Friday, February 1, 2013

[RAELIAN DISINFO] Einstein invented the Atomic Bomb

Had Einstein known how his invention was to be used, he would never have allowed it. When he did realize, it was too late: The organized brutes of the military were already flying their fortresses toward Hiroshima. -Rael (Geniocracy, p. 4)

Einstein did NOT invent the Atomic Bomb.

However, Einstein's greatest role in the invention of the atomic bomb was his indirect signing of a letter to President Franklin Roosevelt urging that the bomb be built to stop the Nazis! 

In 1939, a group of Hungarian scientists that included Hungarian emigre physicist Leó Szilárd attempted to alert Washington of ongoing Nazi atomic bomb research. The group's warnings were discounted. Einstein and Szilárd, along with other refugees such as Edward Teller and Eugene Wigner, "regarded it as their responsibility to alert Americans to the possibility that German scientists might win the race to build an atomic bomb, and to warn that Hitler would be more than willing to resort to such a weapon." In the summer of 1939, a few months before the beginning of World War II in Europe, Einstein was persuaded to lend his prestige by writing a letter with Szilárd to President Franklin D. Roosevelt to alert him of the possibility. The letter also recommended that the U.S. government pay attention to and become directly involved in uranium research and associated chain reaction research.

Einstein biographer Ronald Clark has observed that the atomic bomb would have been invented without Einstein's letters, but that without the early U.S. work that resulted from the letters, the a-bombs might not have been ready in time to use during the war on Japan (Clark, pg. 682-683).

Einstein later expressed regret about his letter to Roosevelt. In 1947, Einstein wrote an article for The Atlantic Monthly arguing that the United States should not try to pursue an atomic monopoly, and instead should equip the United Nations with nuclear weapons for the sole purpose of maintaining deterrence.

Looks like Rael relies on popular myths instead to support his ramblings. LOL

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