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Raelian Double-Speak: No governments needed, humanity’s future is cooperation

The article posted in Raelianews on 3 March 2011 is based on a speech given by Rael on Sunday February 20th where he tried to sell Geniocracy as the future of humanity. Of course his speech was riddled with Orwellian double-speak.

To start off, Geniocracy as defined by Rael's books is a framework for a system of global government based on the selective merit of intelligence. Yup, that's right Geniocracy is a form of government and here's Rael saying he thinks we won't need any government. He calls for cooperation as the way of the future giving his listeners the impression that Geniocracy is a democratic system with everyone's participation. Sadly, Rael's Geniocracy gives only those people whose intelligence are 10% above the global average to vote; only people with intelligence above 50% of the average can run for office (p. 96, Intelligent Design). Therefore, Geniocracy allows for the cooperative participation of only 27.5% of a population. But that's just talking about electoral participation. Elected representatives, i.e. the World Government, would comprise of less than 0.5% of the global population [1]! So much for the article's title.

Let's move on. Rael went on to say,
"When they hear about it, people usually think geniocracy is a political system in which geniuses have power over other people. But this interpretation is totally stupid; there is no power on Elohim planet. Nobody has power there. The Elohim have elected geniuses to be their leaders, and these geniuses guide everybody."
Yes, you heard it. Rael said, "No power". But according to his books which reinterpret the Bible, the Elohim government had the POWER to do a lot of things,
"We are talking about placing the genius in power, and you may call it 'Geniocracy" (p. 97, Intelligent Design). 
For example, their government exiled the "creator" Elohim scientists who ignored their law of never to create human beings. How could they be exiled if the Elohim government didn't have any power (p. 17, Intelligent Design)? Oh right, they must have "guided" them to exile.

Rael continued, 
"For example, I have no power over you. I don’t want power; no Buddha wants to have power. I’m just guiding you, showing you the way. And that’s how it is on the Elohim planet too. The geniocracy system is organized in such a way that the leaders show the way. They tell people, ‘This is what we should do, if you all agree we should do this."
Right. If Rael had no power, then what in eternity is the hierarchical power structure of the International Raelian Movement? Only members who are level 4 and up are authorized to "baptize" new adepts (p. 175, Intelligent Design). Orders come top-down. Referendums are not bothered with, so no decision is made unanimously. There's essentially no choice in these matters; for example, when Rael introduced the Order of Rael's Angels [2], his followers had to accept it as Elohim inspired instead of having the opportunity to vote about it. Dissidents were predictably exiled, i.e. excommunicated.

"It’s just giving ideas, and then everybody accepts," Rael explained. Yup. Just like the brilliant idea to destroy all life on Earth with nukes (this is the Raelian interpretation of the Flood, p. 18, Intelligent Design). Funny how the exiled Elohim scientists didn't accept such a geniocratic idea and didn't cooperate. According to Rael, the Elohim had already reached a state of paradise on their planet when in all their wisdom they had decided to annihilate all life on Earth. All this out of a supposedly enlightened Geniocratic society!

Rael tries to associate participatory democracy with Geniocracy when he says, "This is the future, a world governed by the people." But, we've already noted that Geniocracy is a selective form of democracy where only 27.5% of a population participates politically in elections, whereas only 0.5% have the right to call the shots, which Rael would have us see it as "guidance".

Copyright: Raelian Foundation, Geniocracy 2008, p.14

As far as participatory democracy goes, Rael writes in his first book: "Neither universal suffrage nor public opinion polls are valid ways of governing the world." (p. 194) Yet years later, with his book Yes to Human Cloning (p. 84), Rael promotes the idea of direct participatory democracy through the Internet calling it "electronic democracy".

