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Raelism vs. Science: Raelian Baptism NOT validated by Science

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A Raelian website titled Scientific Raelian published an article last year claiming that the Raelian ritual of the Transmission of the Cellular Plan (TCP) or Raelian Baptism has been validated by science.

The Raelian article explains:
Raelian baptism is understood as a wireless transmission of the baptized individual's genome to an orbiting computer set up by the Elohim to record the information at the precise time of the ceremony.
In 1979, Marcel Terrusse, a chemical engineer and Raelian Guide, suggested that future science would be able to read human genomes by some kind of spectral analysis, every DNA sequence having distinct vibrational (sic.) properties. This hypothesis was largely dismissed as preposterous by mainstream scientists at the time.
The Raelian article then proceeds to link an article from the MIT Technology Review as evidence that Raelian Baptisms are scientifically plausible. It claims:
Today, 35 years later, Russian scientists have reported being able to distinguish DNA molecules based on how they vibrate. According to their research, DNA oligonucleotides resonate at frequencies in the terahertz range, which vary depending on the DNA sequence. Evidently, the method is still in its infancy and has only be applied to 50 and 100 nucleotide long DNA fragments so far. However, the proof of concept has now been established. (emphasis mine)
Following the link, one discovers how intellectually dishonest Raelian scientists are in their claims. It turns out that the Russian scientists did NOT identify the DNA oligonucleotides from wave-particles emitted by the molecules themselves, i.e. that they recorded the vibration and electromagnetic radiation that might naturally emit from molecules. Rael had written back in 1975 implicating that such waves could be recorded by the Elohim's computer orbiting the Earth. It is understood from Rael's writing that some kind of wave is constantly being emitted from a person that is transmitted to the Elohim's computer that records it.

Rather, the Russian scientists took "a short, single strand of DNA, [and zapped] it with terahertz waves and [watched] how it [vibrated]." The scientists basically blasted a strand of DNA with terahertz radiation and measured the reflected resonance that bounced off the oligonucleotides in order to identify them. In Raelian terms, this would mean the Elohim's computer picking up the resonance from a person after the former sends out some kind of energy towards the subject.

The MIT article explains:
Chernev and co’s idea is based on the way these molecules resonate. They say that the sequence of bases in an oligonucleotide determines the way in which the strand resonates at frequencies in the terahertz range. Their idea is to capture a single oligonucleotide in a cavity filled with terahertz waves that stimulates this resonant behaviour.
They begin by producing a signal as close as possible to the resonant mode. By measuring the output from this cavity, they can determine when the input spectra exactly matches the resonant modes of the molecule. That tells them exactly what sort of oligonucleotide they have.
The Raelian article references Raelian Bishop Guide, Marcel Terrusse's essay on this subject that appears in Rael book published in 1979. There, he mentions spectroscopy that can distinguish elementary particles after electrons emit light after being agitated by heat or another form of energy. It seems that a human body would have to be burned or electrocuted in order for such emissions to occur! Spectroscopy can also be used on radioactive elements or on hot objects such as stars. Terrusse also mentions nuclear magnetic resonance, which also requires an intense magnetic force bombarded on atomic nuclei to resonate the force back in order to capture an image (MRIs work on that principle). Yet, Terrusse concludes, "Thus the human body is an electric and electromagnetic wave emitter." (Intelligent Design, pp. 332-334)

One of the central tenets in the Raelian belief is that "huge computers" record every person's actions since conception to death in order to choose who will be worthy of eternal life (p. 171, 175, 192, 298). It assumes that these computers can record thoughts (and any brain activity). Raelism also holds the belief in telepathy and how long hair can facilitate the transmission of thoughts between people over a distance acting as an antenna (p. 36). However, for such a transmissions to occur, proximity to Earth is crucial since according to Rael's writings, the Ark of the Covenant was actually a strong nuclear-powered transmitter-receiver that facilitated inter-planetary communication between humans and the Elohim (p. 37). In the Raelian baptism ritual, an initiated Guide wets his/her hand and places one on the forehead and the other to the back of the devotee's neck to "establish a good electrical contact" according to Terrusse (p. 334), after which the Guide in intense thoughtfulness with eyes closed utters the words, "The Elohim has recognized you!" as if to telepathically seal the new initiate's fate.

One wonders why such pompous fanfare is required when the all-powerful Elohim's huge computers could establish who has become Raelian from their private thoughts alone. LOL

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