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[RAEL FAIL] Geniocracy and Humanitarianism replaced by Direct Democracy and Paradism

One of the fundamental tenets of Raelism is to establish Geniocracy, which is a form of a selective representative government comprised exclusively of super-intelligent people (having an IQ above 50% of the average) elected by an above-average intelligent electorate (having an IQ above 10% of the average). The rationale behind this imperative dictated in 1974 is that:
Votes only have a positive effect when there is an equivalence of knowledge and intellect. Copernicus was condemned by a majority of incompetent people because he was the only one at that time who had a sufficiently high level of comprehension. Although the Church- that is to say the majority - believed the Earth was the center of the universe, this turned out to be wrong. The Earth really revolved around the sun, and Copernicus - the minority - turned out to be right. (Intelligent Design, p. 96)
In his book dedicated to the subject published in 1978, Rael writes:
And why are those governing us so incompetent? 
They’re  incompetent  because  they  were  elected  for  their  job democratically. Pure democracy cannot take voter intelligence into account, which means the voice of an Einstein is given no greater weight than that of an idiot. And since there are far more idiots than Einsteins,  we  find  ourselves  under  the  dictatorship  of  idiocy. (Geniocracy, p. xv)
In other words, Rael is alluding to the dangers in the tyranny of the masses, wherein the majority of a population not only may place its interests above those of an individual or minority group, constituting active oppression comparable to that of tyrants and despots, but how the majority necessarily gravitates towards average intelligence which he dismisses collectively as "idiots". Geniocracy, then, is essentially a "dictatorship of genius".

Geniocracy assumes that a minority of geniuses will always be fair and make the right decisions for all concerned... kind of like a benevolent dictator of sorts who would take care of the people who can't help themselves because of their inferior intelligence.

Yet, in Rael's latest book published in 2001, that focuses on the paradisaical world we could soon achieve through technology, much like the advanced civilization of the creator-ETs known as the Elohim in the mythos of Raelism, he hypocritically advocates Pure Democracy through the use of the Internet:
People could go to a Web page that would display the latest information on old laws which need revision or amending, and new laws which require approval. The Web page could include each party’s position on these laws, as well as links to the advice of specialists in the field. Then, every citizen would be able to vote directly via the internet.
The government should be ready to accept and implement the decisions made by the population.

This is a true direct democracy made possible by technology.. [ ].. 
This  will ensure a true democracy by which the people can only gain. (Yes to Human Cloning, pp. 85-86)

Rael has been downplaying the notion of Geniocracy when it comes to public relations. He even tells his followers to only focus on the activities of the Raelian Movement, i.e. to spread Raelism and build an embassy for the Elohim, than to form a geniocratic political party even though installing a geniocratic world government (plus, establishing a one world currency and an economic system termed Humanitarianism) is part of the New Commandments in Rael's first book, which in its absence, the Elohim would not "return" to Earth at the embassy in order to give us our inheritance in the form of their advanced scientific knowledge:
Although we do not think that at present we can give you our scientific heritage, we do feel it is safe to give you our political [Geniocracy] and humanitarian [Humanitarianism] knowledge.
This will not threaten your planet, but will allow you to be happier on Earth. Thanks to this happiness, you will progress faster, and that could also help you to show us more speedily that you deserve our help and our inheritance in striving to achieve an intergalactic level of civilization.
Otherwise, if humanity cannot calm its aggressiveness, if peace does not become your only goal, and you allow people to promote war, produce arms, test nuclear weapons, and maintain armies just to seize or retain power, then we will stop such people from becoming a danger to us, and there would be another Sodom and Gomorrah. (Intelligent Design, pp. 93-94)
In addition:
We will wait, and if human beings remain aggressive and continue to progress in a manner which is dangerous for other worlds, then we will destroy this civilization and its repositories of scientific wealth, and there will be another Sodom and Gomorrah, until such time as humanity becomes morally worthy of its level of scientific understanding. (p. 103)
Paradism merchandise
Interestingly, Rael has completely ignored promoting "Humanitarianism", but instead adopted a world economic system espoused by the likes of the Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project, which he now calls Paradism. In fact, Rael has named Jacques Fresco, the founder of the Venus Project, as an Honorary Raelian Guide in October 2008.

Originally, Rael wrote about having a One World Government and a One World Currency (and a common language, such as Esperanto) with an economic system that is a hybrid of Capitalism and Communism. Under Humanitarianism, private property and inheritance are abolished, but individuals can work to earn money with which they could "rent" property for 49 years (pp. 97-100). However, under Paradism, "The nationalization of all production, services and tools provided by robots renders money obsolete since these products, services and tools can now be free."

Looks like the Elohim's message to Rael needs revising and updating to keep up with the times.

In fact, in Rael's first book, he talked about TV being "a source of genuine planetary awareness" (p. 158). Then later, he replaced it with the Internet (Yes to Human Cloning, pp. 61-68). LOL

Perhaps, Rael will soon update his vision for biological robots with mechanical ones after realizing the inefficiencies of the former. ;)

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