Taking participatory democracy to its extreme, Rael tries to wrap Geniocracy around with anarchy and likens it to a cooperative society of ants and honey bees. Rael mentioned, 
"If we love each other and do the best for each other, then we don’t need laws. Then there is no need for laws. There is no need for a law saying ‘you must not kill anyone."
Oh, really? How about these statements in Rael's books:
Human laws, as already stated,are essential. But they must be improved upon because they do not take love and fraternity sufficiently into consideration. The death penalty must be abolished because no individual has the right to kill another coldly in a premeditated, organized manner. (p. 203)
If tomorrow I were to ask anyone of you to kill someone so that our movement may progress faster, you must not do it. Better still, if an Eloha were to ask you to kill another man, you should refuse to do it, for it would probably be Satan who would be trying to prove to the Eternals that all men are fundamentally bad (p. 320). You MUST develop contraception and pass STRICT LAWS authorizing women to have no more than two children" (p.106).
Rael said it is society, the government and the laws that create sick people, who then kill other people. He says only sick people kill people. Towards the end of his speech, Rael emphasizes,
 "Cooperation is the future of humanity, everybody working for the good of everybody, and without the most terrible poisons of humanity: governments, police and laws."
But, this is what we find in Rael's second book:
"The police will be essential for as long as it takes society to discover the medical means to eradicate violence and prevent criminals or those who infringe the freedom of others from acting out their antisocial impulses." (p. 195) 
Earlier in Rael's first book we find that even in the Elohim's paradisiacal world,
 "There is no criminality where we live, thus no prisons and no police. However, there are many doctors [real people or robots?] and regular medical visits for the mind." (p. 110)
"Out of seven billion inhabitants, there are only about one million inactive people, and almost all of them are under treatment for psychological disorders." (p. 111)
Looks like the doctors are the police and hospitals are the jails in the Elohim's planet. LOL

Lastly, no one reportedly works for the good of everybody in the Elohim society except members of their geniocratic government:
"Only the eternals have specific tasks" (p. 110)
"We have a leisure civilization in the full sense of the word." (p. 111)
Double-speak galore! Rael has also since been peddling a new system he calls Paradism, a vision similar to the Venus Project where everything is free and sustained by a high-tech resource-based economy, by downplaying what he originally called Humanitarianism in his first book (p. 97), a cross between Communism and Capitalism.

Advocatus Diaboli

[1] According to Rael's e-book titled "Geniocracy", p. 18 states that if we plot the intelligence, i.e. I.Q.s of whole planet, we'd arrive at a normal curve in which those with intelligence 10% above average (I.Q. 110 and above) would comprise only 27.5% of the entire population while those 50% above average (I.Q. 150 and above) would comprise only 0.5% of the entire population.

[2] Rael's personal harem: The Order of Rael's Angels

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[RAEL FAIL] Gets Banned by own Honorary Guide

The latest press release from IRM was on August 30, 2017:

Suspended from Facebook for posted photo of a vegetable, spiritual leader Rael calls for protests against Facebook policy of “western puritanism"

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 30 – International spiritual leader Rael, blocked by Facebook for posting a photo of a vegetable that resembled a woman’s posterior, today called for “protests against puritanism.”

In his statement released this morning, the founder and spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement said his Facebook account was suspended “for posting a picture of a squash shaped like a woman’s rear.” The actual picture can be seen here: http://raelpress.org/request.php?116

“The level of puritanism in Facebook’s policies is staggering,” Rael commented. “Anyone can see that the forbidden picture portrayed a squash, but the Facebook robots given shape recognition tasks probably can’t.” 

For Rael, the policy applied by Facebook is an illustration of Judeo-Christian morality, which he says is both paralyzing Western civilization and spreading to the millions of Facebook subscribers who have to comply with that morality.

“Millions of young Facebook users are being taught through their use of this media that displaying nudity or any image that could relate to nudity is a [Facebook] sin,” Rael said. “They’re having to comply with a religious culture that isn’t always the one they’ve chosen. I ask all Raelians and all those who have had enough of bans and blockages to protest against the puritanism involved in Facebook policy. Seeing images of nude female or male anatomy cannot hurt anyone, while seeing scenes of violence does. Yet the violent scenes are not banned. Facebook must review its responsibility, and do so not based on American culture but on scientific evidence about what is really hurting the human brain.”

