ... Glass ... it's too characteristic, we're going to make metal shiny, it's more classic ... Walls of glass that let the light pass ... ah, yes, good idea ... to modify ... We will say ... walls completely transparent, it would be better ... or so ... let's think about doing more Perfected ... ah! I found: walls that becometransparent when seated . Great ! I have my saucer of a new type entirely unpublished: bell-shaped, shiny metal and with walls that become transparent when seated ... " 

The explanation is no more complicated than this: c Is what psychology calls a revealing slip , explanation confirmed by the fact that claude Vorilhon writes to have
Always been more attracted by French than by mathematics, but always interested and passive reader "
the extraterrestrials have taken me to their planet ", page 20
You are not convinced by this subtle psychological argument?
Let's look at the Extra-Terrestrial (I remind you that it is Yahweh in person ... You are not going to doubt his Word!) About the particular properties of the "walls" of his Flying saucer :
Our engines were equipped with portholes (...) because we had not yet found the way to see through the metallic walls by modifying their atomic structures at will "
the extraterrestrials have taken me to their planet " , Page 68
When Claude Vorilhon made his drawing he still remembered the description of Adamski that he had just read: influenced, he used the term "walls". But when later he wrote his text and made Yahveh speak, the influence of Adamski's text was dissipated, there remained in the memory of Claude Vorilhon only the general idea of ​​the flying machine "metal that becomes transparent When one sits down "that he had invented for his extraterrestrial. Under these conditions, he used the appropriate term for a flying craft, namely "walls".
Do you still doubt? (Wow ... you will take the wrath of Yahweh on the corner of the face, it will do some damage!) So let me give you the coup de grace (you will have searched!) .
Can we prove that Claude Vorilhon had in hand the book " LES SOUCOUPES VOLANTES landed " which relates the encounter of George Adamski with an extraterrestrial and his flying saucer?
To find out, compare the flying saucer extracted from the illustration on page 44 in " THE BOOK THAT SAYS THE TRUTH " with the drawing of the flying saucer from the cover of the book " LES SOUCOUPES VOLANTES have landed " This cover drawing depicting a " Venusian flying saucer." According to a photograph taken by George Adamski "as indicated on the back of the book.
Dupont and Dupond ...
George Adamski
Claude Vorilhon
The book that tells the truth
FLYING SAUCERS landed "The book that speaks the truth "
Flying Squirrel on Book CoverFlying saucer in illustration page 44
Flying Saucer on the cover of George Adamski's bookFlying saucer in an illustration on page 44 in Claude Vorilhon's book
The Raelians convinced will explain that these correspondences, which I attribute to a plagiarism, have in fact been telepathically provoked by the aliens for the reason explained during their second meeting with Claude Vorilhon:
All this was destined only to calm you by appearing to you in aspects corresponding to the image that is generally done of a traveler of the space "
Extra-Terrestres took me on their planet ", Page 50
Allow me to give you a second knockout: this explanation does not hold the way because ... we find in the narration of the meeting made by George adamski a "small detail" that has nothing to do with or ' appearance of the alien or with the appearance of the flying saucer, this "small detail" is one of its kind that allows the inspector Columbo confuse the guilty, "small detail" given by George Adamski, Claude Vorilhon will largely develop it to make it one of the bases of his movement, just as he developed humanitarianism from an idea of ​​jeans Sendy.
The small detail that kills ...
George Adamski in 1952
Claude Vorilhon in 1975
The Extra-Terrestrials have taken me to their planet
FLYING SAUCERS landed "The Extra-Terrestrials have taken me to their planet "
Do they [the extraterrestrials] die, like us?
(Page 247)
Now allow you to make a very small prick on the forehead
(page 76)
In order to explain himself clearly, he first showed his body and nodded his head, then he hit his forehead with a "no" and with a wave of his hand gave me the impression that intelligence continues To live and evolve
(page 248)
from a cell like the one we have taken you between the eyes, we can achieve a complete replica of the individual to whom we have taken that cell, with its memories, personality, character, etc ...
( Page 77)
In the version of George Adamski, the body dies but the intelligence, symbolized by the front, does not die. Claude Vorilhon will simply copy and develop, ie plagiarism, the concept: in its version, the body does not die and both the intelligence and the body are no longer symbolized, but contained in a small part of the A front that will allow one to practice a form of resurrection.
The bone of your forehead, more precisely the part located above the beginning of the nose, at 33mmm above the axis connecting your two pupils, at least one square centimeter of this bone that you will send to the Guide of the Guides So that he can preserve it "
the men (...) will be recreated according to the cells they have left "
The Extra-Terrestrials have taken me to their planet ", page 111
Like cutting post-mortem skulls, mailing them by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt and customs card in 25 copies, then storing the samples in large cupboards filled with small drawers marked with a small label required a certain amount Logistics, claude vorilhon has simplified: now it is enough to impose the hands on the forehead to transmit the plan cellular and the aliens take care of everything. (But then, why was it necessary to make a sting to Claude Vorilhon if the information can be transmitted without levy?!)