Rael is a fierce advocate of the right to use and show one’s body as he or she pleases. He inspired the Gotopless parades that took place on August 26 in 40 major cities worldwide.

Rael responded on his own Facebook page accusing Facebook management of "primitive narrowly [sic.] minded censorship" and that they were the "real vegetables":

Rael demands an apology from Facebook, otherwise, he will boycott it and find another social media platform.

This is ironic because the head of Facebook's management is Mark Zuckerberg, who Rael has nominated to be an Honorary Guide of the Raelian Movement just a couple of years ago:

Seems like the Elohim, the extraterrestrials whom Rael claims to have created all life on Earth scientifically, and can influence some selected people, could not stop Zuckerberg's team from censoring Rael's free expression:
Although the Elohim do not directly intervene for or against humanity as a whole, they do, however, exert influence on some individuals whose actions please or displease them. (Intelligent Design, p. 215, The Keys - The Reward)
One wonders if Rael will take credit when Facebook, faced with competition from other social media platforms, will inevitably become as unpopular as MySpace is at the moment. It is true, however, the most popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are getting more and more unpopular due to their terms of service that restrict certain expressions of speech that go against the speech of progressive leftist ideologues coined as the "regressive social justice warrior (SJW)". A counter culture this these kinds of leftist ideologies is steady growing. LOL

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RaelPress.org scrubs CLONAID

The official site for press releases by the International Raelian Movement (IRM), RaelPress, has scrubbed all news between January 2001 to May 2004 in an apparent attempt to disassociate itself from claims of human clones made by CLONAID during that time. That's the period when the CLONAID hoax was in the limelight.

A search for "clonaid" produces only 6 results from the entire press site. None of the entries make direct references to CLONAID's claim of being the first company to have successfully cloned a human being:

CISION PR Newswire has archived IRM press releases since July 2002.

It's been 20 years since Rael founded CLONAID (initially called Valiant Venture) as a publicity stunt. While it's claimed that the supposed cloning company is completely independent from Rael and the IRM, all of the people involved with the former were indeed all dedicated IRM members.

This pic of Damien still appears
on CLONAID's website
One such person is Damien M., who had devoted 33 years of his life to Rael. With a background in biotechnology, he was used as a poster boy for CLONAID as part of its scientific team.

However, more than a decade later, in early 2016, he was excommunicated by Rael for finally denouncing Raelian Bishop Brigitte Boisselier, who runs CLONAID, for lying to the media about producing human clones (to date, 13 clones have been claimed) to effectively publicize Raelism to the world. In fact, in 2003, Rael gloated about running a successful media campaign that allowed him to reach one of his 2 main goals: to spread the Raelian Messages worldwide (Susan Palmer, Aliens Adored, p. 191). Rael instead accused Damien of lying and making everything up before expelling him from his cult.

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[RaelTV FAIL] Doggone it, SIRIUS-ly!

As part of a series of short clips on RaelTV, the Raelian Movement refers to the Dogon tribe of sub-Saharan Africa, as possessing secret knowledge about our galaxy passed down by their ET ancestors/creators thousands of years ago. The clip argues that the Dogons are one of many examples of indigenous peoples from around the world testifying about their origins to be from ETs as fact instead of mythology. This comes from the notion in Rael's writings that humanity's scientific creators, the Elohim of the Bible, left traces of their existence among ancient civilizations across the globe [Intelligent Design, p. 60].

The claim that the Dogons are an exemplary case rests on the subclaim of how it is possible for them to know about a star system 8.6 light-years from here and unseen to the naked eye, that of Sirius A and B, unless the mythological serpent-like amphibious beings known to them traditionally as the Nommos are actually technologically advanced ETs?... and in terms of Raelian confluence, must be the Elohim.

The popularization of these claims in New Age and ancient astronaut literature originates from Robert Temple's book The Sirius Mystery (1976) based on his interpretation of the work of ethnographers Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen. A substantial bulk of The Sirius Mystery consists of comparative linguistic and mythological scholarship, pointing out resemblances among Dogon, Egyptian and Sumerian beliefs and symbols. Greek and Arab myths and words are considered to a lesser extent.

Skeptics question Temple on several grounds: (1) his drawing supposedly by the Dogon depicting the orbit of Sirius B around Sirius A was doctored, (2) the Nommos couldn't have come from the Sirius system, and (3) astronomical knowledge was limited to the time the Dogons first interacted with Europeans in the early 1900s.

[RaelTV FAIL] Piri Reis Map

Years ago, when Rael started his You Tube channel RaelTV, the Raelian Movement produced a series of short clips presenting some interesting information that supposedly challenges conventional knowledge and thus would support their tagline:
"Isn't it time we rewrote our history books?"
 ... implying the Raelian version of history as being true.

The clip showcases a 16th-century map produced by Turkish admiral Piri Reis. It is claimed that the map depicts an outline of Antarctica without its ice caps and that it was drawn 300 years before the modern discovery of that continent.

Bad Archaeology's Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews points out:
Maps of the fifteenth to eighteenth centuries are a favourite source of information for fringe writers, who use them to make a wide variety of claims. To Erich von Däniken, for instance, they are evidence for a survey of the Earth from space, carried out by extraterrestrials, while for Graham Hancock, they are evidence for an ancient sea-faring civilisation, lost beneath the sea after the melting of glacial ice at the end of the Pleistocene. These writers focus on a relatively small number of such maps, those of Piri Re‘is and Orontius Finaeus being the most used, whilst ignoring others of the same age. All these maps are alleged to show anomalous knowledge for the dates at which they were drawn: the west coast of South America, Antarctica (with or, more frequently, without its ice sheet), the Strait of Magellan and other “impossible” details. This appears to be solid evidence, so why do mainstream historians and archaeologists ignore it?
Fitzparick-Matthews' article traces the origins of this claim, originating not from scholarly studies of the map, but from a geography college teacher by the name of Charles Hapgood (1904-1982). He shows where and how Hapgood got it wrong and that the map in fact did not show Antarctica at all, but the coastline of South America only instead.

How RAELIANS fit in the CONSPIRACY THEORY universe ;)

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Did RAEL copy GEORGE ADAMSKI's work?

This is a Google translation of a page from the now defunct French website Rael: Messiah or Liar? Please visit the original site to cross reference this translation with its source material in French.

Claude Adamskilhon or George Vorilhonski?