The imposition of the hands is nevertheless damned more nice than to type the cut of a " A bone washer and the management of a frontal ossuary, for sure!
With regard to the few surviving Raelian fundamentalists who still do not want to go out of their way and who are still not convinced that the testimony of their prophet is a plagiarism of the one made by George Adamski, a third coup de grace will be charitably offered to them free of charge On this subject a little further in this study .
To conclude with this comparison, here are briefly a few other facts about George Adamski that Claude Vorilhon has largely inspired to produce his own similar story:
Bonnet white and white bonnet ...
George AdamskiClaude Vorilhon
Before Claude Vorilhon
Original idea
After George Adamski
(1973 & 1975)
Book: Inside the space shipsBook adamski, inside the space ships
The extraterrestrials take him in a flying saucer
The Extra-Terrestrials have taken me to their planet
The extraterrestrials take him in a flying saucer
George Adamski is informed of the projects that the aliens have prepared for humanity.Claude Vorilhon receives a new message from the aliens:
"I am going to give you today a second message that will complete the one I dictated to you in December 1973"
(page 53)
After his encounter with the aliens, George Adamski starts Difuser the teaching he received from them: Philosophy Cosmic (Cosmic Phylosophy).After his encounter with the aliens, Claude Vorilhon starts Difuser the teaching he received from them: the sensual meditation, which, among other things, of having
"an orgasm cosmic "
Sensual meditation "
(page 130)
Welcome with open arms the beings from other worlds! "
THE FLYING SAUCERS have landed "
(page 269)
Book of Claude Vorilhon - Welcome the Extra-terrestrial
Enjoying the experience of George Adamski, Claude Vorilhon knows that this one was an impostor and that he got caught on certain details. He thus modifies the details which reveal the imposture of his illustrious (but little known in France ...) predecessor so that these details are more solid in the light of the scientific knowledge acquired since Adamski. If you are wondering why he did not simply delete these details, the answer is stupidly that if he had deleted these details ... he would not have had anything to write!
Painting of the imposture ...
George Adamski
(Original idea)
FLYING SAUCERS landedBook: Inside the space ships
Claude Vorilhon
The book that tells the truthThe Extra-Terrestrials have taken me to their planet
 Made mistakes :  Alternatives: 
George Adamski made a series of photographs of the flying saucer that revealed, long afterwards, that Adamski had in fact photographed models suspended or simply thrown into the air.
(This will also happen to the contacted Billy Meier in 1975 ...)
"I bitterly regret not having a camera "
(And to put the nail well, Claude Vorilhon adds a layer by making the alien talk about it! )
"Do you really regret not having a camera to tell our interview to all the men, proof to the support?"
(Tell me, Claude, what was it that kept you from bringing a polaroid the next day ?!)
The extraterrestrials take her to a flying saucer in their underground base on the moon .The extraterrestrials take him into a flying saucer "in a base located relatively close to the earth "
The Extra-Terrestrials have taken me to their planet ", page 66
The extraterrestrials come
from Saturn and Venus .
The extraterrestrials come
"From a distant planet of which I will tell you nothing "
Plagiarism Adamski is in fact not even an idea of ​​Claude Vorilhon.
Howard Menger in the 60'sHoward menger book: from outer space to youAs early as 1959, Howard Menger was more than largely inspired by Adamski to publish the book "From outer space to you," claiming to be "contacted" by aliens since the age of ten, to take photographs of Flying saucers and tells of having also traveled aboard a spaceship, after several encounters with "visitors of space" with long blond hair coming from Venus, Mars and Saturn.
Howard Menger's 33 rpm record sleeve, Authentic Music from another PlanetHoward Menger shares a common anecdotal Claude "Rael" Vorilhon: like Claude "  Celler  " Vorilhon, he recorded an album, Authentic Music From Another Planet (Authentic music from another planet) , but did not Made a career in show biz (and you understand why listening to his record !) .
The only really "original" aspect in Howard Menger's story is the reason he will give when he separates from his wife and children to begin a romantic relationship with Connie, a young woman she met at One of his lectures: the meeting with Connie made him remember that he was a Saturnian spiritual instructor named Sol da Naro and she a ... Venusian!
In 1963, Paul villa was inspired by Adamski (or Menger ...) to claim to be "contacted" by aliens since the age of five (!), To make photographs of saucers Flying and told to have also traveled on board a spaceship, after several meetings with "men of space" coming from the constellation Coma Berenices ...


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