Analyze the testimony of George Adamski in parallel with that of Claude Vorilhon.
A Terran Meets an Extra-Terrestrial
George Adamski in 1952
Claude Vorilhon in 1973
The book that tells the truth
FLYING SAUCERS landed "The book that speaks the truth "
First meeting : November 20, 1952
(back of the book)
First meeting : 13 December 1973
(page 15)
Since my youth , I have the certainty that other planets are inhabited .
(Page 200)
flying saucer ! I had believed in it for a long time but I did not hope to see it myself one day.
(Page 16)
I am George Adamski, philosopher, student, teacher, interested in the problem of flying saucers .
(Page 199)
It is a subject [telepathy] that has always interestedme and everything that concerns what men call " flying saucers "
(page 19)
Smiling young man .
(Page 231)
He smiled slightly at me .
(Page 17)
He had (...) big gray eyes slightly almond-shaped.
(Page 233)
His eyes were slightly bridled .
(Page 17)
He was dressed in a kind of suit
(page 233)
He was wearing a suit
(page 17)
I could see neither zipper, nor buttons, nor staples of any kind; We could not even see the seams . I still wonder how this garment was sewn, if it was.
(Page 234)
One - piece all - body suit
(page 17)
His only reaction was a slight nod of his head
(page 235)
[I] tilted the head slightly (...). He replied by the same sign .
(Page 17)
We can express ourselves ( ...) by means of telepathy (sic) .
(Page 235)
Do you believe in telepathy ?
Yes, of course .
(Page 19)
December 13 - The second visit
(page 160)
The second message (" the aliens have taken me to their planet ", page 49)
The extraterrestrial encounters of George Adamski and Claude Vorilhon are, by chance, largely identical. Did Claude Vorilhon plagiarize Adamski?
To find out, let's compare the flying saucer of George Adamski with that of Claude Vorilhon.
A Terran meets an Extra-Terrestrial ... descended from his FLYING SAUCER
George Adamski in 1952
Claude Vorilhon in 1973
The book that tells the truth
FLYING SAUCERS landed "The book that tells the truth " Black and white drawings, pages 122 and 123
It was a wonderful little machine, looking more like a heavy bell of glassas a flying saucer. However I could not see through it, just as one sees through these bricks of glass used in buildingsmodern, which allow a better wall of brick , with all the light entering the house or in the office. This glass was translucent and of an exquisite color.
(Page 249)

When I was closer to the craft, I noticed a ball on top of it , which seemed to me a kind of objective.

Drawing by Claude Vorilhon describing his flying saucer, page 122
Drawing by Claude Vorilhon describing his flying saucer, page 123
It can be seen that the drawings of Claude Vorilhon illustrate admirably the flying saucer ... of George Adamski! Claude Vorilhon has plagiarized Adamski. Moreover, conscious that these sketches, too, pointed out his plagiarism on Adamski, claude Vorilhon thought it better to suppress them in his last editions of the "Book that tells the truth " ...
The flying saucer of George Adamski contained some different details Of that of Claude Vorilhon, which only reinforces plagiarism: plagiarism is not copied in-extenso but partially copied by adding slight variations.
Do you still doubt? Perfect ... let me put my cherry on the cake. (Plagiarized version: place my ball on the dome)
When George Adamski speaks of the structure of his flying saucer floating a few meters in front of him, he writes:
On the face that presented itself to me (...) the wall was smooth "
FLYING SAUCERS landed ", page 251
When George Adamski looks inside his flying saucer (which is fitted with portholes), he writes:
The portholes had to be made of another material because they were transparent "
FLYING SAUCERS landed ", page 251
George Adamski uses the word "wall" and "material", which is perfectly adequate for describing a spacecraft, or any other flying object (helicopter, plane, rocket ...). Claude Vorilhon, on the other hand, talks about the walls of his flying saucer. It is not at all normal to use this term to describe the walls of a flying saucer. When George Adamski talking about walls , it evokes the walls built of bricks of some buildings .
Airplanes, helicopters and, even more, small extraterrestrial spacecraft, have what are usually called walls , or, in a nutshell , a fuselage , Then why, but why, Claude Vorilhon speaks of walls while he is not in a building but in a small spacecraft, like airplane or ultra-advanced helicopter ?! (You would speak about the walls of the Space Shuttle if you were invited on board?!)
The answer is very simple: Claude Vorilhon was trapped by the text he plagiarized!
Put yourself in the place of a plagiar who reads the description of Adamski to retain the good ideas to modify them to produce his plagiarism:
Let's see ..., bell-shaped saucer, good idea ... Glass ... it's too characteristic, we're going to make metal shiny, it's more classic ... Walls of glass that let the light pass ... ah, yes, good idea ... to modify ... We will say ... walls completely transparent, it would be better ... or so ... let's think about doing more Perfected ... ah! I found: walls that becometransparent when seated . Great ! I have my saucer of a new type entirely unpublished: bell-shaped, shiny metal and with walls that become transparent when seated ... "